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Toyota Avalon Interior



  • Someone told me I should check with the dealer before having my car waxed...never heard of such a thing. Anyone know if there is a problem having Avalon with "blizzard pearl" color hand waxed?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    My experience with three different Avalons, one of each prior generation (none Pearl color) was that the Toyoguard wax that comes with the car or from the parts dept worked best on each one. Many wax products are available and opinions vary widely on which common wax is best and what is the best way to apply it. But Toyoguard is easyon/easyoff and kept all of them like new if applied every few months. An occasional paint cleaner before waxing was helpful after about two years, not every waxing but maybe once a year.

    The thing you do not want to do is buff hard on the clear coat and wear it down or put deep scratches in it with a buffer. Toyota paint is very hard but somewhat thin compared to say, Honda. The quality is there, thin or thick, do not worry. And never use spare Toyoguard wax on other cars as it does not work well, my experience. Hope all this helps......
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