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Toyota Avalon Exterior Questions



  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    Any Toyota dealer should be able to get the moldings in your body color and install them for $200. or less. Check the color match before installation. Your paint color may be slightly different from when new so make sure the color match is satisfactory. I have had them on my '07 Limited since new... Enjoy your Avalon...
  • I am considering putting a SS billet grill on my 2008 Avalon. For you mechanics out there, would appreciate knowing how difficult or easy it is to remove the front grill (upper chrome piece and lower plastic piece). Is any cutting or removal of major components involved or is it basically a unscrew/unbolt and replace procedure. Thanks for the help.
  • Need to find Side View Mirror (passenger side) for 2003 Toyota Avalon XLS
    Does an anyone know where to get it without costing me an Arm & Leg? Or a part # for it?
    Dealer wants like $360 just for the part!

  • Do you really need the complete mirror, or just the glass? My driver's side mirror (glass) was replaced for $92, including labor. Like you I was first quoted the cost of a complete mirror assembly.
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