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Toyota Avalon Brakes, ABS, VSC, etc.



  • coop3coop3 Posts: 3
    I have that tick too...also, my VSC light, and VSC off light came on...took to dealer, they said their computer can't talk to my Avalon computer, so my computer needs to be replaced...$1800!!! Have you heard of that???
  • coop3coop3 Posts: 3
    My vsc, vsc off and abs lights all came on. Took to dealership. Their diagnostic scanner could not read our Avalons computer...they say we need a new computer in our car...$1800.00. We're getting a 2nd opinion at local electrical place in town. We have a 2000 Avalon with all the whistles and bells. I'm regretting this purchase! Also, my remote keyless key doesn't work!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Taking it to a independent who knows Toyota is a great idea. They may be able to fix it for much less. I know you probably know this now, but buying (not leasing) a first year model, no matter what the brand, with all the bells and whistles is not a good idea, statistically. Even more so if the car is not garaged.

    I own an 02 Avalon XL, and an 04 BMW 325ci, both of which I got the least amount of electronic features I could stand, and both are garaged. Both are not first or second model years although the BMW year has been problematic, I have had no problems to date. Sure I will but not now.

    I hope you have good luck othewise, it is a fine car.

  • Yup, have had same problem with my 2000 Avalon XLS for years, all serviced at Toyota dealer only, though vehicle always under warranty, incl. Toyota Platinum no deductible 100k miles/7yr extended, but I ALWAYS had to pay $:

    6/11/03 52,567 miles
    bad charcoal canister VSV, total cost incl labor to repair $152.11

    10/16/03 56,694 miles
    clean sensor, reinstall clear code, total cost incl labor to repair $130.50

    6/24/04 60,252 miles
    same as above, total cost incl. labor $43.50 [they say they gave me a break]

    1/11/06 77,807 miles
    same as above, in the Toyota shop tonight, I assume will cost me $120 or so [wife left gas cap loose].

    Bought this car for cash, took delivery 12/24/99. Major problems:

    above VSC [will be about $470 out of my own pocket]
    sticking right rear brake caliper [$700 under warranty]
    new radio/CD player [$650 under warranty]
    new front ball joints [$500 under warranty]
    new computer [$2,000 under warranty]
    new struts [$800 under warranty]
    four batteries
    three sets of tires [finally junked crappy Michelins for excellent Goodyears]
    usual change transmission, coolent, brake fluid flushes
    new platinum plugs
    three a/c filters
    usual oil/filter changes every 3,000 miles
    numerous wiper blades
    new headlights

    NEVER buy an Avalon, just lease one for a max of three years!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Avalon 2000:

    Couple of deserving comments here. I have a 02 Avalon now with 77K on it. And yes, I have had issues some of them similar to yours, but not nearly as exhautive. As mentioned numerous times in this forum, the 00-04 Avalon brakes especially the rear discs, are an inexpensive/inferior design and the calipers freeze up quite easily, espeically when exposed to cold weather extremes. Without looking and expecting the brakes for wear and function, this overloads the fronts and there you go. The VSC, mostly on the XLS never gives me headaches since I didn't have it, and replaced my inferior struts with a set of premium struts, allowing increased stability NON electronic, with better emergency braking and avoidance, about $700 with the alignment, more expensive than your $470 repair alone but you had to replace the struts anyway. Premium struts are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner, not the labor I may add.

    Again, buying a first year model, especially ladened with excessive electronic gizmos, statistically was not a manuever that should be practiced when automobile shopping. Waiting to the third year of that models provides to be much more a conservative, but less aggrevating move. Those that emotionally reserve are usually rewarded. I really am not impressed with the adage, but this is a Toyota or Honda. All you have to do is read the very interesting other forums, even a car like the Honda Civic and Accord and look at the new model year reliability records. Front brake problems abound as well as other electronic issues. Your year Avalon had a number of seal problems I believe with water leakage, not found in later models. Believe it or not, mine had a bad innner not outer CV joint, which I had to diagnosis myself sinc ethe dealership nor the corporation did not have the acutely to diagnosis it properly.

    In any event, my 02 runs better now, at 78K that it ever did before, albeit very aggrevating iin the first two years and this was the thrid model yeear. I am going to see if I can get it to 300K, as my last car, Civic 90 I got to 236K.

    Time will tell. I still enjoy this car, and I do have a 04 325ci BMW as well, but this one is way move comfortable as a daily driver that also tows.

  • Well, got a call from my Toyota dealer this AM. Will cost me $605, incl. tax, to repair the VSC/Check Engine light problem re replacing canister again, valve, et al. They said that all were contaminated with gas due to a fuel overfill. But the definition of overfill should be, to any reasonable person, when the gas escapes the in-fuel pipe of the vehicle and spills all over. Merely filling a tank up until the pump clicks and then having this problem, and/or when the gas cap is not tight appears to be a significant vehicle defect wherein all repair should be paid for by Toyota, at least under warranty and extended bumper-to-bumper warranty which I have.

    I presume that such problem has been eliminated on new/subsequent year Avalons, and merely doing so reveals such defect to begin with. Saying that, I presume it would cost Toyota a $million+ to refund such VSC repair costs to consumers, easily instituted with a mass mailing to registered owners. I'll be first on line . . . "Ya owe me $957 in total!"]

    Best brand new car I ever owned . . . 1962, 1967, 1968, 1974 Cadillacs! Hum . . . time to visit GM once again!
  • 1996 Toyota Avalon, 3.0 liter, automatic, 4 wheel abs.

    Having problem with ABS coming on at slow speeds when applying brakes. Have replaced 3 out of 4 wheel speed sensors. No codes in memory. Checked remaining speed sensor with lab scope - has good pattern. Also, a slight buzz noise from front of vehicle every time you hit the brake when coming to a stop, this noise only last a second or 2.
    Please help.
  • 2006 Avalon 2800 miles noticed today while driving in the rain for the first time that when the brakes where applied had a roaring noise from the front brakes. It sounded alot like wore out pads rubbing the rotors but i know thats not it. Doesn't do it in dry conditions, could be caused by the abs system but not sure. Has anyone noticed this on their o6 avalon?
  • peterpanpeterpan Posts: 120
    Did it feel like something was hammering the front axle under the car?

    If that was it, it was the ABS hammering the brakes with modulation to prevent the tires from skidding while the brakes are applied. It should happen only on wet road. If your tires are bald then it could happen on dry road during hard braking.

    That's proof that the ABS is working in your car.
  • No it was not hammering or pulsating it sounded like riding on a road paved with rock.You no how it sounds when you go from smooth paved road to a rock paved road you get more tire noise. This was braking normal not agressively. This is a new car only 2800 miles . All i can guess is the brake pad material must be affected when wet to cause this.When it not raining they make no noise.
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Hi Guys,

    I bought a used 95Avalon XL recently. Then i discovered there is a greece leakage in front passenger side wheel and when i took it to auto service center they have adviced to change the axle. But it does not make any noise. Can someone let me know can i take chance until i hear noise so that i can fix or is it risk driving with this spoiled axle. How much does it cost in replacing it, local service center had quoted $310.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Since I have had to replace axles on my 02 unfortunately, I know a little. If you have the inclination, take off the wheels, and gently pull apart the outer CV joint boot and check for any rip and cracks. You should have your answer there. The price quoted sounds reaasonable. They may just replace the entire axle instead of the outer CV joint. If the car is in good condition, it is a good car and worth it..

  • keydellkeydell Posts: 1

    This is my first post. I recently bought a used 2001 Avalon. Has 120K on it but bought it after i read its reviews and found that it might be good for another 50 - 75K.

    I have two issues with the car:
    1. The ABS light keeps turning on and off. When it turns ON, and I shut off the engine and turn it back on, the ABS indicator turns OFF. The previous owner changed the tyres and they are supposedly bigger than the OEM indicated size. Would that be causing this problem.
    2. THe VSC light (basically it is not working!!) is permanently ON. The seller told me this is becasue of the tyre issue. But after reading a few posts I am beginning to have doubts about this claim.

    I am a relative newbie and this is only the second automobile in my life. Can sombody who knows / has tackled this problem help me out. Would greatly appreciate it.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    This is not my area of expertise, but I don't think it is the tire. It is either the receptor or the sending unit, or something else electronic. This is for the ABS. For the VSC, another electronic gizmo, I am not too sure. Maybe someone else who has more electronic troubleshooting expertise can join in here.

    It is a good car, though, if you can get past these issues. You should have the ABS tested and fixed. The VSC also a safety feature, IMO, is not as good as replacing the struts, which at the mileage that you have, might be a better way to spend money for repair/maintenance. Replace the struts with a premium aftermarket brand. You will get better stability control in more situations including emergency handling that with worn struts and VSC.

  • lisa39lisa39 Posts: 1
    hi-have a 2002 avalon xls with 43,000 miles. recently, i am hearing noise as i make sharp turns.sounds like slight brake grinding. also the brakes are starting to make the same noise. could it be related?I am the second owner and the first owner was very meticulous about the maintenance.
  • ajaybajayb Posts: 1
    Can't tell for sure from what you described but I suggest you check the oil level for power steering. I had the similar problem before and I had to add oil to get rid of that noise.
  • mstlogikalmstlogikal Posts: 1
    I have pulled the drivers side cv joint out replaced the boot to that and put it back in but I can't pull the passengers side out! Is there a C clip I need to know about? If so can someone please help me know if there is something I need to do.
  • tlkoertlkoer Posts: 7
    I have a 96 avalon xls and when I press the brake pedal I get a buzzing noise. I had read on another forum that low fluid in the ABS reservoir can cause this. First I need to know (which I don't know much about abs brakes) is there a separate reservoir for the ABS system and could this also be my problem? I have no problems stopping.

    Also my windshield wipers go too far to the right and makes a loud noise when in use. Is there away of adjusting the sweep?

    Thanks for the help!

  • whilstwhilst Posts: 19
    Hi all.
    00'xls has these lights come on bi-weekly.
    When they come on, it seems like ALL brakes are being applied!
    Checked brake fluid level,gas cap tight.NO "check engine light".
    Any responses out there?
    I just examined all 4 brakes and ABS sensors-cleaned.
    It seems to me,if system detects problem,brakes should revert to a conventional action1?
  • edwardwyedwardwy Posts: 1
    I am losing brake fluid every 2000 miles. There is no evidence of the wheel cylinders leaking. The last time I added fluid I got a lot of white smoke from the exhaust. It smelled like brake fluid could this be. Any ideas
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