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Audi TT Electrical System Problems



  • Might check the fuse for that button for starters. Can you open the trunk with the remote--that is, use the key after you've hit the remote to open all the doors?
  • I have checked the fuse panel and do not see anything that would match my problem. The trunks and fuel door do not open with the remote- or the button inside the car, and I have no key entry for the trunk... :cry:
  • Well if the car were in front of me, I'd by-pass the trunk button and see if the switch is bad, or if the circuit is even getting current, and if NO and NO, then pull each fuse and look at it and/or test it for continuity. This can't be that big a deal.

    Now you know why when you go into Best Buy you don't see German electronics :sick:
  • My windows went out this morning- I am so freaked out to be at the mercy of the dealership-
  • I am going to do what you told me to when I get home today- I will check all of the fuses. Thank you ;)
  • It may well be a broken wire in your door. I own A 2000 Passat and my fuel door was dead. Turned out to be a broken wire in the door, not the switch or the actuator.

    Also, a few days later I had a total power failure -- couldn't start the car in the AM though I did have lights and dashboard. That turned out to be a corroded wire in the floor board harness -- they have allegedly fixed that in newer Passats as they are now shrink wrapping the wires in the harness to make them more waterproof.

    Hope this helps.
  • heymikeheymike Posts: 1
    I bought my 2001 TT turbo roadster 96,000 miles ago in Ohio. I was "working on the road" for some of that time/miles, so got service in various states/dealerships. In 2005, the EPC warning light came on, along with a grating sound and feel. The local dealer's Audi diagnostic computer said defective YAW sensor, which was changed. Same problem reoccurred in 2006 +/- 13,000 miles later, with the grating/jerking of the car being so strong at times that it can pull the car left into the on-coming traffic==life-threatening problem!! For the SAME car problem, various Audi diagnostic computers have called for changing the yaw/rotation rate sensor 6 times (changed 4 times), MAF (changed twice), and control module (=central ABS brake computer, connected to Yaw and other sensors). Control module changed. All changes but one done at Audi dealers, I told all dealerships the same story, all claim top-quality work and parts, BUT THE PROBLEM CONTINUES. Audi corporate (AC) refuses to stand behind the dealership work done that has cost me thousands out of pocket, time, danger driving, frustration--"take it back to the last dealership if you think their workmanship was defective". I feel AC should accept that if all their computers/service techs/parts are top notch (yet fail quickly), then there must be something basically defective in this individual car that AC should correct or replace at their expense. We have spent HOURS on the phone with customer service people at AC--all to no avail. I'm open to options and advice.
  • slip180slip180 Posts: 1
    I feel for you man, I have a 2001 225 Coupe and thankfully nothing major with it yet but it has only 65000k on it, what I would do is do major search on the internet and see if other people are having the same problem that you are, if you can prove it is a problem with the manufactoring of the car Audi normally dose something eg: timing belt they will pay for half of the repair if your timing belt gose and takes out your engine. Mabey drive with the ESP off for a bit by doing that you it might minimise how much the computer is checking the yaw sensors tho I am not sure, but warning she has a good amount of understeer if you take a some turns wrong, Other than that man good luck, I will ask a couple of my friends at Audi if this a known problem.
  • kimvetkimvet Posts: 1
    '01 Audi TT with 15K miles (sunshine only car) will start with the standard lights on the dashboard phase (eg everything's "OK") After driving for a while, though not everytime, those two lights pop up on dash. Basically I've ignored them but it just seems odd. I know there are no issues with the ABS for example, and suppose the car should be seen @ Audi. It's just pretty odd to me. Have heard the '01 models have electrical issues.
  • rrtisonrrtison Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out the cause of the battery drain problem with the TT?
  • kperesskperess Posts: 29
    It might well be a computer component. As Audi uses many of the same components as VW my experience with my '00 Passat may be of help. I kept getting an error regarding my ABS and it turned out to be a chip that dealt with the ABS -- was told that I might not want to keep driving without fixing as it could affect the ABS when needed most. The darned chip was not cheap -- cost over $500 but that's what you get when driving VWs and Audi's -- great handling and idiosyncratic repairs (BTW have owned many VW's, currently own an '00 and '04 Passat and am looking seriously at an '08 TT 2.0).

    Hope this helps

  • joice2800joice2800 Posts: 3
    yes it was the altenetor was bad,
  • Hey there.

    Did you ever figure out what was wrong with it?
    I have the same problem but bit more complicated.
    The trunk, gas lid and the convertible top won't work as well as some of the inside lights.

    I have had the alternator changed in the past and have had problems with the battery draining too fast.


  • please reply here.
  • joice2800joice2800 Posts: 3
    men i don't know the proble was the alternator tha it i'm sorry but i don't know what is :cry:
  • After fitting a new battery to my 2001 TT, the next morning when the key was turned the needles on the dashpod kept flickering for about two minutes and then stopped. After resetting the time etc. it was okay for the rest of the day but now this happens every morning.
  • For those of you that have had problems with your instrument cluster going bad and giving you false readings such as the gas gauge not reading correctly, false codes, etc, you are not alone. I had problems too with my gas gauge not reading properly after I bought a used 2001 Audi TT quatro roadster. I bought it in 2004 with 57,000 miles and less than a year later the gas gauge started acting irradically. I took it in to my mechanic who works on European import cars and he tested the fuel tank sender, etc (also my ABS and another warning light would come on and off sporadically). He suspected the cluster and said I had to go to the dealer (2-1/2 hrs away) to have it repaired and it would cost at least 1,000 or more to fix. That was more than I wanted to spend so I just used my trip meter to gauge my fuel and never went more than 300 miles without filling up. Then earlier this year I got a notice from Audi saying that there was a lawsuit against them and in order to settle the suit, Audi would replace the instrument cluster if your car had a certain vehicle ID# ending in XXXXX and your car was under 5 years from when it was put into service and you could prove that your cluster was bad. They would reimburse those who paid to have the cluster replaced and for those who had proof that the cluster was bad within those perameters, they would allow you to go to an Audi dealer and have your cluster replaced. I sent them proof of my cluster being suspected of being faulty and a few months later Audi sent me a letter to have my car fixed within 45 days. I took my car into the Audi dealership, thinking they were the experts and knew how to fix it, but I've had nothing but problems (more than before) since they put in the new cluster. My mechanic feels they did not clear the fault codes before putting in and programming the new cluster because my ABS and other warning light still come on and off at will. My fuel gauge even gave me a false reading on day. I was at a 1/2 tank and when I drove to the store and got back in my car it read between 1/2 and 3/4, then I drove to the next store and when I got back in it read 3/4. So far that has been the only time it did that, but the temp gauge reads anywhere from 1/2 (normal) to the line just to the left of it (2nd line) or sometimes just a little bit under the 2nd line. Audi has bad customer service when it comes to complaining about their work and want to pin it on anything but the new cluster. Anyway, the whole point is that Audi is replacing the faulty clusters (they did admit to using faulty clusters in their cars 2000 -2005) so I would suggest you google Audi instrument cluster lawsuit to see if you can get reimbursed or have your car fixed.
  • Did anyone have problems with their seat heater coming on mysteriously? I haven't used my seat heater all summer. A few weeks ago I was going to a seminar and thought my seat was rather "warm" feeling. I thought nothing of it and parked my car. Driving home I noticed that my seat was REALLY hot, as if it was set on the highest setting. I fiddled with the control knob thinking it might turn off on one of the settings but it didn't. I got home and felt the seat, it was really hot so it was not my imagination. When I went to get into my car the next morning it was DEAD!! I thought my seat heater "fried" the electrical system. I called AAA and he looked at it and he could smell an "electrical" smell in my car. He decided to jump start my battery (it was only 3 mo old) and it started. I drove it to my mechanic and he said that it was drawing power (the seat heater was not shutting off when the car was turned off). They took the fuse out to prevent it from doing it again. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, what was the cause? I think it was related to my faulty cluster but my mechanic is not 100% sure about that, but thinks it might be a remote possibility. When I called the Audi dealer he said it was a faulty switch, but I never touched the button since last winter. Anyone else have the same problem??
  • I have a 2001 TT that has had it's instrument cluster replaced 3 years ago, and has no signs of odd electrical problems. But I have had a message pop up ever time I start the car lately. The car has 102xxx miles and I feel this countdown "Service" message is mileage driven notification. It progressively says service in 1000, then 900, then 800miles, etc.. Until the 300mile mark. Now it says "Service!" upon starting only. I find no obvious issues, and I do work on the car myself when possible using the Bentley manual.
    I know there is a trick to push in both silvere posts on the gauges to erase service codes, but it only seems to do a self-test when I attempt this. Then still displays the predictable the next time I start it.
    Does anyone know if this is a serious issue? Should I just visually check the timing belt (also replaced 3 years ago) and erase the code?
    Any ideas??
    Much appreciated! :shades:
  • digitoo:

    I've had no issues with the seat heater as you've described.

    Nor have I experienced the stuck trunk ot gas lid (to whoever posted that delimma).

    Sorry to be useless, but it's a response. LOL
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