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Toyota Camry TSBs and Trouble Codes



  • swong6swong6 Posts: 9
    Hi Everyone-

    I got hold of the new Toyota TSB for the 3rd to 4th gear "flare" however it's only a partial. Can someone who has full privileges to the Tundra web site d/l the newest TSB #TC002-07 with the May 17th 2007 date and email it to me or post it on this site? See below for the partial as taken from the club Lexus Forum:

  • notmybmwnotmybmw Posts: 101
    I go the creepy feeling when my dealer phoned today to book my ECM reflash/update/TSB/fix-the-[non-permissible content removed] WHATEVER, that when he asked me to describe the "exact" problems I was experiencing.......he wanted to cover HIS [non-permissible content removed] and possibly exclude me from eventual warranty coverage, by virtue of being able to say, "Well, he didn't complain about that problem when we fixed all the THAT one's not covered under warranty."
    Anyone else had this kind of "questioning"? (or at least the same level of paranoia?.....or is it just Performance Toyota of St. Catharines Ontario that has me spooked?)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Yes, but not only that, if you're not careful, and sometimes even if you are, your complaint will be entered only as a simple and "polite" request.

    Be careful out there, be VERY careful...!!
  • 2003 toyota camry OBD fault code P0420. Old Haines manual states upstream cat effeciency threshold. Does this mean cat bad or possibly pre-cat O2 sensor??
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