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Toyota Camry Interior



  • jmgarjmgar Posts: 7
    The passenger side interior door handle plastic lever snapped on my 2002 Camry.

    I can buy a replecement for $20 or so online. Has there been any recall on these ? It would seem dangerous to be unable to open the door from inside in an accident.

    How difficult is it to remove the old plastic interior latch unit ? Do you just pry the unit out to replace, or have you got to disassemble surrounding upholstery panels ?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,419
    Usually you can buy these replacements at the dealer, yes. Most of them come out by prying off the plastic shield behind the handle (the shield where your fingernails touch the plastic) and there is usually one or two phillips screws there.

    I haven't worked on your particular car, so in some cases you'll have to pop the door panel off to detach the handle from the activating lever. You'll have to get in there and poke around. Also when you see the new part that should tip you off.

    Plastic breaks on 7 year old cars. That's normal wear and tear on a part that takes a lot of abuse.


  • jmgarjmgar Posts: 7
    Thanks. I saw some on line. Not too expensive ($20 delivered) . I'll check the dealers price as well. When I get it, I'll see if I want to pop it on myself. Shouldn't be too much trouble.
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