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97 Chevrolet Silverado Complaints

maverymavery Posts: 6
edited March 5 in Chevrolet
Has anyone had problems with their truck not
starting? I had an experience where my truck did
not start after the initial attempt and subsequent
attempts were fruitless. After 5 idle minutes, the
truck started up again. Dealer states it is most
likely the fuel filter. 22k miles and the fuel
filter needs replacing??


  • fredwoodfredwood Posts: 79
    It would help if you give more details on your exact truck and the situation. Did try starting your truck after sitting over night or just turned it off for a few minutes before starting it?

    FYI, I replace my fuel filter every 10,000 miles no matter what, $5 is a lot cheaper than new injectors.
  • maverymavery Posts: 6

    Details : 97 K1500 5.7L Problem happened after the engine was warm and I attempted to start it approx. 15 minutes after being shut off. Also, I've noticed a intermittent hesitation at freeway speeds.
  • hemiheadhemihead Posts: 8
    Try looking at your fuel pump. I have an uncle with a 96 and he had the same problem. When starting the truck, listen for the whine of the fuel pump when the ignition is turned on. If there is no whine then something is loose in the circuitry, you have blown a fuse, or you have a faulty fuel pump. The new Vortechs seem to have more fuel pump problems than the basic fuel injected throttle bodies in 87 thru 95. My dad has a 95 with a 350 and as much miles as my uncle's and has not had this problem.
  • I read with interest the recommendation to change the fuel filter at frequent intervals, sounds like good advice.

    I recently bought a 98 Silverado, 5.7 Vortec, and like it a lot. Noticed however the oil filter looks like it belongs on my old Astro van V-6. Kinda puny in comparison to the PF 35 on my 85 350.
  • fredwoodfredwood Posts: 79
    Sounds like the fuel filter is the culprit. Here is what is going on,

    1. the hesitation at freeway speeds is due to lack of sufficient fuel to the engine from the clogged fuel filter.

    2. since the engine is now nice and hot with a less than adequate fuel supply, the little remaining fuel in the line is causing vapor lock.

    Here is how to prevent it,

    Stop buying crappy gas, from little gas stations. If the dealer that you normally buy it from is a well known one or a large retailer, try a different brand. Perhaps they ran their storage tank low on the day you bought gas and got some sludge in your truck. Like I said before, change your fuel filter every 10,000 miles. Good luck.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I have a '97 C-1500 Silverado, 2WD, 5.7L, V-8. Haven't noticed any of the above problems, but it has made me stand up and take notice. Just went over 9,000 miles and wouldn't you know it, just had the oil changed the day before I read the previous messages. But thanks to your posts, I plan on having the fuel filter changed at the 12,000 mile service. Thanks again. Barry
  • maverymavery Posts: 6

    Well, dealer told me that nothing was wrong with the fuel pump or filter. I ALWAYS buy gas from a major dealer (Chevron) with no issues in the last 10 years or past year for my Chevy truck. Maybe their storage tank did get low.

    Don't get me wrong. I love my truck and wouldn't trade it for anything. Just wanted to know if anybody else had seen a similar issue. Doesn't appear to be the case.
  • fredwoodfredwood Posts: 79
    Did they find anything, give you an explanation or at least change the filter?

    Has your truck kept acting up or has the problem subsided?

    FYI, I have used chevron and arco in my area and have found that I get about two miles per gallon less with the chevron.
  • alchavezalchavez Posts: 28

    Yes, there is someone else out there with the same problem! My dad's 96 silverado 5.0 liter just quit on him last week. He said that he couldn't start it when he came out of the bank so the engine was already warm. He got it towed home and it started right up the next morning. Since it kept starting right up, he got brave and drove it to the store. When he was done shopping, he couldnt start it up again and he had it towed again. Bummer. He has suspected the fuel pump as well. At 44,000 miles his warranty won't help so he will replace it on his own to save money. (The fuel pump is in the gas tank.) I'll let you know what happens!

    Alex C.
  • maverymavery Posts: 6
    Alex C.

    Thanks. This is great feedback! Please keep me informed.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    CUP HOLDERS. This isn't really a complaint - okay, maybe it is, but wanted to post here to see if other '97 Silverado owners have had the same problem. I have been looking high and low for cup holders for the rear bench area of my extended cab. I have two little ones who sit back there, and have tried the clip on holders and holders that have a strap that hangs down. Only problem with the two is that you have to open the pop-out window to put in place, and then when you're going down the highway, but then you hear a whistle from the window seal not being tight. Does anyone have suggestions for cup holders for the rear seat areas? The closest I have come to finding one that works was K-Mart had a ratchet type cup holder that uses a vice tightener to tighen or loosen the clamp on bottom. I was able to fit it in the handle area and the cup portion on top expands or recedes depending on the size cup. The portion that fits in the handle area is too tall, thus the cup holder hangs down slightly. J. C. Whitney, other truck accessory magazines, and your typical Auto Zone stores have been no help.
    Any suggesions?
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    If you have bucket seats with a center console, there are 2 cup holders in the center console that slide out for the back seat.
  • alchavezalchavez Posts: 28

    Well, my dad asked 2 dealers what they would charge to diagnose and fix the problem with his truck. One wanted to charge $80 to diagnose and $ 300 to fix the truck if it was indeed found to be a faulty fuel pump. The other dealer at least told him that it was very likely to be the fuel pump that caused his stalling (refreshing honesty.) but wanted $120 for the pump and $48 an hour for labor (estimated at 3+ hours.) My dad then called around and found an aftermarket fuel pump for about $80 and found a willing friend to help him install it himself. Now my dad's no slouch when it comes to fixing cars, after all he's installed a few Chevy small blocks in his day, but these new cars are sometimes unnessarily complicated and even require custom tools that you can't use for any other cars. Nevertheless, after only an hour and a half, he and his friend removed the fuel tank, swapped out that old pump, installed the new, and started the truck right up. Its been running fine all week! Now, I think he'll take care of that fuel filter this weekend.

    Moral of the story, those damn Dealers sometimes have your privates in their grip if you know what I mean. But, sometimes the little guy wins.

  • richflynnrichflynn Posts: 147
    Fourty eight bucks to diagnose seems like a rip off to me. Go buy a vacume guage, $10-12 range. Disconnect the fuel line high up in the engine, so the gas wont run out. Connect the guage to the fuel line. Turn the key to on. After a few moments you'll see the reading. On a carburerator engine, 7 pounds was considered normal, 3 pounds marginal and less than 3 was replace.

    I can't figure out why the dealer needs an hour to diagnose. Maybe the technician has to run to Kragan to buy the vacume guage????

  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    If you are having fuel problems and live in the area where they have winter (oxigenated) gas, a little advice: besides that gas cleans out any garbage from your tank, it also may desolve/clog your paper element in the fuel filter. Does not matter what the dealer said, I have seen cut up fuel filters with low milage.

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    My '96 extended cab with the 5.7L vortec said goodbye to the first fuel pump at 16K miles. The truck is now in the shop having the same problem checked out at 29K miles. If this keeps up, I will by an aftermarket pump and put it in myself just for the peace of mind.
  • rfreyerrfreyer Posts: 1
    My '97 Z71 XCab has a pronounced driveline "shudder" between 42-45 mph. The dealer told me originally that many had the same problem; that it was a "frame vibration" that GM knew about. They have never fixed it, and despite continued complaints & taking the truck back many times they now say this is an isolated case! Chevrolet replaced the rear shocks under warranty, but the problem persists. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what has been done to solve it? Thanks for any help.
  • FETZFETZ Posts: 51
    My '96 has the "shudder". But on mine it only occurs at around 15 MPH while accelerating under heavy load (when I tow my travel trailer). I've had it to the shop for this serveral times. The dealer was in communication with the engineers in Detroit for this problem. Chevy installed Rancho RS 9000 shocks on the rear, and replaced the torque converter under warranty. But the shudder is still there. Then Chevy wanted to remove the rear leaf springs and send them to a suspension shop to be re-arced, which would have taken two weeks. I said forget it. Because I'd rather drive my truck than have it sit in the shop, I gave up on the problem. Chevy doesn't know what's causing it. They were just grasping at straws.

    Besides this minor flaw (in my case anyway), I'm very happy with the truck.
  • ahuffahuff Posts: 4
    I have a 97 xcab Z71. I am having a serious problem with the wonderful "third door" feature. I have had the truck for a year and have gone through 3 times that the door will not open. The handle has no tension whatsoever. The second time I had it repaired was two days ago. Lo and behold, the door will not open once again today. We do not abuse the door. Frankly, we don't use it all that much. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, was it resolved to your satisfaction?
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    To FETZ. I also tow a light camper with a 97 Z71. A friend of mine owns a trany shop and told me not to use overdrive under 50 and NEVER take of in OD. It has something to do with the converter. So when I get on the highway I use 3rd and shift into OD over 50mph.

    Whay not have new springs installed by Chevy and tell them to &^%$^&*^ the old ones? It only should take a day.

    Another thought, I have replace the 245/75R16 factory big lug tires whith 265/75R16 highway tires. The truck runs a lot smoother with them. Your problem could be a combination of things.

    Do you have a weight distribution hitch?
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