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Toyota Camry Aftermarket Parts



  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Any car customixation shop could install it for you, or the dealer probably could.

    As long as the dash kit matches the year and model of your car it will fit perfectly. All you have to do is ask the dealer what kind of wood trim is currently in your vehicle, and then purchase that kit. Also, most kits come with a manual with pictures of each part and tells you where each part will go, so if you only wanted to add a few pieces you could buy only those ones.

    A bunch of stores sell the kits online. I'd suggest calling them to see if they can recommend any certified installers that offer some sort of warranty with their work.

    Also, check with the dealer to make sure adding the trim won't void your Toyota warranty. I assume the dealer could install it for you too. Good luck.
  • mayrogemayroge Posts: 9
    I bought a front/rear set of covers for my 2007 LE with Ash interior from

    t862 2007+ Camry LE/CE
    t861 2007 Camry LE/CE

    Dealt with a Michael Stevens.

    Covers look really nice and are a very good fit except for the outside edge of the front seats where they meet the seat back. I thought I got the wrong covers, but was told that is correct.

    I can send pics if you like...
  • manujawsmanujaws Posts: 29
    Yes, could you please send me pics. I looked up the website and it says that the seat covers are for


    What does "NO SIDE AIRBAGS" mean? Dont all Camry's come with side airbags. I am confused.....
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, all 2007 Camrys do come with side curtain airbags and front seat-mounted side airbags.

    You're not really supposed to put seat covers on cars with seat-mounted side airbags, because the covers can interfere with the deployment -- see your owner's manual. So this aftermarket company is probably trying to cover themselves legally by saying you should only install them in cars without side airbags.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I need to get another 2 keys for 2007 Camry. I'm sensing that realistically speaking, you need to have this done at the dealer...just trying to confirm.

    1.) Since even the valet key has a chip in it which needs to be recognized by the system before it will start engine, there is some process which needs to be done to add the new key as an approved key to the cars computer. I haven't seen the secret instructions written anywhere, so I assume that I need to pay the dealer to do this step (even with valet type key-no remote entry). Assume also that if it is a key w/fob, that remote entry also needs to be configured in the cars computer so that it will unlock the doors as well.

    2.) Assuming I could find a blank somewhere online, I still need to find a local place to cut the blank to match existing key. As such, I run the risk that if they don't cut it correctly, then I'm out the cost of the key w/fob.

    Those two reasons lead me to conclude that from a practical and realistic point of view, this is just something that I'll have to bite the bullet and get done at the dealership.

    Is this correct thought process, or has someone found a cheaper way to get some additional keys?
  • tavi1tavi1 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for an aftermarket black grill for my 2007 camry LE. Any thoughts on where to pick one up?


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