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Toyota Avalon Audio Questions



  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    You didn't mention what year Avalon you have, however, when I had my 06 the CD player did something similar. With the car OFF I pulled both fuses that pertained to the radio (see owner's manual) waited a few few minutes, put them back in and then started the car. All was fine after that.

    Can also try holding down the eject button for a few seconds to see if that forces an eject.

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  • deany1deany1 Posts: 1
    Like everyone has discovered, the JBL woofer is far from a quality product.
    I sent mine to Simply Speakers in Florida. After installing my refreshed speaker.
    I discovered sometime between I removed speaker and re-installed someone has relieved me from my wiring harness to the Woofer. Plug was definitely there when I removed speaker as it was functioning just the "rattle that everyone experiences. My question does this harness run straight to the amp under the seat or does it have a break at some point prior to amp?
    Any ideas as to where I might purchase said part? And finally what type of connectors are used on each end? Any help is very much appreciated.
  • There is a sorta hidden fuse in under the hood in the RELAY box, it should be a 20A fuse labeled "RAD". It has blown on me before during installation of a new head unit. Its a good idea to remove the negative battery terminal during installation of any electrical equipment in the vehicle to prevent matters as such to happen at all.
  • I see this post is old but I found that I was able to reset my 2000 Avalon CD player buy disconnecting the battery for about an hour to let the capacitor discharge. After re connecting the battery my CD player was usable again. I had checked with a few Toyota dealerships here in sunny San Diego and none of them were willing to tell me about this simple fix. They all wanted to take my money for a new or used CD player. Car dealers have earned their bad reputation and should not be trusted.
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