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Toyota Avalon Engine Questions



  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Thank you to all forum member for contributing all your valuable inputs.
    I have 1995 avalon xl (155k miles), recently I took it for oil change at Firestone. After Oil change, i put approximately 250 miles(daily commute 50miles) after that Check engine light is on. I checked fuel cap and it is fine. I took off connection from battery and reconnected so that Check engine light would go off. But it did not happen, after that i drove for 25 miles and parked car at work place in the morning and returned to car in the evening to drive back to home. Engine did not start, i tried with jump started but no use. I request forum people to contribute any help that can help me out get starting my car or to take necessary actions to get it done fixed.
    Thank you very much for reading this.
  • ogunbaogunba Posts: 1
    Hello. I recently observed a vibrating noise in the engine of my 2000 avalon. The noise cannot be heard from inside the passenger compartment but only when in front of the hood and when the engine is revved between 1500 and 3000 rpm. Is this serious or what? i have not had any major issue with the car in the last 30000 miles. Pls HEPL!!!
  • t_ruckyt_rucky Posts: 35
    There was a lot of hype and considerable misrepresentation about the so called "sludge" issue. My experience with a 2000 Avalon XLS(currently 168,000 miles, and purchased new) is very likely a much more typical experience.
    An article in another popular site best describes the issue IMO. Hope it helps put your mind at ease:

    "Toyota Engines - The Sludge Problem

    Both four-cylinder and six-cylinder Toyota engines have experienced oil gelling or "sludging." This has even been reported to affect cars that are only a couple of years old. Before buying a used Toyota, it may pay to look under the valve covers for "sludged" oil. Blue smoke may be one symptom. We recommend use of synthetic oil.

    What causes the problem?
    In some situations, oil additives are burned off or otherwise made useless; then oxidation occurs and various pollutants congregate in the oil, producing sludge and varnish. Originally, it was thought that the oil was being "burned" by excessive heat, but the problem appears to be caused by problems with crankcase ventilation, at least in some cases. The problem is not particular to Toyota and Lexus - Mercedes,Saab, BMW, Volkswagen, and Chrysler have all had problems (Chrysler's with the 2.7 V6, and cured soon after it surfaced) - but Toyota appears to have been afflicted more than any other automaker, and it affected both V6 and four cylinder engines (built from 1996 to 2001), but still, only about 1% of cars made appear to have had problems (keeping in mind that reported cases are probably fewer than total cases). However, any engine by any manufacturer can be damaged by the problem if reasonable care is not taken.

    Making it worse, the volume of rubbish in the engine (including oil that's become heavy and burned, or sludged) can plug filters, the oil pickup screen, and oil passages, causing precisely machined parts to fail. Toyota's solution has been to extend warranties on the engines of these cars to eight years and unlimited miles, but originally blamed the owners for extending time between oil changes, and for a time refused to pay at all for engine damage. Mercedes raised their warranty to 150,000 miles after a lawsuit.
    The moral: keep your oil change receipts (or have oil changes done by a dealer) and use synthetic oil."
  • wig1wig1 Posts: 3

    I have a 2000 Avalon XLS and the engine "Check" light came on. How did you find out the code number Po446?

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    To wig1:

    Code Make Description
    P0446 Generic Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit

    Exactly what this means, somebody else will need to tell you. Hope it isn't serious. :)
  • paxlynnpaxlynn Posts: 1
    More then a year later!
    We have a 2006 Avalon Touring and after a few months of ownership had to replace the fuel tank as a result of contanimated gas.Long story shorter, we got premium gas at the regular station and despite fuel tests and so on.... we had to replace the fuel tank and incur the rental cost for three weeks. All in all a total of approx. $4000.00 after paying aprox. $41,000.00 for the vehicle.
    If you were lucky enough to come to any solutions, I would appreciate you sharing your wisdom.
    P.S...This is our 4th Toyota, so I had faith.
    Thank you in advance for your input.
  • huy67_cahuy67_ca Posts: 1
    Can some one tell me how to fix this or turn it off the "check Engine Light" . It failed the SMog check for the light is on, otherwise everything else pass... Thank you in advance
  • bws950bws950 Posts: 1
    My wife and I recently bought a 2001 Avalon with 100k on it, and then drove it about 1800 miles on our honeymoon. Halfway through the trip, the check engine light came on, along with the VSC and VSC Off lights. We drove the rest of the way home without incident (though the brakes feel a little jittery occasionally, but that may just be normal). We bought the car from my inlaws and it hasn't had this problem before. I took it to an independent mechanic, and it failed the emissions test. He told me there was a problem with the Vacuum Switching Valve (about $200 to replace - maybe he was just replacing the cap?) and that fixing this could solve both the check engine light and the VSC issues. I know nothing about cars, but that seems a bit strange to me. Are the two related? What should I do?
  • During 2005 I had engine lights on due to oxygen sensors bank 1 and bank 2. I replaced both and after awhile lights went off. Now, after two years, same problem, same codes P1135 and P1155............ is that a normal situation or something else is going up with the car? I have 118,000 miles an trying to keep the car in optimal conditions. Any suggestions? Fixing the car at the dealer cost > $600.00......please let me know.
  • You may have already found the answer??? However, we too have a 2001 XLS with 86k and exactly the same thing happened.
    Car continues to work normally and if you disconnect the battery cable for a few moments and reconnect, the lights will go away for a few days.
    Anyway, took the car to Toyota dealership. Diagnosis: For engine light and VSC light on--
    Codes: P0440, P0441, P0446
    EVAP codes, needs V S V. Replaced rear VSV
    part no 90910-12264 Valve, switching $73.70 cdn.
    Metric 6-bolt 6mm 0.76cents
    Metric 6-nut 0.44cents
    Hose clamp HS32 0.99cents
    LABOUR $43.77
    Total cost: $119.66

    Trust this helps. Pretty sure it would probably cost $50 D.I Y.
  • My 1998 Toyoto Avalon XLS with 91,000 miles recently started stuttering when I accelerate suddenly or accelerate when going uphill. Today I noticed it began to lose power when I was going up a hill then the check engine light came on. I parked the car and let the engine cool down for about 90 minutes. When I restarted the check engine light came back on and the loss of power was very noticeable.

    Any ideas what this may be? (The problem seemed to start just after my 90,000 mile service a few weeks ago).
  • My '98 Avalon has been having ignition problems lately. Every time I start the car the engine check, oil check, and battery check lights come on. However, I just replaced the oil (100 miles ago) and added new water. Plus, the car will make no sound as if it were about to start, only the three lights will appear, nothing else. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Thanks.
  • I own a 1998 Toyota Avalon XLS and my check engine light recently went on. When accelerating, the car studders and shakes and takes a very long time to get up to the desired speed. A few times, the speed actually started to go down when I accelerated. It does run fine once it is up to higher speeds but the problem continues to occur in first and second gear mostly. If anyone has had similar problems with their toyota avalon or knows what to do to fix it, please let me know immediately.
  • Hi,

    I recently purchased a 2005 Ltd. and I performed the test as you described. It appears you are exactly right and the the steering locked with the noise even after waiting as much as a minute or two before opening the door. Now that I'm convinced, where do I go from here to have it corrected and did you have your's repaired?
  • Regarding the rattles you have noticed...check to see if the passenger seatbelt is twisted. Another person identified that as a source of rattles and I found it to be the case with my '05 Avalon. Just untwist and it quiets right down.
  • melottmelott Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Avalon. The maintainence charts say nothing about belt replacement.
    Are there recommended time intervals for belt replacement (assuming it has a belt)?
    Mine is low mileage.
  • brumorbrumor Posts: 1
    I started having similar problems with shuddering at low speed along with "Check Engine" and "Trac Off" lights in my 98 Avalon last summer, but after the car warmed up it would go away. Initially my garage thought it was a clogged fuel injector and recommended using a can of Seafoam with every tank of gas for a couple months. This did seem to help, but after the weather got colder, the shuddering got worse. By February, something had to be done as it continued to shudder even after warming up. Fortunately, it wasn't an injector, it turned out to be one of the three "pencil coils" that are mounted on top of the engine. These days, rather than have one central coil feeding all the plugs through a distributor, they put the coils right on top of the spark plugs and use a computer to send low voltage pulses to fire them. This minimizes the number of places where high voltage wire can break down. On the Avalon, each coil is shared by two spark plugs. I think the fuel injectors get fed from the coils too although this may just be low voltage wiring that passes through the coils. My middle coil was bad and that's why I was getting misfire error codes on cylinders 2 and 4. Replaced the coil and all is well. My garage charged $117 for the coil and $89 for labor which was mostly for the time spent diagnosing the problem. A Toyota dealer probably would have charged at least twice that. I have seen new coils for the 98 Avalon on the web for as cheap as $28, but you will probably have to have someone with sophisticated ignition diagnostic equipment to tell you if that is the problem and which coil it might be.
  • bpearybpeary Posts: 1
    Anyone know what these are? Follow links to pics.

    1. Black braided tube rising at rear of engine, with white plastic cap bearing letter A.

    2. Large white plastic reservoir under battery (not coolant, wiper fluid, etc).
  • ati13ati13 Posts: 1
    The only engine flush in a everyday car is the oil, transmission, radiator, power steering, and maybe a brake flush. but most of those have nothing to do with the engine it self. and yes once the oil sludges its very hard to fix externally. they do make some stuff to put in your oil. I dont know what it is called but it worked for me. My instructor at school said it not bad to add some every oil change and change the pcv valve everytime too.
  • binderzoobinderzoo Posts: 5
    I also have a 06 Toyota Avalon Ltd with a noisey engine when cold that sounds like a diesel until it is warmed up. Especially when accelerating. Did you ever find out the problem? I have been warming up the car for 10 minutes in summer and 15 in winter and I have been able to live with it. With the current cost of gas that's becomming expensive. I've taken it to the dealer but I doubt if they will admit anything is wrong. I use mid-grade Chevron gas.
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