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Audi TT Window and Door Problems

I purchased an 180-hp TT earlier this year and in general I have been pretty happy with it. My three biggest problems with the car are:
- about 1 out of every 5 times the car door is closed, the window does not go back up all of the way.
- both of the sideview mirrors rattle like crazy
- the Bose Stereo upgrade sounds pathetic!

My Audi dealer claims that there is nothing wrong with my side view mirrors, even though everyone that rides in my car notices a problem.

Audi's service is another problem. I take my car to Jim Ellis Audi in Atlanta. For some reason it takes me 3-4 weeks to get an appointment to take my car in.


  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780

    Is your TT a coupe or roadster? If it is a roadster, you might want to try pushing up on the handle that releases the top. It sometimes doesn't seat properly and this will prevent the window from going all the way up. If this problem persists, the dealer should adjust the top so that it aligns correctly with the headliner.

    I had the same problem with my 01 Roadster. After several complaints, they finally realigned the top and I haven't had the problem in 6 months. Good luck.
  • belferbelfer Posts: 1
    After carefully scrutinizing which would be the sportiest and unique car to buy for 25grand, I purchased a '02 225hp quattro TT coupe. The vehicle is Cert-pre-owned with a 3 year extended warranty (6 months still remain on the orig. fact warranty) I absolutely went crazy for the car's looks, performance, and quality of the materials and interior design. It is the coolest car I've ever owned. Shortly thereafter it became an incredible source of frustration for me. Before taking delivery of the car, I made sure Rusnak Audi of Pasadena, CA replaced the tires with name brand tires of the proper size. The tires were slightly too thin and too tall. The turn-signal and interior light switch were repaired as well. After driving the car for a couple days it felt totally unstable. Turns out, after 3 trips to the dealer that the rear suspension bushings had been working their way out of their housings causing extreme neg. camber at the rear. It was fixed under warranty after 4 days at the dealer with a terrible rental car. The windows started to get a mind of their own and would roll down 1 second after I hit the fancy "1-touch" up switch. The other window simply wouldn't roll all the way up. Until finally, it randomly decided to. The dealer couldn't duplicate the problem. The car, then began to overheat. Oh yeah, did I tell you that it only had 30,000 miles on it? Took it to the dealer again, got a PT cruiser rental car and they replaced the temp sensor and electric fan. They told me the windows were dirty from the smog in the air which caused their erratic behavior. I didn't accept this answer, but couldn't duplicate the problem in front of them. Two days later, the windows are still wacky and the temp guage started climbing again while gently driving in 68 degree weather. Lots of squeaks and rattles, there's a loose screw rolling around inside of the plastic E-brake housing. Both parking lamp bulbs have been replaced and one of the lamp sockets appearently melted. I swear the clutch is starting to feel like it takes up differently from time to time. I'm getting rid of it after 5 months. It still looks really cool and breaks my heart that the design is so appealing but I can't have that without the headaches of crazy problems. I'm getting a lexus IS300. It's really boring looking but has a reputation for reliability.
  • I have similar problems. Have checked to see if your gas and trunk button are working along with the central locking button in the center console? Let me know. Steve
  • There is a simple fix to your automatic up-down window problem. I found this out when I had my instrument cluster replaced, and they forgot to re-program the windows. Just call your dealer's service department, and they will tell you the sequence of raising and lowering your window to reset the automatic up down feature. It worked for me.
  • Anyone know if there is a fuse or reply for the passenger window not to operate.
  • robm4robm4 Posts: 2
    No, but if you find out, or had it fixed could you please let me know what it was?
  • scoughscough Posts: 3
    The windows in my TT roll down (by themselves) occasionally after the car is stopped and locked. It's maddening and my dealer says he has never heard of this happening. (Luckily I have witnesses!) I live in Palm Desert, I really think it has something to do with the extraordinary heat here.
  • 2005ttr2005ttr Posts: 1
    The dealer may not, but i have. I have a 2005 TT roadster and everytime its even the slightest bit damp outside i cant get the drivers side window to "auto up", it stops about half way and rolls back down. After a visit to the dealer to fix that issue(and it was corrected after 2 trips), i noticed that while driving, if i hit a bump or a pothole, the passenger window "autos down" by itself. Getting aggrivated with the dealer telling me i was crazy, i traced the power window module wires. Come to find out that the drivers side external key cylinder leads had become crimped by the window regulator in the drivers door, causing the window down relays to trigger. Thus, the doors remained locked, but the windows roll down at, what appeared to be, random. You may want to check the drivers door harnesses and the internal door wiring, sounds very similar to the problem i was having. Hope this helps.
  • scoughscough Posts: 3
    Wow! Thanks very much. I'll talk to the dealer. (The Internet is the greatest thing!)

  • jgoweyjgowey Posts: 1
    I live in Iowa and am having the same problem this summer. On really hot days, the windows just go down. I actually sat and watched it happen one day. I shut off the engine and locked the doors and in about 5 minutes, the locks started to click and then the windows just went down. It will also happen if you do not lock the doors. I have a 2001 TT with 54,000 miles purchased in October 2005.
    Did you ever find a solution to the problem.
  • scoughscough Posts: 3
    Hey, my family lives in Des Moines. (I live in Palm Desert now.) I'm just living with it. I'll take it to the dealership when I have more $$$. Steve
  • thekegthekeg Posts: 2
    I, too, have the windows that decide when they want to go down. I wont beat a dead horse but the 5 second reset doesn't seem to ok for me. Its totally random when he windows go up and seal. Hopefully someone has seen their problem rectified. Please share.
  • Hi

    Did you ever find the solution to your window problem as I have that problem every time I go to lock or open my car the windows come down.
  • jazzyjjazzyj Posts: 1
    Hi, I am having the exact same problem with my 95 c220 mb. But, to add salt to the wound, the window also goes down when the key is in the iginition. Did you every find out what the problem was in your car?
  • there is a little switch in the door latch that tells computer door position. you will have to buy a new latch unless you are very mechanically inclined. its not hard to get to at all after the the latch is out of the door. ( i bought a switch from radio shack and super glued it in place.) its still working after about 100 miles but im not holding my breath. if it fails again i will make a metal bracket.
  • dmlphdmlph Posts: 3
    the rear window comes unglued from the convertible top and cannot really be repaired properly. Replacement cost? $3100 for a new top. It just happened to me (see my pic album)
  • dmlphdmlph Posts: 3
    Re the window coming unglued from the convertible top: I spoke the the customer service 'advocate' She indicated that this is a 'routine maintenance issue' I beg to differ! When you pay $42,000 for a car you should expect that it can stay outside in a 'routine' downpour and not fall to pieces! She said that Audi was 'not aware of the problem.' I pointed out to her the fact that my research on various internet car forums had turned up many, many problems with the rear window separating from the convertible top. She said that the internet was 'not a reliable source.' I told her that I thought that the people who buy, drive and pay to maintain Audi automobiles are a pretty good source of how they run and the good and bad features. Right now my 2001 TT Roadster is sitting at Momentum Audi in Houston and is going to stay until I hear something back from the Audi advocate. It is $3100 for a new top and who is to say that the window will not separate again, since Audi is 'not aware of the problem' and is using the same glue.
  • I am having trouble with my trunk and fuel tank. I can't get either to open, my key remote seems dead, and the buttons inside won't work. I am waiting for new batteries for my key to arrive. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a way to get into the trunk so I can manually open the fuel tank?
  • :( I have the exact same problem with my Audi TT roadster/2001 with 38000 miles on it...& it has been kept in an indoor garage in a show room condition!!! but did not matter i suppose>>>>...i have called the Audi of America several times, I took it to Audi Of Charlotte for an estimate (as per Audi of america,s advise!!!!.).The cost $3700 ( replacement part $2600 + labor $1100)...& Audi of America is willing to pay 10% of this expense to help me out!!!!???? so generous....I did not accept that offer....As per the service manager they have seen many cases of REAR WINDOW SEPARATION FROM CONVERTIBLE TOP IN AUDI TT...
    I,m looking for Audi tt owners with the same problem...Perhaps Audi of America is looking for another Class Action Lawsuit >>>????
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