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Audi TT Timing Belt Problems



  • zahavazahava Posts: 11
    Wow, Girl Calamity has over taken you. Sorry to hear about the troubles and it's continual repeating. The 01's through 03's have more issues. Read the forums and discussions on the 08's and 10's. They have different engines (mostly 6 cylinders) and are a tad more reliable. Some cars have the lemon mo jo and you might have one. There are folks out there that have 01s and 02's never have much trouble. I see them for sale with 150,000 miles on them. So, I would look at selling and trading for a newer model if you can. I just bought my 2nd TT and Plan to keep it 3 years. I got it from the original owner. It's got 58K on it. Has had all the work done on it. Guy bought it with 100 miles on it and drove it 11 years. This car will be used in the winter months and episodically in the summer. I am aware of reliability issues so I have a back up plan. I took a risk and will roll with it. If it breaks down alot then I will flush it. Read the forums. If you get a good one it should last a while. Good Hunting. Dump the lemon and get a rose.
  • anndav, did you get a tt to convert to electric
  • This is an old subject, but I wanted to provide an update to make sure the extended warranty under the settlement isn't forgotten. I have a 2001 TT with about 75000 miles. It has been regularly maintained, always at Audi dealers. I had the 80k service done early, a couple of months ago. Much like the other posts here, while driving to work on city streets a couple of weeks ago, it suddenly stopped running. I heard a clicking sound and managed to pull to the shoulder but couldn't get it to restart and thought it was a fuel problem. The car was towed to the Audi dealer that has done the service on it. They diagnosed a timing belt failure and extensive resulting engine damage (they had just inspected the TB in the 80k service but did not recommend changing it then). The cost for all of the repairs would have been about $7k. After doing some research, i found the information on the Audi TB settlement for this year's TT. When I provided the information to the dealer, they couldn't find it, apparently because the settlement is relatively old. I then called Audi of America's customer service center. Mark they was very helpful - he confirmed that I had an extended warranty on the timing belt to 105,000 miles, that Audi would covered all of the costs for the repairs and he provided the warranty information to the dealer. While I know that there aren't that many of these cars still on the road, i want to make sure anyone with a similar problem knows about the extended warranty, since it can save a lot on repairs if you have had it inspected regularly by Audi and the TB then breaks.

  • porschechicporschechic Posts: 1

    I'm debating about purchasing a 2001 Audi tt with about 70,000 miles on it, and after hearing about the timing belt problems I would definitely replace the belt immediately after buying it. However, the car is in South Carolina and I am located in Oklahoma, so I would already be putting another 900 miles on it before being able to change the belt. The car has never had any major problems and has been regularly maintained, but I'm not quite sure if I should take it. Any advice?

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