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Chevrolet Malibu Start Up/Ignition



  • My car just did this same exact thing to me...except its not starting at all now. Calling the dealership to come get it and check it out. I know its time for a tune up but to stop starting all together...just hoping its not too expensive this go around. I will post again once I know the outcome.
  • For those of you who have a 1997 - 2003 Malibu and have been having problems with the Security system keeping you from starting the car, read on....

    I am a retired GM Electrical Engineer. I own a 2002 Grand Am, and had this problem two years ago. I bought a Shop Manual for my car ($130.00), and worked out a way of bypassing the Passlock II system on my vehicle. After making the modification on my car, I have not had a single instance of No start caused by the Security system.

    Last week, as a favor to a friend, I performed the same modification on a 2003 Alero. It took less than an hour. (not counting the time I spent taking photos of my progress) The modification was successful on that vehicle.

    Details of the modification are posted on my personal website at:

    There are instructions on how to do the modification using two methods. Both methods bypass the security module in the ignition circuit. One bypasses it at the connector to the Body Control Module, which is under the glove box. The other does the bypass near the ignition switch, which can be reached by removing the radio.

    The Malibu, Grand Am, and Alero all used the same security system in certain models, and the bypass method works for all of them. Please post back if you find the instructions useful.

    Richard Berger
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169

    I have 2005 and 2006 Malibus, and have no such problem, but I did take a look at your site... Wow, what a treasure!... I've got to explore the stuff there, later -- seems very instructive no matter what model I have...

    Thank you for sharing your experience in such a thorough way!
  • lovemygrandamlovemygrandam Posts: 330
    edited October 2010
    Thanks for the compliment. I doubt if the instructions on my site will help you, as your vehicles have (I think) a newer system, which uses a key with an embedded chip, and is considerably more reliable than the Passlock II system. (My 2007 Cobolt has the new system). You can tell because the keys with the embedded chip have a "+" stamped on them right below the plastic handle. There is, however a way to keep from spending $35.00 per key for replacement keys. When you lose one of your keys, take the other one and go to a hardware store and have two common duplicates made, at $1.50 each. Then take your remaining key with the chip in it, open up the shroud that is around your ignition switch, and tape the transponder key inside the shroud. You will then be able to use ordinary keys to operate your car. The key with the embedded chip needs only to be close enough to the ignition switch so the vehicle can receive it's signal.

    Docl B.
  • Hi

    I know you posted this a while ago. I have the exact same car and the exact same issues and every time i take it in the car won't do anything so I look like im making it up. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with it?
  • I have a 04 Malibu LT with 74000 miles on it. I have had problems with it not wanting to start unless I give it gas. It does not happen all the time and I tak it in and they find nothing. I have ad problems with the remote start not working and the curise will not work all the time and of course it works when I take it in. Any Ideas I need Help asap as my warranty is up friday and the dealer says they don't know what is wrong with it
  • hi,
    my problem was that my car's battery got discharge problem some time once a month. i just check the pattern and found that there i used to remove my car keys when my transimmission stick is on Drive "D" (i.e my ignition switch) was faulty.
  • Yeah...the starting problem was COMPLETELY the battery.

    I had the battery checked before, and the meter showed it didn't need to be replaced...but someone at the GM dealership recommended the battery change...instead of paying through the nose for diagnosis, I went with an independent mechanic and replaced the battery (it was 5 years old.)

    That did the trick. No problems starting since.
  • awil28awil28 Posts: 13
    Hey everyone i could really use some help ive been trying to fix my sisters car and im stumped. we bought the car with a 3.4l in it from a chevy venture, it had overheating problems and suspected head gasket failure w/ no oil coolant mix. I have replace the following; head gaskets, head bolts, heads were resurfaced and a shim was added with head gaskets, upper and lower intake gaskets, throttle body gaskets, injector o-rings, spark plugs, plug wires, oil change and filter, thermostat, cooling system flush, power steering pump, air filter, fuel filter, and fuel pump along with some other things like tires and rotors and brakes but those wouldnt cause the problems. after all that work was done and the car was reassembled it will just crank all day but wont start, there is no fuel pressure but there is spark and proper compression. the relay under the hood clicks but neither the old pump or the new one makes any noise and the there is no power at the connection. i was looking around and came across all of the complaints about the passcode theft system and it deactivating the pump and injectors. my theft light is on and it stays on and does not blink. i have tried the ten minute reset thing and i tried the resistor bypass thing, and the car still only cranks and will not start. anybody have any help at all they can offer ill answer any other questions you might have. thank you for any help,
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Only one post for same problem please, avoids confusion.
  • hi, I have a chevrolet malibu classic 2004,and i did the bypass thing to it and it didnt work,the car start in the cold morning but after driving the car for around 20 min it wont start,i place the key in on position and the check engine light is on and i can hear the fuel pump working and the car can start,but if i place the key in on position and the check engine light dont come on then the fuel pump doesnt work and the car wont start,i replace the fuel pump relay and still having the problem,i took out the relay and i place a tester in one of the slots and then i putted the key to on position and the tester light was weak and the check engine light off and when the check engine light is on the tester light is stronger,looks like the relay is receiving low volts from somewhere
    plz HEEEEELP
  • Sounds like you have a short, they are very hard to catch in the act. Keep at it.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Maybe ignition switch, the electrical one not key. Should be mounted on back of key switch assy.
  • bullred00bullred00 Posts: 4
    I am having the exact same problem, my mechanic or dealer can't find out what the problem is. Seems like outside temp is effecting what is happening. Same exact problem with check engine light, hearing fuel pump, etc. Where you able t find what the problem was, cost, any info will help. Thank you!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    Were you planning on taking the vehicle to the dealership to be looked at? Please keep me posted when the issue has been taken care of.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • bullred00bullred00 Posts: 4
    Thanks for you reply! I already took it to the dealership and they had no clue after diagnostics. They just wanted to change the fuel pump to see if thats what it was, $700 for the pump alone! Also my reg mechanic of 11years diagnosed it as well. outside hot temp seems to have a definate effect. What do you suggest? Thank you!
  • bullred00bullred00 Posts: 4
    Caron, just got to my car after the heat of the day and the check engine light came on when I turned the key to on, heard the fuel pump come on and she cranked up right away! The problem started back in April when the temps started to get hot here in Pensacola, FL. Also when the check engine light does not come on, the fuel pump relay makes buzzing sound, changed that out.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    I would recommend having the dealership involved Technical Assistance. I would also like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. In order to start the process I will need your complete contact information (including full name, mailing address and phone number), VIN, current mileage and the involved dealership sent to me in an email. Also, could you please provide a brief description of the problems you are experiencing?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • bullred00bullred00 Posts: 4
    Thanks, email sent tonight.
  • kacilynnkacilynn Posts: 1
    im wondering if u found out what was wrong with the car i have a 05 malibu that has been nothing but problems. got in to leave today and same thing only in addition i had to disconnect the battery cuz it was starting to smoke and stink. omg hope u have some insight for me.
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