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Chevrolet Impala Owners: Photo Gallery



  • r00tr00t Posts: 3
    check it out, tint, decals, stereo mod

    razzi ground kit coming soon

    Heh heh, no offense really, I know most people who own vintage or tri-9 impalas wouldn't consider mine real. Really though Front wheel drive. C'mon guys... It looks cool, especially the SS (although why not buy a Bonny SSEI)
  • tomaso3tomaso3 Posts: 4
    here is a pix of my 2001 Impala LS with 100,00 KM on it, [66,000 miles] - it's been through 4 winters, no garage and parks under a tree - I use Zaino Polish on it. I think it looks pretty good.

    That's me holding a California Duster in the reflection. - MyPhoto&albumID=12456317&photoID=99838284&security=Ty- - lUYA
  • Howdy!

    Well, here's a link to my 2001 Impala, the car's in the body shop right now getting the antenna and lightbar holes plugged and the paint cleaned up a little. This was a unit with the Pekin, Illinois Police Department (unit 01-1) before I picked it up, 72K miles, nice shape.. has info on this vehicle as well.

    Take care!
  • i need to find out how much my impala is worth
  • davidg4davidg4 Posts: 1
    Hi kinsaine 1969 inpalas are very nice cars. They are very beautiful. Do you drive it a lot. I would love to see some pics of it. Does it sometimes take a while for it to start. How long do you keep it cranking before you let go of the key. alot of late 60s cars i have seen are driven by women. The ones i have seen stall the women keep them cranking for a long time. As long as 2minutes and a half. The sound goes eee eee eee. Which sounds neat. I would be interested in buying yours. I would give you 2500. Is the weather cold where you live. I would look forward to hearing from you.
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