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Toyota Avalon Radiator/Cooling System Questions



  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    There is another antifreeze, propylene glycol, that is not as dangerous to people and pets. It works to 50 below also if mixed properly. No ideas on whether it is used in all cars, or Avalons, or if it smells better or not at all.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..windshield would be full of condensation.."

    That only requires past use, yesterday, of the A/C for dehumidifcation, no heater leak necessary.
  • I had a Toyota Avalon 97 XLS. It overheated at 205
    K miles. The radiator cracked. I had it replaced at a local mechanic shop. It was 100+ miles away from home. After the new radiator and coolant it still over heated in about 8 highway miles. He told me it might be a headgasket. I thought possible but wasn't sure. It needed a new Timing belt on my PM schedule so I drove it to our cabin (20 miles and 3 stops to cool)and changed the timing belt. I found the water pump was broken. The shaft let the timing belt turn but not the impeller. I changed the waterpump (I had it apart for the timing belt at this point.) The pump was $50. When I put it back together it worked great. My son drove it to 275K with no other trouble. It got totalled in a rear end accident but it was still running good and giving 25mpg and no oil added between changes. It was a great car.
  • My son's 98 XLS with 145,000+ miles has a new home---Portland, Oregon--quite a change from Phoenix, Arizona. AC works great! Heater does not appear to work at all.

    Turning the heat/temperature dial from low to high and back causes the fan and control panel lights to change and there's the sound of a door flap opening and closing BUT the car and air coming in to it does not warm up.

    It was serviced and checked out before he left but no one thought to check out the heater---it was 104 or so when he left. During the 1,500+ mile trip, the temperature gauge was right in the middle and no coolant was added. We have generally followed the recommended maintenance schedule since purchasing the car used with about 28,000 miles on it several years ago.

    Any thoughts, ideas, experiences, suggestions, remedies or fixes anyone can suggest from personal experience--even what NOT to do--will be appreciated.

    Limited income, new job, start up housing expenses are all in his immediate future so knowing what he can do to get this fixed and not get too badly screwed in the process is important. A new (or newer) car right now is not an option but spending the coming winter freezing in his car because the fix is too expensive does open the door to the need to consider options.

    Thanks to all who can provide information!

  • I would bet that the valve that shifts hot engine water to the heater core is simply cruded up and stuck in the off position. I haven't had enough experience with Toyotas to know exactly where this valve is in the "water in" heater hose, but a check of web sites about "flushing the heater core on an Avalon" might reveal the location. The recommendation for most cars a few years ago was to move all controls to heat a couple of times during the summer (all the time in Arizona?) to keep the valve and heater core flushed out.

    Any competent radiator shop that can perform flushing of heater cores should be able to fix the problem. I would not let a Toyota service dept. do this because of what they would charge!
  • Pops--thanks for the input. I'll have him do that in the next couple of days. And yes, we do stay away from Toyota service since I checked my lottery tickets this morning and...
  • I know a lot of mechanics who work at a dealer (not Toyo), and they all say some evaporation is normal. The water gets hot and it's going to evaporate some over time ... usually quicker than a year. It's not totally sealed, only when hot. It should be checked monthly, along with all fluids ... engine oil, trannie, brake fluid, PS fluid.
    Whatever you do, if you add fluid, use only what it's filled with, and it should only be filled with Toyo antifreeze. That way you won't be paying for new coolant system parts. Don't believe the lie that they are all compatable. The chemistry of a cooling system is very complicated and Toyo has spend millions to minimize corrosion.
  • you are absolutly right,it did happen to my wife car.chevy cavelier,we just flushed the radiator at Jefiy lube in Palmdale ca ,after that,the water pump start leaking,whats the secret here,to replace this water pump will cost about $ 600. yes,need t romove half of the engine and replace also timing belt and others,we gave up on it,it must be a chemical in the liquid they use ,i was told there was no chemical in the liquid. and i will never go back to Jefiy any more
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