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Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Problems



  • Hi. I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Out of know where the engine just stops and the car goes dead. It happens several times a day. I am scared to drive my car. I don't know what to do. When I bring it into the shop they can't find anything wrong. I am worried that one of these days the car is going to stop in an intersection or on the highway and something horrible will happen. It seems like there are so many of us with this problem. I just don't understand how the car hasn't been recalled. Has anyone found a way to fix it? Has anyone contacted Chevy?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Has your dealer spoke with Technical Assistance? If not, I would recommend asking them to. Have they tried installing a recorder in the vehicle? Maybe even having a technician drive it for a day and not just a test drive this way it is more likely to happen while they have it if it happens a couple times a day. I hope this helps. Please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Service
  • I am afraid to even take my car to the dealer to have to looked at because in all honesty, it is probably going to cost me more than it is worth [and more than what i still owe on the damn thing!]

    First off, every time I hit a damn pot hole, the damn thing shuts off on me and then I can't even steer myself off to the side of the road to re-start my car! [and who the hell's idea was it to make the power steering column all electrical anyways?! MORON!]

    Secondly, I am PRETTY sure my power steering is shot again. I was driving again the other other day and it randomly went out. So I had to use both arms to attempt to steer my car off the road to turn my car off and restart it.

    Also, when I am driving and I apply ANY pressure to my brakes; whether it is pumping them to just slow down a bit or coming to a complete stop.. my car makes a pretty intense violent rattling noise. Let me just tell you, it is pretty AWESOME to say the least. Sometimes, my steering wheel vibrates along with the rattling as well. ps - it is not my brakes or alignment, had that all checked. my mechanic has NO idea wtf it is!!

    Like I read previously, I am also having the issue where my high beams just come on whenever they damn well please, my driver side headlight also doubles as a fish bowl when it rains, my CD player likes to tell me there isn't a CD in my CD player.. so I have to stick another CD in there to retrieve the current CD that is in there (it also takes FOREVER to remember where it last left off playing the CD when I turn my car back on), and when I am driving my car informs me that my e-brake it on when in fact it ISN'T!

    I really wish somebody would just abolish these cars - they are a NIGHTMARE!! sigh.
  • My 05 shut off 3 times today going down the road. Managed to coax it in to a Chevy dealer. They said I needed a PCM to the tune of $400. Now after reading some of the posts I'm not sure that's going to fix a DANGEROUS problem. Will let you know.
  • harryr3,
    I’m sorry to hear about the concerns you’re experiencing with your Cobalt, but am looking forward to an update on how things went after your visit to the dealership. If we can be of any service to you (following up with the dealership, looking into warranty/recall information on your vehicle), please don’t hesitate to email us with your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your preferred dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • bought a new09 cobalt. tried to trade in 2011. told it had been wrecked and repainted. impossible it is new with 20,000 and full warranty remaining. Turns out it was wrecked and repainted at factory but district after sales mgr. in los angles, paul wasko, who falsely calaims it has not been repainted, said gm, by law, does not have to inform buyer BUT, "by law" dealers, if damaged on their lot, or transport carriers, if damaged during transportatin must do so. I appealed by fedex to CEO Aderson, Pres. Reuss, and VP of customer service Copses. They refuse to cooperate as well even admitting they know I am going online with the information. Customers have to sue so GM so that their insurance co. can pay claims and lawyers. Please pass on this info. NEVER BY GM. I was a customer for 45 yearrs and when need GM the customer service just stonewalls phone calls and fedexes. local dealer is your only hope. after that sue. just look online at lawsuits ag. GM, chev. etc.
  • Well, it's been a week now since my Power Control Module was replaced and the car hasn't shut off leaving me in a dangerous positio yet, so maybe the PCM was the problem.

    Here's hoping!
  • so, for the past week or so every time i hit a pot hole or a significant bump in the road my car completely shuts off. it's done it about 25 times in the past 10 days!! thankfully i have been able to "steer" myself to the side of the road (as well as i can muster, anyways) so i can restart my car and it restarts right back up without a problem.

    but today, i drove through an intersection and i hit a very small bump and my car shut off. this time i was on a street where there were cars parked back to back and i had nowhere to pull my car off to. THANK GOD there was only one car behind me at the time and he was not following too closely or going too fast, and i was able to quickly put my four-ways on to avoid any major problems.

    but this made me think.. if this happens when i hit a small insignificant bump when i am at a simple intersection, WHAT is going to happen if i am on a highway going 65-70mph and i hit a pot hole and there is a tractor trailer behind me and i have NOWHERE to pull my car off to when my car decides to shut off? yep... pretty much.
  • I have a 2005 with pretty much identical the car just am getting REALLY frustrated with these issues,they are ALL of a dangerous kind too really!!! The only problem above I dont have is the high beam coming on whenever.
  • i moved the battery wires a little bit and the errors dont seem to be occuring could it be that the battery wires were a little loose that wouldve caused the problems?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    > moved the battery wires a little bit

    Do you mean the ones at the terminal box under the hood? Or at the battery in the trunk?

    Cleaning and tightening all terminals on the positive lines would be a good step.
  • I've just gotten on this site looking for answers, and my goodness I've had a lot of the issues with my 2005 Cobalt, Key getting stuck in the ignition, not turning off, power steering, had to have my entire geer shift replaced just last August 14,00.00, lights turning on and off,car just stalling out when I hit a bump, but the question I'm asking today is has anyone had any issues with the cruise control just staring up? I did and my car just took off, after I tapped the brakes it stopped, that was scary!! but this past Sunday I was involved in a serious accident, I was pulling into my drive and my car engine revved up and took off, I ended up through a brick wall, thank goodness if not for the brick wall I would have went over a pretty steep imbankment, I'm really not sure what happened, it was so fast, I am just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with their Cobalt like this?
  • Has anyone experienced the engine reeving up and their Cobalt just taking off at a high rate of speed, I have a 2005 cobalt bought it new,it had 32 miles on it when I drove it out of the dealership, and I have had many of the same issues I'm reading about, from it just stalling, light go on and off, air conditioner leaking on the passenger side, soaking the floor, power steering, keys getting stuck in the ignision, not being able to turn my car off,
    I've had my cruze control seem to just turn on and my car take off, but the scariest was when it just seem to reev up and my gas went all the way to the floor I ended up in a serious crash, so just wondering has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • I've been reading everyones posts, and feel for you all. I've had the same problems with mine and just don't know what to do. I'm not sure where you guys are all from, I'm in British Columbia Canada.

    I bought my 2005 cobalt in 2006. It had 30,000km on it and was a previous rental car. I paid THROUGH the nose for it ($37K CAD) but that was my fault, high interest with new loans etc. Just really hurts with all the problems I've had with it - AND I'm not done paying for it yet!

    A few of the problems are:
    1/ stereo locking all the time and not allowing me to play music. After replacement of the stereo by the dealer under warranty it was ok for a bit. THEN it started again and eventually ate and CD and refuses to play any cd's at all. It doesn't recognize the CD that is in it (store bought cd i might add).
    2/ electrical problems: door locks continually locking and unlocking by themselves, bulbs needing replacement on a regular basis, weird knocking sound at the rear of the car (usually after I've stopped the vehicle), Power Steering Column replaced (chevy covered before the recall went out), Ignition Control Module replaced (and another part just as expensive but I forget what it was - and it wasn't what was wrong with it), New catalytic converter, my windows don't open, i have to repeatedly 'play' with a wire under the hood to get my keyless remote to work and let my windows open (aftermarket locks and power windows dammit!)
    3/ Check engine light has been stuck on since i had the ignition control module and new cat put in. I cannot get it to go off. I've seen mechanics and people with code resetters and it doesn't work. (No I refuse to go back to Chevy - they suck so much money out of you trying to diagnose and come up with NOTHING!).
    4/ Recently, the Check Charge Sys light came on the dash. Today is the day it is getting looked at (my first resource when something happens to my car are these kinds of forums, so we are checking out the main cause people have posted about), and before my boyfriend can look at it, I started my car to take the kids to school and all of a sudden the Check Charge Sys is flashing with another new light - Battery Saver On.

    I don't think that was everything -- there have been so many issues over the last 6 years!!!
    I'm really getting tired of this stuff. I'm so frustrated - and I still have a year to pay for this car :( I owe more still than what it's worth!!! Please everyone remember to research the car issues before you purchase -- AND NEVER BUY A FIRST YEAR MODEL! I sure learned my lesson. I don't think I would ever look at another chevrolet again :( which is sad because that is all I've ever owned!!!
  • wi2flwi2fl Posts: 1
    I had that problem just the other day with my '08 Chevy Cobalt. It would for no reason just make my car lung forward quickly without me even hitting the gas. Now that's what I call unsafe! Luckily, it stopped once I turned the car off and let it sit there for a little.
  • Have them check the fuse box under the hood, mine did the same thing and it was the fuse box, it had a bad gound connection, piece of crap!!
  • you do know all you have to do is put the car in neutral and start the car you dont have to stop, but, as for the car shutting off have you tried changing air filter and cleaning the mass airflow system as well as the throttle body. hat did the trick for my 06 cobalt lt.
  • i can maybe help with the key issue my cobalt does that on occasion because my shifter is cruddy i have to knock the shifter foward a little and the key will come out i think the car just doesnt register it is in park and if it doesnt it wont let you take the key out so give that a try next time it happens as for a permanent fix im guessing id have to replace the whole shifter system. as for the car revving on its own wow never had that happen before is your cruise control off? i would def. let a good mechanic take a look at it. ive only done one semester of school for gm lol im debating if i want to go back
  • my car is leaking on the passenger side as well i crawled under and it seems to be coming from above the scuff shield or whatever im worried i may have majorly bottomed out or someone i foolishly let take my car to baltimore (worst rds ever)did something cause that shield guard seems a little loose. does anyone know what may be the problem or if its the ac and its normal? its mid winter and i havent used the ac in a while thats why im worried i checked my fluids brakes are fine (i just changed my pads and shoes scared i mighta screwed with the brake line or something) . My coolant seems to be fine but the leak is slow and i just noticed it today so idk. its not thick enough to be oil i know theres more fluids like tranny but im sure thats pinkish reddish and this seems not to have color. i apologize in advance for my grammar i dont use it often
  • I bought this car used due to lack of funds for a Brand new car little did I know the headache it would cause me. First it was the locks that locked and unlocked by themselves, then it moved on to the locks not working at all. The radio just shuts off and gives me errors all the time. Its very picky about when it actually starts without having to try a million times. It revs itself up when its idling. And the icing on my cake is it just shuts off! Literally everytime I stop it just stops running. This is a huge issue! I am a single mom with 2 children I cant just drive a car that turns off several times and doesnt want to start again several times just on the way to school. The best part is every shop I have takin it to says they cant find anything wrong with it. I have never been more upset over a junk car in my life. Any suggestions on what to do with it?
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