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Toyota Avalon Navigation System



  • generosegenerose Posts: 35
    Dear Coach57-
    Sorry to hear you are having these problems with the NAV system on your '08 model. : :cry:
    This is a continuation of the problems experienced with 2007 models and earlier. Toyota apparently has not addressed the problems and probably will continue to deny that they exist. See my several posts and what I did to get some financial resolution for the problems with the system.

  • See my posts on this issue. I have an 07 Avalon. Toyota Corp refuses to acknowledge an issue and has no fix.However, the local dealer service folks agree that it doesn't work properly.
    I say the command go home and it gives me everything except ...go home....

    Very disappointing that Toyota has denied a fix..
  • generosegenerose Posts: 35
  • coach57coach57 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info guys glad to see it was not me but sad to hear something this expensive is having these type problems.
  • caprobcaprob Posts: 3
    Greg, you mentioned that there were software changes to the 7.1 upgrade. Do you know what they were. I spent a whole day between Torrance, the local dealer and many other connections and was told that there were no program corrections, additions or changes to the upgrade, only map things. Thanks rob
  • cwgmomcwgmom Posts: 1
    I recently bought an 08 Avalon Limited with all the bells and whistles. It has the latest version "according to Toyota" v7.1 (Fall of 07) yet maps are not as up to date as TomTom current maps for the east (north & south) or the Nav thru Verizon wireless. I have lived in my house for almost 2 yrs and I can't even register my address. any suggestions?
  • caprobcaprob Posts: 3
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you, along with many others have been sold a lemon of a ‘nav’ system. It started with the ’05 model change and Toyota will not admit that there is anything wrong with it. 7.1 is the latest update and those who have 6.1 or 5.1 don’t want to upgrade for several hundred of dollars without any corrections to the program, not to mention the maps. Also, the voice system has major flaws with non recognition of commands and then entering something completely different than the desired action. Toyota customer relations in Torrance, CA. (No. America HQ for Toyota) is completely a circus. Not only don’t they know anything but they refuse to admit that there is a problem at all. I, along with many others have spent many months, years trying to get help to no avail. I would like to ask you some specific questions on your system but they ask that no e-mail addresses be used. Good luck and if you get any satisfaction let us know. Rob
  • fmflfmfl Posts: 16
    I totally agree with 228 and 229 above. This Toyota Avalon navigation system is the worst piece of junk ever foisted on people like me who used to hold anything Toyota did on the highest pedestal. Shame on you Toyota for ruining a nice car like the Avalon with a navigation system that is impossible to operate, doesn't operate when the car is moving, does not understand voice anything, doesn't know where much of anything is, e.g., post office, will not turn off, and does not tell you much of anything in real time, or any other time for that matter. I asked Toyota for a refund, or to take the damned car back ... silence. This thing really stinks in every respect!
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I used the "mark" command to establish my "Home" on my 2006 Avalon. While park in front of my house, I commanded the Nav to mark the spot my car is parked.
    I then looked for that info on the Nav then name it "Home". Worked for me.
  • generosegenerose Posts: 35
    COMPLAIN! COMPLAIN! COMPLAIN! to the dealer..... to Toyota in California.... and to Toyota in Japan. See my earlier messages. They really will try to ignore you unless you are vigorous in your actions :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • generosegenerose Posts: 35
    This a repeat of my earlier message #214 for all the dissatisfied Avalon Owners with
    NAV system problems
    ...Go To It
    .....have a 2007 avalon with a GPS....I can not tell you how many times this thing has taken me astray...Ihave told the dealer to no avail. I have called the toyota home office and they say they have no complaints about the GPS system...

    Toyota America is lying to you. I finally got results after I called Toyota in Japan (Tokyo)and sent them documentation of my travails with the factory representative who saw my car malfunction and said that there was nothing wrong with the system. A certified letter to Toyota in California got me a phone call from a representative who said that the word of the Factory Representative was final and I could go to arbitration if I felt there was a basis for a complaint. They refused to put their response in writing. After the call to Japan (which must be made at night after 9PM EST), the lady I spoke to, who spoke perfect English, expressed the concern that the position being taken by Toyota America was not appropriate and that she would contact them. I received a call from a gentleman in the Executive Offices of Toyota America after about 5 days who advised me that they had heard about problems with the Navigation system. He said that they intend to make changes in future models. I asked what good that would do for me and he asked me what I would thought would be appropriate. I said I either wanted the system fixed or I wanted monetary compensation for the less-than-perfect system.
    He asked what I thought would be appropriate. I asked for $500 and he agreed. I got a check with a cover letter that made no mention of the problem, merely that the check was for "goodwill". Anybody with the problem should consider dealing with Toyota regarding this problem in the same way since they are taking the STONEWALL POSITION on the problems with this system. I got the number for Toyota by going on the Toyota website (Japan). Good Luck to All. Write back after you try this! It worked for me! By the way.... I used STARTEC phone service (see GOOGLE) The call to Japan for 20+ minutes cost about $1.00
    :mad: :mad: :D :D :lemon:
  • Thanks guys! I thought it was just me. The rocker switch defeats me routinely. Getting on the right route after inputting the correct info is challenging to say the least. all while sitting perfectly still. I can't drive anymore I so have lots of time to check alternative routes, with my $150 no-name gps mounted on the right front windshield. It's almost funny to hear the voice telling you to "make a legal U turn at the next exit", so it can take me 20 miles off route for no particular reason except an out of date database. If lose of face is an issue with toyota then there should be a lot of blood lost over this sucker.By way my experience with gps gooooes back to 1969 when it was first tested aboard a US Navy ship, through the 8# portables, garmins, explorist, and other Magellans. With the exception of that first gps, this nippon denso unit has the worst learning curve and is the least user friendly of all the models I have used. Somebody ought to be handed a long knife over this disaster.
  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154
    Since my 07xls did not come with gps, my son bought me a fairly cheap portable gps system for christmas last year. It's the Mio 230 and I have to tell you how surprised I am.. this thing works great.. Voice program on the system is very easy to understand, and for being an inexpensive model, the directions are remarkably good... screen is colorful and easy to see in the daylight.. only complaint I would have about this unit is that because the screen is not huge, tapping the screen prompts for someone like me with big ol fat fingers can be a hassle, but other than that... well worth the money.

  • bobu1bobu1 Posts: 6
    I'm new to session so please pardon any duplicity I may cause. I bought a 2007 Avy LTD in July, 2007. Worst navagation system I have ever used! How does one find out what the latest software rev was at the time the car was purchased? Can we find out what the latest version is now without going to the dealer? I just want to insure I got what I was supposed to get when I bought the car and go from there. Leaving on a trip up and down the east coast tomorrow and we will be taking our Garmin NUVI 350 to make sure we're on track - GREAT unit.
  • caprobcaprob Posts: 3
    On your Navigation control panel, go to MENU and select. Then select DVD. Version 6.1 should be the version shown and was the one in use until this Winter when 7.1 came out. Don’t get 7.1, basically only adds Canada and Hawaii maps. You must have gotten one of the first ‘07’s made. I got mine in October and believe that Ver. 6.1 was in use for both of us.
  • amauhryamauhry Posts: 55
    I agree with all of ya in one thing: The system is far from being "user-friendly".

    However, putting aside the voice recog., I find the system extremely accurate; I would say within, at most, 1 foot of deviation. I have used other GPSs, and when it comes to accuracy, the Denso unit in my '08 Limited is excellent.

    Also, the system relies on two different tracking systems, and they continually check each other for correction. One system relies on satallite signals; the other system is the on-board gyroscope, meaning that if you loose the satellite signal then the gyro takes over for guidance. I have checked this when crossing the Lincoln and Holland Tunnel here in New York City.

    It is a pitty that the system plagged with other minuses but I have come to understanding them, and I could say that I feel happy with it (the system).

    Note: when I purchased the '08 Limited back in Sept. '07, the car came with software map version 6.1. I complained to Toyota. They suggested me to buy the latest version, 7.1, (which I paid $967). I submitted the invoice for full reimbursement. I've got the check in the mail. Happy story.

    '08 Limited
  • Is there third party help to make destinations in Avalon's, Navigation system?
    The manual sucks big time. There are NO examples, I mean precise examples taking me thru the task of setting up a destination?

    Japanse/English manual is NO HELP at all...

    Help please?
  • bobdp1bobdp1 Posts: 3
    Like coach57 I too was anxious to try out the voice activation on my new 2006 Avalon navigation. I gave up trying to make it work, it recognizes nothing! As far as taking you to your destination, I have had take me the 20 mile route instead of the 3 mile route, had it stop navigation 2 miles before desitination telling me it could not find an address for a 50 year old home, take me 100 yards past the entrance to a place then beep me, I could go on and on with how worthless this navigation system is. My first was a Magellan, it never failed me and the touch screen selection is the only way to work thru a nav system. Looking to buy a 2009 Avalon Limited, but with no nav system.
  • fmflfmfl Posts: 16
    The 2008 Avalon navigation system is a total disaster. And, Toyota won't do a damned thing about it. We got stuck with the all time lemon of navigation systems. Shame on you Toyota.
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Hi Greg,
    Exactly where is the EJECT button? I slide the door open, but can't figure out where to eject the DVD. Thought maybe the switch was built into the sllide, but pushing that in did not do anything. Tried with the car running and with it off.
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