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Toyota Camry Security System, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Questions



  • I have a camry LE of the same year, and mine is equipped with an engine immoblizer system. I was told at the dealer that is was a standard feature on the camry, and has been since 2002. :)
  • Both of my keyless entry keys do not work on my Camry LE 2007. It just happened recently. I push the lock button and the lights flash on the Camry. Here are the problems:

    1. Both keys cannot open the car locks or trunk.
    2. Both keys cannot lock the car, but the hazard light flash.
    3. When I try to lock or unlock the locks via the button on the driver/passenger side it does not work.

    What is the problem? Electrical?

    It just happened.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You'll need to take it to the dealership. Suspect the programming for the keys somehow got whacked up, but it could be a problem with the computer itself. They won't know until they try to reprogram your keys. Take ALL of the three original keys to the dealership (2 w/key fobs, 1 without fob), plus any others if you purchased them after the sale.

    There are two programming connections that have to be made with the keys. Each key has an immobolizer chip in it, which the computer needs to be told which immobolizer chips should be allowed to start the vehicle. For the keys with the integrated keyfob, the computer then needs to be programmed to accept those wireless signals.
  • hvtec2002hvtec2002 Posts: 19
    Has anyone installed these by yourself and made it work. I installed the remote stater first and it was working fine when i tried but it stopped after i drove the car around the block. I also installed the GBS for the car and neither are working. Please help! :sick:
  • bjosephsbjosephs Posts: 13
    My wife just bought a 2009 LE with a dealer installed remote starter. I have received contradictory information from their service people about the remote starter overriding the engine immobilizer and therefor negating the insurance discount that comes with it. It would seem to me that the remote starter would not cancel the immobilizer function as this would be counter productive. The remote starter was a weekend throw in promotion so we didn't have to pay for it- just ask at the end of negotiatons. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • first, i have to know the remote starter installed in the car. what is the brand.
    also the engine immobiliser bypass system should not have been shut down. what i use is the integration units. i do not shut it down, only bypass it during the start cycle. what is done is that i use a module that learns the immobiliser code and incorporates it to the remote starter. it can only be activated with the remote starter during the start cycle, and cannot be triggered by an out side source. as always though the quality of the installations by most shops is not of the highest quality. i have the luxury of working at a dealership that affords me to take the time to do a precise and neat installation on all vehicles that i work on.
  • By using wiring diagrams provided by UNGO and a cheat-sheet for the Camry, I properly connected all the wires. However, both lock and unlock buttons on the keychain lock the car. Even when I turn the ignition off or on, the doors lock. Will I need a diode/resistor for the unlock wire? If so, which one?
    Also, where is the tach wire (color & specific location)? The diagram says it's black and behind the driver's strut tower. However, I only found a black w/ a white striped wire. It's not allowing my autostart to keep the car running and the diagnostic light says there's no tach signal. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    In adding an aftermarket device to your vehicle, you are really dependent upon UNGO for the very specific instructions if they are to work in your year and make Camry.

    The door lock and unlock 'relay' (actually an integrated circuit board), is under the dash on the passenger side. Not sure where (and how) you are connecting in to the door lock circuitry, which wires you are connecting into, and how the UNGO is supposed to integrate/work with that circuitry.

    I've always found aftermarket add-on's to be pretty iffy, given that vehicles are different in how they control the different functions in the car. It can be different from year to year (like one year of Camry to the next), different from one model of a manufacturer to another (like Camry to Corolla), certainly different across manufacturer.
  • vasanivasani Posts: 2
    hi i am looking for tech wire too, for toyota camry 1996,
    I am trying to install AUTOSTART Remort start ,I did find out tech wire
    please give me hint if you know
  • vasanivasani Posts: 2
    hi i have toyota camry and i am looking for black Tack wire
    please some one help me. There is no black wire at check connector
  • hey guys i am in need of desperate help with a keyless entry remote. on the weekend my mate pushed the button on the remote a few times which locked and unlocked it a couple of times. now the remote doesnt work at all but the car still locks and unlocks with the key. i was wondereing what wouldve happened and if anyone on here has experienced something like this and could help. thanks jase
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    - If you have a second remote, check to see whether that works okay or not. If the 2nd one works okay, then you know the problem is in the keyfob itself. Try changing battery, and making sure any key buttons aren't stuck.

    - Using the door buttons, check to see whether the lock and unlock work. If the inside door buttons don't work, then you may have blown a fuse.
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Camry XLE. I bought it in December 2005. Recently I noticed that the keyless entry fobs have not been working as well and when used I would get more than 1 beep from the car when it used to be just one. I changed the batteries in both and they were both working sporadically and now they are not working at all. I changed the batteries again but no change. Could there be a problem at the car and not the remotes? Could it be a fuse? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  • I had the dealer install a Toyota remote start in my new 2010 Camry. The range is terrible and you can not tell if the car is running till you arrive at it. It works at about 30 feet away, but by the time you press all the buttons you need to start it you can be at the car. A friend just bought a new ford truck with a ford factory remote start and his works at about 300 yards. Does anyone know what the range is for my Toyota remote start? The dealer did not know the range and none of their accessories pamphlets had any range listed. when I contacted the phone number on the little instruction key tag the lady told me 2-3 feet. Really who would spend $500 if you had to be next to the car to start it. I told the lady she must be wrong and she accused me of not taking her answer as advice
  • dofferdoffer Posts: 16
    Our remote and key were stolen for our 2000 Camry XLE and we need some assistance on how to proceed. We still have the remaining remote and key--should I order a new remote and key from the dealer and have them reflash the existing remote and key (and spare) along with the new ones? Consequently, the worst case scenario would be that the thief could enter the car, but couldn't start it. I assume I will get hosed on this deal, but don't know what else to do. I contacted a local locksmith and he said the dealer is the only one who can reflash the security code on the car. I'm sure this must have happened to others and wanted some advice. Thanks :(
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Take all existing keys and remotes to the dealer, buy the additional keys or fobs that you need thru their service dept/parts, and they'll program the system to match what you now have. The lost key and fob will be worthless (unless you find them, and then take everything back to the dealership again, to get reprogrammed a second time).
  • dofferdoffer Posts: 16
    Thanks kiawah. :)
  • dino31dino31 Posts: 1
    my both remote controle for camry 1995 sedan 2.2 csx stopped working i bought new remote from toyota and i tried to program it but it didn't work , and the man who works in toyota told me it will not work coz none of the remote working. my mate told me there is a way ( manualy ) to make the new remote controle works .i can open the car and drive it but it will be good to have a remote if u can help me to programe the new remote send me an email telling me what to do . thanks alot..dino 31
  • need to know how to override antitheft so I can start my car'''''

  • bigrob2010bigrob2010 Posts: 1
    For no apparent reason my keyless entry system abruptly stopped working. 4-yr old Toyota Camry kept in good condition: no accidents, no new installs, etc.
    Paid $200 to the dealer to diagnose it & they could only intermittently fix it by jiggling the wire harness connection to the computer chip. It stayed "fixed" for 1 day, and hasn't worked since. The dealership says their only other idea is to replace the computer for $800.
    It's not worth paying any more money to fix this problem, I'm just hoping it isn't a wire short that could eventually cause other problems to happen!

    Anyone else ever seen this?
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