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Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Problems



  • I wish Chevy would just give us a different car. I don't even care if it's a used car. This car is a piece of junk and the transmission problem they can't find is still happening between 35-40 mph.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    If you have had your vehicle diagnosed by a GM dealership I would encourage you to contact your agent with GM Customer Assistance.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gm_sucks1gm_sucks1 Posts: 6
    I would love for someone to just take it off of my hands! bought my car with 25,000 miles in '08 it is an '06. When someone asks what is wrong with it I laugh and say you should rephrase that as to what IS working, my reply the brakes. My first trip to the dealer was for oscillating speedometer, RPM's and gas gauge. My radio was cutting out and then power steering as well along with my transmission making an audible clicking sound at rest. @ 45,840
    "Diagnosis no codes but the removed and replaced steering column due to no power steering."
    That worked until 49846 miles when everything happened again. This time there was a code of "J6360 Powertrain control Module replacement" They then removed and Replaced my ECM due to loss of communication. That lasted until 59814miles when I then took it back in for ALL the same issues AGAIN. This code again was the same as before. J6360 So they replaced the Powertrain control Module. I am not at 63,300 miles and everything is happening again. Not to mention I was told that my powertrain was covered until 80,000miles I called yesterday and was told it expired at 60,000 miles and I would have to pay $100 to bring it in and for them to look at it and diagnose it. They told me that they could only give me a loaner vehicle if it was under warranty so I tried to go up and talk to someone to figure out if I needed to make arrangements for the next day and could not be given the time of day. I'm sorry this is the 4th time I have taken this car in within 15,000 and they didn't fix it in the first place and now they are going to be rude to me like I'm a problem. When this is something that they didn't fix when it was under warranty Why is this my dime now. Gary, Service MANAGER, from Mckluskey has no respect for anyone and treats them like they are nothing more than and irritant. I've see this issue for multiple people so this has to be an actual issue!!! At this point I would happily give my car back to them if they can give me the about for my loan (which is less than kbb) and move on NEVER BUYING A CHEVY AGAIN.
    This past code was P0700 which is very general "P0700 Transmission Control System MIL Request" and for those "GM reps" the last 8 of my VIN are 67819165 If you care.
  • I'm not mechanic, but reading these threads tells me a couple of things. Chevy/GM cannot diagnose/isolate issues with individual computer modules. They rely on the codes - so if the diagnostic program is faulty, so to will be what it finds. It appears also that once these modules are replaced, they can't be 100 reprogrammed and/or over a short time they start to malfunction because there are connections/hardware issues stored elsewhere in the system. The steering column/power steering issue was unfortunately a diversion from the main issue, because GM was very slow to recognize the need for a general recall. It took 5 years. I only throw off the TCM code, but they've replaced that. Now they have no idea what to do next other than to ask for more of my money.
  • arkgreenarkgreen Posts: 7
    I just today finally got my cobalt back from the dealer. $1175.00 to replace the BCM and TCM. It drove fine on the way home (about 20 miles) and I hope it stays running long enough for me to trade it in. I have been contacted by the district specialist during my business hours and haven't been able to talk to them but I will tell you now, this is a problem with the cobalt and GM should step up and claim responsibility and refund my money as well as recoup me for my time lost on my vehicle. Look at all of these post and just about every issue others have encountered, I have as well. I have had the key stuck in the ignition, replaced shifter to fix that and now replaced the BCM and the TCM. My frustration level is very high and I don't think it will go down anytime soon.
  • gm_sucks1gm_sucks1 Posts: 6
    Thank goodness I took it to another GM dealer yesterday, and even though mine is outside of the warranty they are covering it both the GM of the store and the DM for the area approved it and will give me a rental if I need it while they find the issue. There was a new thread put out for dealers evidently in April '11 regarding 9 connection issues between different modules some being TCM, PCM, ECM etc. However, they have tested my connections and they haven't found it there yet. -- when I took it in yesterday that manager told me at 930 AM I was already the second person that day to complain about McKluskey (another dealer) which shows you how bad they are. --- If they find something else is wrong I will post it to help others out, although I'm afraid that this is still going to lead to them still guessing. I have also contacted a lawyer because this does qualify for the Lemon Law in the state of Vermont (since I purchased it there) and the federal law - Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Which with that act GM is responsible for all of my legal fees and I don't have to pay anything. The lawyer stated I should know something in 30 days-- by getting money and having the choice to trade in my car or keep it. But with this act it is also not labeled a lemon. If anyone would like to research it themselves ---
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    I apologize for your frustration. Can you please send me your case number? Also, what is a good time for your agent to try to reach you? I will let them know. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • e53turnere53turner Posts: 3
    edited June 2011
    Is the ECM warranted for 100,000 miles if it is on a 2006 Cobalt as I have been told that that is what is causing my cooling fan to run even when the engine is off>
  • I just noticed this weekend mine was doing this.... Also the Transmission changing between 35-40 has just been getting worse. Why do you want to take it to the dealer when they just brush you off?
  • I have had my 2005 Chevy Cobalt since 2006 and in this time I have needed a new fuel sensor (the car would die when I put it in reverse to back up), the key has gotten stuck in the ignition, the gear shift needed to be replaced, I had a hole in some random air valve that caused water from the AC to leak all over the passenger side floor, I needed the power steering recall fix AND NOW the dome light doesn't work, none of the display works, AC and heat don't work, and I'm positive if I were in an accident my airbags wouldn't work as well. I was told by the dealership that all of the latest drama was attributable to the BCM and a short to the AC which would cost about $1000 to fix. This seems like a lot of money and stress for a car that Chevy had the audacity to make in a basic model without power windows or locks, but I guess that's a blessing because I'd probably have problems with those as well. At this point the car still gets me from point A to B but I know that it won't be long before I need to replace it, when I do it most certainly won't be a Chevy.
  • kf101981kf101981 Posts: 4
    I had to replace the gear shift in my 05 for the same reason...less than 500 miles after it was out of warranty. My AC leaks all over the floor, but I was told 4 different times there was nothing they could do. What is the AC/heat piece, the BCM? I have replaced the fan and switch once and have to do it again. I have had my car since 2005...I am the only owner, and it has been a piece of crap. Transmission Pan, Oil is leaking, alternator, constant bills.
  • david244david244 Posts: 4
    I think it's time to file a class action lawsuit on GM
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    edited June 2011
    Why? So that three years from now, you and other consumers will receive a coupon good for $500 off your next GM purchase? Because that (or something similar) is a highly likely outcome of a class action suit. The outcome of these suits, from a consumer perspective, is usually poor - you are either offered a fix for the problem(s) at no cost (for a vehicle that most people will have sold by the time the lawsuit reaches a resolution) or a coupon of some sort.

    Contrary to currently popular belief, a class action lawsuit is not usually the best way to settle consumer product complaints - at least not for the consumer. For the lawyers, yes. The consumer is generally better off working with the manufacturer (when possible) or getting their own legal counsel.

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  • Any luck with the GM district rep? Do they recognize what the problem is?
  • arkgreenarkgreen Posts: 7
    They told me since I had installed an aftermarket alarm, they weren't liable for my problem. I told them the alarm was installed when I bought the car and removed back in 2008 and if this had caused this issue, then it would have happened back then. It's really funny how all of these other people who are dealing with the same issues don't have an aftermarket alarm. I have contacted my lawyer and when he gets back from vacation, we're going to deal with it then. Kinda crappy of GM to do this.
  • cavogelcavogel Posts: 1
    My 2009 cobalt is having issues with the auxiliary adapters/cigarette lighters. They aren't receiving power, and I know it's not the chargers that I am using in them. They used to work fine. Checked the fuses, none are blown. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  • kjack906kjack906 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Cobalt and it won't shut off. Had to pop the clutch and then disconnect the battery, hoping it wouldn't be stolen. Happened to be out of town, so I couldn't lock it as I didn't have my second set of keys on me. Prior to this, the wipers stopped working in a rainstorm and couldn't see a thing. Almost took out a construction sign I couldn't see. After reading the posts here, this seems to be a problem for this car. I would think a recall should be coming. Wonder how many other people have had this problem?

    BTW, my daughter has a 2006 Cobalt and had the same problem...
  • mt230mt230 Posts: 2
    hey i have the same problem but mine will not start either its like the whole car shut down did your do the same thing
  • mt230mt230 Posts: 2
    hey i have the same problem but mine will not start either its like the whole car shut down did your do the same thing
  • e53turnere53turner Posts: 3
    Great car(not), had to replace the fuse box as it was having problems and the MIL would not shut off and the cooling fan couldn't decide whether or not it wanted to turn off. I just hope the steering recall work that the dealer did will ot cause any problems. :lemon:
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