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Toyota Camry Security System, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Questions



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks for taking the time to find that.

    Lauren, let us know if this helps you.
  • I have a Camry Hybrid, with the keyless system. How can I set the security system to Auto Arm without a key? The instructions require insertion of "the key"

  • Thanks Guys, We're going to try to find a universal FOB tommorrow!! I'll keep you posted!
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    If you are looking for a keyless fob, you might want to check e-bay. I did a search on "camry keyless" and found a bunch for all model years. Good Luck!
  • I did see those one Ebay, If I don't have any luck today finding one around here I'm going to go ahead and order one!! Wish me luck!! ;)
  • I have an Automate AM1 Alarm the Dealer installed in my Camry Hyvrid. It uses the Factory Key fob so you don't have to carry around two Remotes.

    It works fine except that it Beeps the Horn whenever you lock or unlock the doors. Very inconveient for my Neighors when I leave for work at 4:30AM.

    The Manual says the Alarm can be reprogramed to turn off the Confirmation Beeps but dosn't tell you how to do it. I would apreciate it if soneone could post the programming instructions for the Alarm if they have it.
  • Does anyone know if there is a method to secure the items in the trunk when valet parking? I know the key in the FOB can be removed but that will only lock the glovebox and the pass-through to the trunk. I tried removing the key from the FOB and opening the truck and it does open. :(
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hunh, then what's the point of having it lock the pass-thru? :confuse:
  • The only thing I can think of is to keep the kids from playing with the pass-through door.
  • Our 2006 US-made LE came with a valet key (all metal, no plastic handle) that will not open glove box or trunk. And on the backside (trunk side) of each rear seat there is a locking lever. Reach in the trunk, push the levers down, and the pass-through can't be opened from the passenger compartment. Hand out just the valet key and trunk contents are secure (well, not against crowbars ). Maybe the 2007 works the same way?
  • Yes -

    Since the seat fold-down release levers are in the trunk, all you do is remove the small metal key from the keyless fob, then put in in the trunk lock and turn counter-clockwise. This will lock the trunk and disable both the remote fob trunk release (for valets) and also disables the interior trunk release.

    It's also listed in the owners manual, FYI.

  • youmeyoume Posts: 11
    Please read your manual. It is in there.
  • cgerlitzcgerlitz Posts: 2
    Has anyone tried to test their theft deterrent system on the 07 Camry by rolling all the windows down and opening the car from the outside by sticking your hand on the inside?? I can't get my alarm to go off when I do that, any suggestions??

  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    If the alarm was set when you did it, it should go off.
    You have to wait for the security light to flash before opening any door, trunk or hood.

    Your owners manual says to take it to the dealer for service if it doesn't alarm.
  • cgerlitzcgerlitz Posts: 2
    The security light flashes as soon as you hit the lock button on the keyless entry, and it keeps flashing after that. The manual says it should blink then come back on after 30 seconds, but mine stays on forever.
  • youmeyoume Posts: 11

    I just want to know if you could open both driver and passenger door without turn on the alarm. On my TCH, the alarm goes on if i open the passenger door. It is ok if i open the driver side. My dealer said that the way it is. Only one door could be opened with key in the pocket.

    I did not believe it is true.

  • My wife remote started our Camry 2006 V6 LEand upon entering the car hit the brake before putting the key in. That shut down the car completely. The security system was factory installed. Now we can't find a way to start the car.

    Now when I try to remote start the car, the lights flashes and for a few minutes the battery comes alive, but then everything shuts down again. I get the same results with the key in the ignition. Strangely, even after I remove the key and close the door, I can hear a strange purring sound of the starter from the outside. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Nothing that's electrical on that vehicle works right now, including the door locks.

    The car dealer wants me to spend $150 to tow the car, which I know will take the dealer 30 seconds to fix. They don't want to offer me any advice over the phone on how I can revive the car for obvious reasons.

    If there's anybody out there that can offer me some simple advice about how I can revive the car I would really be grateful. I don't think there is anything wrong with the electrical system. My gut feeling tells me that somehow we need to kick start the security key system and there must be a simple method involving a few key combinations that will bring the car out of its stupor.
  • The owners manual to my 2007 camry says that several keyless entry features can be changed, such as holding the trunk button to open, pressing it to open, or disabling it. Does anyone know how to do this without taking the car to the dealer? It shows how to change which doors unlock with the door proximity sensor, but everything else says to contact the dealer. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Since the new Camry models have this anti theft system which shuts down the engine if stolen, would installing any random alarm system not given from the dealer possibly interfere with that system?
  • So I purchased a 2008 base model 2008 Camry without keyless entry. But I didn't realize that would miss keyless so much. I see that the security system is in the car. Can I just purchase the key fobs off of ebay and program it to the car?
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