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Toyota Avalon Exterior Questions



  • Disconnect hose where it attaches to the nozzle; activate washer and see if fluid squirts out of hose. If it does, get a straight pin and ream out the nozzle; it should work. If nothing squirts out of the hose; trace it back to the washer pump to make sure that it is connected there. Good luck.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 335
    I washed my 5 week old baby a couple days ago and noticed 3 small paint chips. Errrrr...

    Has any1 here used the 3M Scotchguard film that they sell for paint protection?


  • Paint protection film: Works well and it isn't noticed unless you are close. I've seen it used on headlights too.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I had this on my Lexus and it seemed to work well. The seems were noticeable, especially after waxing. I'm not quite sure yet about getting it on my Limited.

    Expect to pay about $600 for protection of bumper, edge of the hood and fenders and also the back of mirrors. If you get it done, make certain that you have it installed by an experienced installer.
  • how do i get it closed? theres no fuse labeled sunroof so i dunno if its the fuse or if someone stickin their head out hit it and it got stuck. would anyone know ANY tricks to closing it? thnx


    ps- supposed to rain rest of the week too :P
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    When my '95 Avalon was just a year or three old...(don't remember just when, ) I had a problem with the sunroof opening all by itself, being closed by me, then opening by itself, over and over again. I found out that Toyota was aware of the problem, but since it wasn't safety-related, only fixed them if owners brought in the car with the complaint of self-opening. The long and short of it was, there WAS a technical service bulletin or a similar directive about the problem,. so I'd check with a dealer and ask about it. They should fix it for free, even after all this time, if it's the same equipment causing the problem. They have, in my opinion, a moral obligation to do the right thing, as they did on my insistance about the wind noise on my '95. Same story---there was a factory-authorized fix, but nobody was notified, 'cause not safety-related. They fixed mine with a whole extensive kit even though I then had over 100,000 miles on it, because I screamed bloody murder about it. Phil
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    typically Sunroofs have a screw/nut that you can rotate to close the thing. If you open/remove the plastic where the controls are housed (tilt/slide/lights) there might be a nut that you can use a spanner to close off. I am purely guessing at this time.

    i have a similar issue with my drivers side wndow. It will mysteriously stop working and after a few blows to the door it will work again. I will remoev it one of these days to take a lcoser look. luckily all 3 times they were stuck in the closed position. Its a 96 xls
  • yeah well theres no screw or seperate fuse for the sunroof. but yeah when i got my car the sunroof ALWAYS opened/closed by itself, like when u turn off the ignition, itll close, then open, then close halfway. i thought it was a security feature, but bnow that u mention ur dealio, ill take it in (after i go to this sunroof place) and request/force them to fix it for cheap/free
  • You wrote:
    i have a similar issue with my drivers side wndow. It will mysteriously stop working and after a few blows to the door it will work again. I will remoev it one of these days to take a lcoser look. luckily all 3 times they were stuck in the closed position. Its a 96 xls

    I have had both rear and the passenger front window do the same thing on my 96 XLS, though the driver's window continues to function properly. The rear windows only did it once each, but the passenger front window 'sticks' shut from time to time. At first a few 'blows to the door' would do the trick, but eventually that wouldn't work.

    I can hear the motor 'click' when the window button is pressed. When I take the door panel off and tap on the window motor or drive guide the window will usually unstick. Sometimes I have to remove the drive guide from the door mount holes. Once the window is free it will work perfectly for some time before sticking shut again. Maybe sticking is the wrong word because the guides and tracks are clean. A better description is the motor has jammed the window full up. It is as if the 'up stop' for the motor has failed and the window is pressed against the top of the track too tightly.

    A few months ago, after freeing the window again, I added additional weather strip material at the top of the door to keep the window from going up as far. The window still closes enough that there are no air or water leaks and so far the window continues to respond to the window switch.

    Please post your fix for this problem.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    "A better description is the motor has jammed the window full up."

    maybe this is the reason. So it has never failed in the open position. I was going to chk the wiring from the motor and maybe swap the motor with the one in the rear. now that the weather is warm i need to open/close the window without any worries.
  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    I found some great allweather mats at Sam's Club. 19.00 for front and rear. The xm antenna is on the side of the trunk on my 05 Avalon and it is black. I think Toyota could have found a better place to put it.
  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    any idea's on where I can get a sunroof windvisor for my 05 Avalon? Thanks
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    do you know exactly what was done to fix it. any trim or track that was changed. i'd rather not go on a fishing expedition to fix this. maybe some lubricant on the tracks.
  • tajahtajah Posts: 10
    Where are you located. My dealer in MS can get them. You should be able to order them from your dealer as well or from here & have it shipped.

    I am considering one for my 05 Avalon as well. I haven't decided I actually need it. I've been riding with the sunroof open all week & there's just not much wind inside the car & the air noise is minimal as well.

    What significant benefit will they have?

  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    I'm in Georgia My TL had one and I loved it was thinking about getting it for my Avalon.
  • figaromdfigaromd Posts: 18
    in my 1998 Avalon. Has this ever happened to you people?? I can't believe it. The auto glass guy wants $75 to re-glue it. I tried Super Glue but didn't work. Can anyone help??

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    Believe It Or Not:
    My '03 XL went over a bump...and the rear view mirror fell off. The bracket broke and, of course, it is all made as one piece. Try $180. DIY. This is the mirror with the compass and the auto-dimming feature. The mounting plate stayed on the windshield, the problem was the bracket. And this is a little different from your situation. But someone here knows how to fix your problem. These things happen.
  • bigsambigsam Posts: 4
    Auto supply stores sell a special glue for this purpose, just ask for rear view mirror glue (no joke), comes in a little tube. Follow directions (make sure both parts are CLEAN) and you should have no trouble. The glue is only a couple bucks.
  • eelpeelp Posts: 6
    I must replace my windshield on my 2003 XLS. As you know the car have rain sensing wipers. I can see that the sensor, it is glued to the windshield on the inside. My question is... is this a special windshield, or will any Avalon windshield do. While most shops says any will do. I got one shop saying I need a rain sensing windshield. Thanks for your time :confuse:
  • felix7felix7 Posts: 1
    i have a late 90's avalon, 97 i think. anyway the inside of the headlight covers are very dirty and so the headlights do not shine very bright on the road. i was wondering if anyone knows how or if the covers can be removed to be cleaned. any input would be well appreciated.
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