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Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Problems



  • Oh i also forgot to tell you about the radio sound. How one or two of the speakers will go on and off at will. how the lights on the dash dim at will even at night. So you know there are electrical issues also
  • I have 2005 Chevy Cobalt, original owner that has had many problems with the electrical on this make and model. The comments from other owners are spot on, the analog gauges have on numerous occasions gone from min to max all on their own, the brake dashboard light and abs lights come on at off at the same time as the gauges needles going left and right. Now the radio won't turn off! Even with the key out of the ignition! In order to try to fix this I have been reading all of the complaints from similar owners and this is appalling to have GM not stand by the obviously recall-able electrical issues! For some reason I was able to turn the thing off after tapping/smacking close to the CD player. Now I am concerned that the next issue will be safety related. Anyone know what is causing these electrical glitches?
  • my 2007 back right backup/brake light comes on and goes off at will. also, there has been several mention the spearkers going on and off at will so does mine, but that is a 2007 cobalt
  • WEll I wrote this message the other day and posted it but apparantly it did not get to the queue. First, this car is a bust. How many recalls??? How many more are needed??
    The car has been hesitating for a few months when you pull up to a stop light it tries to die. I am not using some cheap gas I run Shell. WEll, I did some research on this site and have come up with the new Cobalt problemn:Throttle body/sensor. Sure enough on the way home the other night the engine light came on. Error reading Throttle body. ugh. First recall, took my car to Chevy dealer told them my gas mileage had dropped significantly. they told me that there was nothing they could find I took it in 3 times before the recall came out and then that same dealer told me that my car was the worst fuel leak they had seen. Hmmm it was a wonder I had not caught fire. Well then there was the problem of the heater going out, blinkers not working I was told it was the steering colomun. Thank God the recall came out on that, at first they told me it did not pertain to my car. Well when they fixed that my heater started working??? the blinkers started working but now they won't turn off. just a minor irritaion on that. Then the a/c line broke and I had to pay $450 to have that fixed. NOw the throttle body error. Too much Chevy give us a new Ford car!
  • i have had many of the same problems i have read about on here. mine is a 2008. my power steering has been out for a while. i did file a complaint and tried to research more information. my car was not covered under the recall for power steering problems. the only recall i have received is for the ignition locking up, which is about the only thing i havent had a problem with so far. i read a post someone had made on a site about being able to clean some of the parts in the steering column and that it helped. i havent been able to find that post again though. it burns me up that we pay notes on a vehicle that has the potential to get us killed. i cant afford to have the stupid thing fixed. with the wide range of year models having so many similar problems, there should have been recalls on the car itself, give us what we have paid for it and let us move on instead of pouring good money into these horrible deathtraps.
  • well now my key has started sticking the throttle body light has come on twice since the first time. UGH Wonder why Chevy doesn't reply to mine. Cause I have had so mnay problemms with the dang car.
  • Thank God I am ok, But I don't have to worry about this piece of crap any longer. Someone hit me last Monday night and it is TOTALLED! I am going back to FORD! I did not have any problems with the 9 new vehicles out of 12 that I had with them. Yipeee no more CHEVY!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    So the Chevy protected you well enough that you didn't get hurt in any way yet the car was totaled. Sounds like it did a good job in the accident.

    Good luck with your Fords.
  • writerwriter Posts: 119

    Ignition Switch Parts

    I am driving a 2010 Cobalt XFE (a cheap model with manual transmission designed for high mileage).

    Early in March, 2014 I my ignition switch broke. The car was running and I could not turn the key far enough to shut it off. Eventually, by carefully moving the key around (avoiding strain that might bend or break the key), I found that I could at least get the key out. But there was no way to shut off the electrical system.

    I eventually found that if I let the car run down to its slowest idle, I could put it in 1st gear and carefully let out the clutch to stall the motor. The electrical system was still active, but at least fuel was not being wasted.

    Luckily, I was at home in the underground parking (another reason to stop the engine from running unnecessarily), so I called the dealership and arranged to bring it in for repair, and then prepared the car by unloading as much of my property as possible.

    Putting the key back into the ignition switch and re-starting the car were not problems. I drove the car to the dealership in the early afternoon and explained the problem. We expected that it would be done early next day, and it was.

    It was billed as a warranty repair with $100 Cdn deductible.

    Warning signs: I can remember at least once that I had difficulty shutting off the ignition in the car. I had decided to look into it, but I eventually forgot about it. That had happened probably around a year earlier. It might have happened a second time, but I am not sure about that. I would call that, at most "infrequent".

    The invoice lists the work as follows:

    Complaint: "Check and report on unable to turn off ignition - GMPP T/P $100.00 deductible - $114.95 Diagnosis plus tax if not GMPP."

    Cause: "(2F) Jammed Ign Cylinder...Tumbler bar fell apart... and key badly worn 5430040"

    Correction: "Replace ignition lock cylinder and recode to key code. Also cut new key. Free-up and remove jammed cylinder...unable to rotate cylinder...Auth by GMPP"

    Parts: "1 x 20869121 Cylinder 111K2 $117.26 1 x 15824471 Key KeyS2C $24.28"

    My final billed cost was the agreed $100 Cdn + taxes covering the deductible.

    I can see this is clearly related to the ignition problems other people are having. Ironically, I have always kept the ignition key I use on a separate key tag because I live in a Condo and need to have the car key separate from the key to open the garage door (which is locked at night). So even without knowing about that advice I had complied with the recommendation.

    I have no particular complaint about the handling of the situation overall. I do have one question. Does anyone know about the replacement part? If it is no better than the one that I had before, does that mean that I can expect problems, say in another four years?

  • brian1993brian1993 Posts: 1

    My car has had this problem since 40k miles. It now has over 70k miles. Ill be driving down the interstate and the power steering will go out. This isnt safe, but when I called GM they said "tough luck". Report your problem to NHTSA at 18883273246 if they receive enough complaints GM will be forced to issue a recall.

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