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Toyota Camry Security System, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Questions



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The keyfob has it's own internal code (think of it as a serial number), which it transmits as part of the signal when you hit a button on the keyfob. From a security perspective, each keyfob has to be 'programmed' into the computer, so the computer knows to respond to only your keyfobs. If you want to add a keyfob, you take all of your keyfobs to the dealership and they go thru a process where the computer 'learns/reads' the serial numbers of the fobs.

    So one thing you should do to attempt to diagnose your problem, is to see whether the problem is experienced with only one keyfob, or multiple keyfobs.

    If the problem is only one keyfob, then suspect the individual keyfob.

    If the problem is multiple keyfobs, then they should have tried re-loading the keyfobs into the computer.

    If all the did was wiggle wires, I'd take it back to the dealership and have them reload all of the keyfobs into the computer.

    Perhaps they did some of this, and didn't tell you.....or they weren't able to load the keyfobs which would be an indication that the computer does indeed have a problem.
  • hatedealershatedealers Posts: 9
    edited May 2010
    I have the same problem on my 2005 Camry LE with 24,000 miles.
    The remote to open the doors does not work.

    It is not the keyfob.
    At first the remote worked intermittantly. Service at a dealer said they
    unplugged the ECU and plugged it back in and it worked for about a
    week and stopped again.

    Today I went through the reprogramming proceedure for the keyfob, and
    it worked once. I used the "confirmation" proceedure which I found on the
    internet to see if the keyfob was working and it did recognize the keyfob
    once, and then would not respond at all again using the same programming
    proceedure. So it is definitely not the keyfob.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  • kakeekakee Posts: 2
    If you are having problems with your 2006 Camry's keyless entry and you have changed the batteries, purchased new remotes and/or changed the fuse and are STILL having problems, you have a problem with your computer. As of right now, it seems Toyota is not offering to replace the computer (an $800 + labor ordeal).

    Here's my story...I have successfully programmed several remotes for 3 different Camrys (don't let anyone tell you that you have to take it to the dealer to have them programmed - just buy one off ebay from a reputable dealer and it comes with the same instructions that Toyota technicians use to program the remotes!).

    The first one I programmed for my 2006 Camry worked for 1 year then started working only about 25% of the time until it stopped working altogether. I replaced the battery with no results. Then I purchased a new remote from ebay and tried to program it. I got it into the programming mode and successfully programmed it but it only worked once and then stopped working altogether. I then replaced the fuse (which actually wasn't blown) and got it to program, but again, it only worked once.

    At this point I surmised it must be the computer and took it to the dealer who told me by phone later that day that the circuits in my remotes must be bad because the computer check found nothing wrong with the car. He wanted to sell me a $90 remote (the same one I got from ebay for $19). I basically told him to shove his theory and his remote because it was a computer problem and that I would be down to pick up the car in an hour. After our little exchange of ideas, he talked to the technician and they decided to test what I claimed the problem was. They took the new remote from the warehouse, tried to program it and ran into the same problem I had. And what do you was declared to be a computer problem!

    I am trying to decide if I want to pay for the computer replaced (not sure I want to replace it since it will probably be replaced with a computer manufactured in the same place as the first one and it may have the same malfunction). I love Camrys but I'm not sure I want to have one with computer issues since it affects nearly everything on the car.
  • jakeandamyjakeandamy Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    where is the battery locatedand how do you get at it
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is your question, where is the battery for your remote? It's in the key, the piece with the buttons on it you push to unlock/lock car.
  • beach7beach7 Posts: 1
    I have similar problem past few days. Did you fix "computer"?
    This computer only controls door opening or it also controls other functions?
  • kakeekakee Posts: 2
    I opted not to replace the computer as it was going to be $600-$800. I believe the computer controls all the other computerized functions of the car, too. My concern is that all the computers were manufactured in the same place and I didn't want to replace it with another potentially bad computer. So far the keyless entry is the only thing affected. For the amount it was going to cost, I can just put the key in the key hole to unlock it. My hope is that the computers will be recalled at some point and I can get it fixed for free. (Probably just wishful thinking there, though.)
  • dbush10dbush10 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem! No help from dealers. Solution, I won't buy toyota anymore ! Daughter has the car now, and I bought a Honda. . . no problems
    Thanks for the help Toyota Dealers. And I tell all of my friends about how Toyota will not help with the problem. Recall !
  • I realized this message is 2 years old, but by chance that you see this, did you ever find a fix? I am in a similar situation.
  • Good call NOT replacing the computer, could have been a waste anyway.

    Apx 6 weeks ago, we purchased a 2006 Camry. We were told to schedule a time to come in because the remotes weren't programmed yet. Sounded funny, but ok. I scheduled and came in the next week. The remotes worked for a few hours, then stopped. I took it back the next week. Again, programmed, worked, quit the same day. After this, the dealership has replaced batteries in the remotes, the actual remotes, the computer twice, and the transmitter (sends signal from the computer to the remote) twice. Keyless entry is still not working. Luckily, all of this has been covered under warranty since it was a new purchase. The dealership is baffled and scratching their heads and we are considering negotiating about returning the vehicle as we're scared as to what other problems are looming that we can't yet see. The car has been in the dealerships possession the last 15 days while they keep trying to figure it out. They said it isn't a wiring problem either.

    I guess it's good to hear you haven't seen any additional problems with yours.
  • I find all kinds of instructions on how to program an ignition key/auto door open for 09 camry but can't make it work. Must I go to dealer/auto locksmith to have it done?
  • I have the same problem with 06 Camry LE, the keyless doesn't work and Dealer in Cerritos ask for 1,000 dolares to replace the "mainboard". They said no "garanties" the new computer will last. This car turn out to be a very bad investment. I want to sell it but with this remote not working will be a lost.
    I'll never buy a Toyota again.
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