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Audi TT Oil and Fuel Questions



  • ramoncramonc Posts: 10
    I hope you found the solution but I would suspect your problem was the air sensor unit. It is one of those questionable Audi quality parts that fail early but slowly. It screws up the fuel mixture and causes hard starts as well. Mine failed at 20,000 miles but I had to go to a non Audi technician as Audi was not able to locate the problem. Yet another issue with Audi.
  • Hi guys, I'd really appreciate if one of you could help me with a problem.
    I own an convertible 1.8 Audi TT 2001 5 speed. something very strange is happening and i can't fins a solution.
    Around 3 month ago i was driving my car for around 10 miles than i parked at a local Walgreens. 10 minutes later when i left the store i couldn't turn on the car. it was like it had no gas. the ignition was working but the car won't start. i made a phone call and about 10 minutes later i turn the key again and it worked, like never happened. i found it very strange but the car was working fine.
    same thing happened three or four times again in a period of 3 months, but this saturday when i was driving to a local mall (8 miles from my house), i was stopped, waiting for the green light in front of the mall, the car died. same thing, turn on the key, it looked like was no gas. i was stopped in the middle of the street, i lived alone and after 20 min the car started again.
    i was driving back home and happened again in front of my house, after the same 20 minutes the car started again.
    i have no idea what it could be. i took it to the mechanic, he ran the scan and nothing show up.
    it is an old car, Audi want to charge me $250/hr just to look at it, with no guarantees.
    i believe that might be a sensor related to fuel or something. have one of you guys heard something like that before?
    Please a word of advise.
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