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Toyota Avalon Tires and Wheels



  • Can any one suggest tires for an Avalon 2000, tire size P205/65R15 92H. Currently have tiger paw//uniroyal tires. Looking for long tread life, ride quiet and comfort. all season. 32 the proper tire pressure?

    Thank you
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    My experience is strictly Michelin MXV's. They work well for me on an '03 XL, give all that I want in a tire. Not cheap. Some who post here have good luck with Bridgestone, maybe some other names will appear also. My driving is all southern, mostly rural and interstate with no snow. H or V rated is fine, but the V is not necessary, H rated should last longer. Set at 32 or 33, a slight difference. Take your pick. 34 psi makes for a harder ride, not recommended. Mine are nitrogen filled. Hope this helps......
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    I replaced the horrible Continentals that came as OEM's on my 2002 Avalon with Bridgestone Turanza LS-H. The LS-H is an incredibly good tire. It is VERY quiet and smooth and handles well. I had the inflation at around 31psi for best comfort. I was so impressed with them, I put Turanza LS-T's on my wife's Sienna and they are excellent too.
    I have Bridgestone Turanza LS-V on my new 2005 Avalon but disappointingly the LS-V is NOT as good a tire as the LS-H. It is quiet but harder riding and has been difficult to balance. The LS-H is much softer riding and less expensive. You don't need the V-rated tire on your Avalon. Don't get any other Bridgestone other than the Turanza LS series if you are looking for a smooth and quiet ride. The new Turanza EL400 is a very noisy tire, even though Bridgestone promotes it otherwise, and so are other Bridgestone models. Read the reviews on - - - - m=065HR5TLS&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes&place=4
    Bridgestone offer a 30 day ride guarantee. I am confident you won't be disappointed. Tip: Bridgestone corporate stores sometimes have a "hidden" offer - 4 tires for the price of 3, but you have to know about it and ask for it. I'm not sure which regions are still running the promotion but it is worth a try...
    Alternatively the new Goodyear Assurance Comfortred has good reviews by Camry owners for being quiet and smooth, but I have not had first hand experience.
    A final note on Michelins: They are engineered to be light and conserve energy. Most vehicles will use less gas running the MXV4 Energy series, but they are expensive and tend to be noisy - depending on model. The newest MXV4 model is the MXV4 S8 which is standard on some of the new Avalon grades.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    I can make some recommendations, but these are not the gospel. Others may give a different and important real world assessment. I have 4 sets of 4 rims for my Avalon 02. Long story. Consumer Reports last year had an excellent article comparing tires on the same cars, both a Honda and BMW. They further broke it down in two catergories, and then a decision matrix spaning dry traction, wet traction, cornering, dry braking, wet braking, noise and snow traction I believe.

    Let me preface the rest, by telling you that we are in Northern NY state and run winter tires, so snow traction is not important in an AS tire. I do remember there were three outstanding tires, but I picked the Falken Ziex ZE512(??). Not sure of the number now. There also was a Bridgestone Turanza LH, and I believe a Michelin. Better get the article though, cause my memory is getting bad. All were good and come in OUR size. The Falken were much more inexpensive, and run quite sporty in handling although they have a distinctive whine secondary to the tread design I believe. The wet weather traction is particularly a standout. The car never hydroplanes at even high speeds. They are made in Japan.

    I do believe the 16" wheels are 32PSI while the 15" wheels are 31PSI per the Toyota manual.

  • I have about 6000 miles on Goodyear Assurance Comfortred tires on my Saab 9-3, and am extremely pleased with their performance, especially the quieter ride -- the 9-3 is not a well-insulated car, and road noise was bad on the original tires. I have also had quite favorable experience in a bad Northern Kentucky winter. Now we are in Chicago I have outfitted our Avalon, like Abfisch, with proper winter tires (my choice was Bridgestone Blizzaks), but I have chosen to leave my Saab shod with the Comfortred tires, a compliment to their solid all-season performance. I can only assume that the Avalon would do well on Comfortred.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Couldn't agree more. Winter driving requires winter tires on all wheels. Bought steel, not alloy, when originally purchased the Avalon and mounted 4 winter tires on them. AS tires would not do up here nor where you are but might in more moderate states with little snow.

    I am not a fan of Goodyear or Michelin, as I find comparable tires much less experience or the aforementioned overpriced. However, that being said, they sound like a good tire, especially for those who like it whisper quiet.

    How much were they and what size?? That would be welcome info for all of us.

  • .........and Tire Rack's own user surveys substantiate the Consumers Reports opinions, putting the TripleTred slightly ahead of the Comfortred in most categories, except noise and comfort - the two main characteristics I was looking for.

    I forgot to mention another unique (?) feature of both these tires. They come with a permanent gloss on the sidewall, so they always look clean and relatively attractive (are tires supposed to be attractive?). I'm always favorably impressed when I compare their appearance with most other tires.

    Abfisch, you may have already told us, but what is your "summer" tire?
  • Has anyone run the Yokohama 205/60/16. I have been getting conflicting reports on various brands and am wondering what owners have to say about what they are riding on. It's time to put some new rubber on the road and I'd like a quiet ride that makes the car perform as it should. Thanks for your help.
  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    My Michelins MXV4 on my 2000 Avalon XLS lasted 41,000 miles without any problems. So when the front end started shimmying, I decided to replace them with Yokohama tires from NTB.
    The new tires started shimmying immediately. After 4 rotations and rebalancing of the tires, and after talking with NTB management, the problems still exists.
    The manager of the store where I bought the tires said that the problem is inherent in the Avalon. He says the Michelin tires were excellent at masking the problem. He says nothing is wrong with my new tires, which he said were perfectly balanced. It sounds like a bunch of crap to me. I am asking if any Avalon owners have had similar experiences Could there be a problem with the suspension, like struts, sway bars, etc ?? I am at a loss and would appreciate a suggestion. Thanks.

  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    There is no inherent shimmy problem with the Avalon. Are you sure the shimmy is from the front wheels? Is it a shimmy (slower side to side movement in the steering) or a higher frequency vibration?
    If the shimmy existed on the Michelin MXV4's and is still there with the new Yokohamas then the tires are not the problem. Are the tire pressures at Toyota factory spec? (31-32psi). Too high or too low pressure can cause a vibration. Were the lug nuts tightened to factory spec torque of 76 ft lbs? If they were overtightened they can cause a wheel vibration, and eventually warp your brake rotors.
    Did you have your rims checked out to make sure they are running true? Try replacing the front right wheel with the spare wheel. Road test. If the shimmy is still there, replace original front right wheel and switch the spare to the front left. Road test. If the shimmy has gone, then it was the wheel you just took off. You could have your wheels balanced using a Hunter GSP 9700 Roadforce which will check your wheels too, but it doesn't sound like wheel balance is the issue.
    Otherwise time to visit your unfriendly Toyota dealer to check out the suspension for wear or damage.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    WIFE'S 2000 AVALON has had a slight low frequency shimmy in the front since we bought it. We have been through the ringer just like you with the tires, balancing, front rotors etc. It is most noticeable at speeds below 35mph and especially on turns. I finally had a friend take the car into the shop in which he works and do a "road force balance" it helped dramatically, but didn't stop it.
  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I am printing your reply so I can follow up on it. The "shimmy" is a high frequence sidweway motion when I go above 65 mph and will last past 75 mph, then eases up somewhat after that.
    I appreciate your insight and will let you know when something comes up.

  • npriestnpriest Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply. Although my problem is limited to speeds above 65 mph, I still may have the same problem . I will investigate this "road force balance" and hope it can ease my problem. Thanks again.

  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    Interesting. A vibration at 65mph to 75mph is typically caused by a tire/wheel balancing problem. See if your Toyota dealer has a Hunter GSP 9700 so you are working with one entity who can follow thru with the suspension etc. You can find the GSP 9700 installations here:

    These systems are phenomenal at finding balance problems.

    I am aware of vibrations on Avalons fitted with the OEM Continental A/S Touring tires. The only fix is getting rid of the horrible Continentals.
  • I have a '99 Avalon that has a front end vibration that is not responding to anything I've tried yet. It's most noticeable when coasting down from 55 to 45, and when pointed downhill. Accelerating lessens it somewhat but doesn't eliminate it. Shifting to neutral has no effect. I got new tires (Goodyear), rebalanced them twice after the initial installation, (including one road-force balance), then switched to another set of tires (Michelin), rebalanced them after the initial installation didn't fix it (all at the same long-suffering tire store), then had each axle replaced. Two days ago I have the tires rotated, front-to-back. Nada. Didn't touch it. What's left?
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    A final thought before eliminating the tires and wheels as the cause of the vibration, were the lug nuts torqued to 76 ft lbs? Tire dealers tend to overtighten lug nuts which slightly deflect the wheel - enough to throw them out of balance again. Toyotas are sensitive to lug torque. I once experienced a chronic vibration problem on an Avalon with aluminum wheels that was fixed by rebalancing and then torquing the lug nuts correctly. Locking lug nuts are heavier and can also cause balance problems. If you have locking nuts, remove them and replace with original equipment nuts and see if it makes a difference. If it corrects the problem and you still want to use the locking nuts, you may need to balance them out by using two on each wheel - each on opposite studs.
    When you feel the vibration, does the steering feel loose at center or have a "dead" spot between play? Try moving the steering wheel slightly left and then slightly right. Does it affect the vibration? Do you feel the vibration more when applying left force or right force? Does it feel "loose"? Is there slack? If so, this may indicate wear in the steering components.
    If all else fails, the front-end ie. suspension, struts and steering needs to be checked by a Toyota dealer for wear or damage.
  • gcroftgcroft Posts: 15
    After 4 sets of tires on a 2000 xls, I like the two sets of michelins best, followed by my current goodyear assurance. I couldn't wait to get the yokos off the car. They felt every groove in the pavement and were noisy. Fortunately they lasted less than have their rating before they were adjusted for the goodyears.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 356
    Which Michelins did you have? How do you like the Goodyear? Are they Comfortreds or Tripletreds?
  • Thanks Alan...I'll go rent a torque wrench and see what it says. The tire place routinely torques to 80, but the manual calls for either 76 or 72, will check which.
  • gcroftgcroft Posts: 15
    the michelins were mxv4 plus and they were great but pricey...for the price difference i'd take the goodyears...a good ride and they are the comfortreds
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