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Toyota Avalon Steering Questions



  • avalonxlavalonxl Posts: 1
    I have 1995 Avalon XL and had the same lekage, I tried to replace the rubber seal but didn't work so I put the steering oil with leak control (avalible on more car parts stores) and problem seems to be gone.
  • judycjudyc Posts: 2
    Hey, I'm driving the Avalon this week (my husband thinks it's HIS car!), and the knocking in the steering is driving me crazy. I don't know why he hasn't taken it in! I hear this knocking sound when I turn the steering wheel, and I also noticed a lot of vibration at the steering wheel on the freeway. Does someone out there have any ideas as to what this could be, and approx. how expensive it's going to be to fix it? Thanks!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Outer CV joint, part of the axle. Take it in immediately before you get stranded.

  • judycjudyc Posts: 2
    Thanks, abfisch! After typing in "Outer CV joint" in Yahoo!, that sounds exactly right, as I noticed last night that it stops knocking after I drive it for awhile. I'll get it into the shop ASAP.

    Boy, I'm not sure what the deal is w/CV joints & boots -- that's where I've had problems with my '96 Camry, and my Ford before that! I'm guessing that these are not parts that are meant to last a long time.

    Hey, thanks again!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    All FWD cars have these issues when high mileage is attained. RWD cars to a lesser extent. Not a big deal.

  • Trying to find out why there's an annoying rattle coming from either the steering column/dash in a 2001 Avalon XL. Anyone else experience this problem? Solution??
  • sheabsheab Posts: 2
    i have a 96 toyota avalon. there is few problem with the car i feel that the stearing is hard to make turn. other hand its look like the stearing pump is leaking on the bottom not sure if its working but the stearing fluid is in same lavel. i also have little vibration on the stearing ... is there anyproblem thats i need to fix ...
    i have about 1,16,000 mil on the car so please tell me what i should do for the hard and vibration of the stearing thanks :confuse: :mad:
  • turkeytturkeyt Posts: 19
    I have the same problem with my 97 and i took it to the shop where i get my work done and he thinks it is the rack and pinion going bad. The only other thing it could be is the bearing in the strut mount going bad and causing the steering to be tough to turn . It feels like you only have about 50% of your power assist at certain times. Sometimes the steering works fine and then bingo it acts up. Does this sound like your problem? It acts up more in the morning. If yours does the above i would say it's probably going to be the R&P. going bad. $170.00 bucks at Advance Auto and about tree hours labor and an alignment. Hopes this helps.D.T.
  • sheabsheab Posts: 2
    im just cerious to know if i can replace camery Stearing to avalon stearing becus i dont like the look of 96 avalon stearing can i can anyone tell me which one will work fine
  • Hey guys, I've got a 97 avalon bought in Fl but moved here in Toronto 3 years ago and have the same steering wheel fluid leaking problem.

    The deal is quoting me $1200 w. tax included needs rack replaced and new alignment + 14% ontario tax!

    Also said something about engine oil dripping out of valve cover gasket? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN!!!! ?

    Any help appreicated :confuse:
  • netwonnetwon Posts: 53
    Over your valve train on the top end of the engine both banks of cylinders have a cover that goes over the valves. There is a gasket that holds them on. The gaskets themselves aren't that bad to get but they may be hard to get to. The front one in your car should be easy if that is the one that is leaking.... Not a major repair.

  • Net...thanks for explaining...I asked mylocal mechanic and he quoted $300 for complete job +taxes...He said exactly what you mentioned above that the gasket itself is for $60 but to replace it is the time it takes...around 2 1/2 hrs job so labours kills it.

    So now i have 2 things to take care of: Rack n Pinon to be repalced from my toyota dealer and the valve cover gaskets from my mechanic

    Question: is it a good idea to have the fluid flushed while i'm getting new rack?
  • netwonnetwon Posts: 53
    Once the rack is removed 95% of your PS fluid will be gone. Have Toyota check to see if your car can take transmission fluid, for PS fluid. (some quote DOT3 brake fluid but can take Tranny fluid as they found it lasted better in the cold Toy will know) If you can use transmission fluid get a good Mobil One Synthetic. It will cost you 8.99 a litre but works awesome in the cold. Short answer to your question post rant. You will have all your fluid drained when the new rack goes in. Just ask the mechanic to make sure he bleeds the old fluid out (which they most likely will.

  • Okay thanks again! you mentioned transmission fluid in PS? How's that possible, I've heard even people say just use genuine toyota ps fluid! because generic can casue racks to leark (from seals i guess)

    Also, is there any way I can have my dealer charge less? (any tips on saving money at service?) :)
  • netwonnetwon Posts: 53
    I own an Avalon and a Toyota Corolla my factory fill for the Corolla is Dextron III (trans fluid) for the PS system. Some older Toyotas that require special fluids should use the Toyota brand. My cousins Tundra required brake fluid (DOT 3) for the PS, but after pump failures in the cold weather of Edmonton, Toyota eventually came out with documentation into using tranny fluid. Both Dot 3 and Dex 3 are technically hydraluic fluids.

  • carterbcarterb Posts: 2
    I have owned a 2007 for about 3 months and the steering seems oversensitive. It is just all over the highway, if I glance away for a second I am in the other lane. The dealer says no use checking the alignment, this is just the way the car steers. As great as this car is, I hate the steering and am wondering if I should trade it. Is it me, or just my particular car?
  • This is not typical.

    One reason could be overinflated tires, a common and dangerous oversight when new cars are first delivered. This happened to me twice, with a 97 Camry and a 05 Avalon, tire pressures were way over spec. Setting correct pressure made a huge difference in handling.

    Your 07 has built-in sensors so this should not be happening -- but I'd still suggest to check tire pressure manually.
  • carterbcarterb Posts: 2
    Yes, I should have mentioned after getting the vehicle home I deflated the tires from 37 PSI to 32. I have a very accurate digital gauge I use for all my cars.
  • ydnicydnic Posts: 2
    While I am driving my Avalon, the steering is very stiff and jerky. After turning the steering wheel does not return to straight.

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

    I used a syringe to extract most of the old power steering fluid and added new Dex III, as recommended by my Toyota manual. Someone told me that I should add some Lucas power steering fluid to stop any leaks (none visible) and make smooth steering. I purchased the Lucas, but I am hesitant to add it to the reservoir as it is not mentioned in my Toyota manual. If it is safe I will take some of the Dex III out and add Lucas to the fill line.

    I appreciate any help with this problem.

  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,644
    This question is already being answered in our Answers Department:

    Please feel free to come back here and talk about your Avalon but go over there for responses to your specific power steering question. I think you have 3 answers already!

    Visiting host
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