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Audi TT Instrument Cluster



  • I love my 2001 TT (orig. owner) but hate the service issues I have had especially the problems with the instrument cluster having to be replaced. I currently need to have the instrument cluster replaced AGAIN for the THIRD time! First time it was under warranty, second just out of warranty so dealership/Audi USA paid 50% and I paid 50%. Then the class action suit happened and I was reimbursed the 50% I paid. Now, I have been told by dealership that the instrument cluster needs to be replaced again. Audi USA and my dealership agree that an Audi should not need FOUR instrument clusters over the lifetime of the vehicle. They say one replacement is unusual, however, they wont pay for the repairs. Audi obviously does not stand behind their product when it has an obvious design flaw. My wife wanted us to buy an A4 or an A6 and we decided against it for fear of the same problems. To fix or not to fix...that is the question.
  • How many miles is on your TT and is it a Roadster or coupe?
  • I just purchased a 2001 Audi TT roadster from the original owner. The instrument cluster is not working properly. Is there any way to get Audi to help with the replacement cost of the cluster? If so, what is the best way? I am new to the Audi world.
  • Hi. I have an audi TT which i purchased in December 2008. It is a 2000 audi tt 225. In my booklet it says that my TT was bought in August 2000 with the first owners details. When I put in a new battery last year, the cluster reset to August 2001. Does this mean my cluster was also replaced in 2001?
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    Hi! I have a 2003 TT with fuel gauge failure. The fuel indicator showes half tank more than it actually is. trip calculator is showing the right value.

    I tried vag com adaptation but not able to change the fuel indicator's possition although I changed the values in the software (from 128 to 120).
    I tried to retrieve the SKC with the vag tacho but i had no luck as the pin code that the programme gave me was wrong.
    Last thing was to remove the whole dash board and remove the fuel needle myself. I run output tests with vag com and I reposition the needle in the middle. It worked properly until the next day that I refilled...When I refilled the fuel cluster showed again half tunk more than it was..???

    Any ideas why that happened and how I could fix the problem would be appreciated.
    Thanx in advance
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    I just purchased this car. Everything works perfect Except, right in the center of the instrument cluster ther is a 00:00 that is continuously blinking off and on. What are these numbers for and how do I reset them or turn them off? The only non OEM part on the car is the stereo system. Is it related to this?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    One of the other members mentioned an "hours driven" counter - could that be it?

    As for what the problem's related to, most of the folks participating in this thread have had various problems with the instrument cluster, and some were able to resolve them.

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  • I'm going to give these guys a shot.

    The TT cluster is $350 to rebuild it and there's a 5 year warranty (voided if/when you sell the car). According to the diagram on their site, removing the cluster isn't too difficult. You can overnight it to them, there's a 2-day turn-time and it's sent back to you.

    They fix the defective parts of the module and replace (and upgrade) the LCD panel. There's supposedly no immobilizer issues as long as you keep your battery disconnected until you re-install the unit.

    If I have issues, I'll repost. Otherwise, wish me luck!
  • I am the original owner on a 2001 TT Quattro coupe with 11,100 miles on it (don't ask!). On several occasions over the when I've replaced the battery or the battery had completely discharged for lack of use, the instrument cluster went completely dark with no gauges, tach, speedo registering or.miles, etc. displayed Warning, headlight and emergency brake indicators do work. The first two times the dealer said the instrument cluster required replacement, but with in a few days the cluster "miraculously" came to life. I recently had to replace the battery for the third time after the battery tender was inadvertently disconnected for a few weeks. After replacing the battery the cluster wouldn't light up and the gauges didn't register again. Due to an impending vehicle inspection I don't have time to wait for another "miracle". Has any body had a similar experience and learned how to wake up the cluster?
  • did you ever use the company for your instrument cluster?
  • fuel level issues are generally a fuel sender issue in the tank and are fixed by new fuel senders and sometimes simply by running a bottle of techron thru the tank. the cluster issues (tach, temp etc). are fixed by module master and or bbe remanufacturing. most people on the Audi forums; quattroworld; audiworld; audizine etc have had good luck with them. Sometimes just opening and closing the ribbon connectors fix issues.

    Oh and read a vehicle centered forum or two.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
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    Thanks for stopping by with the tips and news from the rest of the Internet. Several other members here have recommended Module Master too. One member who mentioned replacing the fuel sender wound up having to have his cluster replaced anyway. :(

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