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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • slam2251slam2251 Posts: 2
    Sounds like the same thing we had- they replaced the break pads but that did ntohing- they have no idea what to do and are waiting to hear from CHry. Round 6 at the dealership in 2 months begins tomm. I am driving rentals more than I am driving my pac.
  • I've been trying to go back through posts to find anything new on the well known front-end steering/suspension/braking "clunking" noise. It has been an ongoing problem with my AWD 2004 model. Dealer has messed around with it twice now and can't figure it out. On first visit they tightened the lug nuts -- on second visit they ordered new lug nuts. Sure don't think that's the solution. Does anyone out there have any updates?

    My 2 year old calls it mommy's clunky car. Otherwise love the car.
  • angel take it back and tell them to check the transfer case if it is 4 wheel drive
    my went bad @ 10000miles =/-
    it clunked only when starting after long parking o/nite !
  • Angel3-

    I too have a 'clunky' front end, actually mine was more like a thumping noise. The dealer has replaced the sway bar links (there is a tsb for this) and the transfer unit (tsb for this as well), That solved the thumping noise but not the popping noise that I also have. The dealer says the popping is caused by the lower control arm. That part is currently on order for us. We shall see!
  • Krisgil and Chrisler,

    Thanks for your advice on the clunking noise. I took the car in today and they replaced the sway bar links; so far, so good -- no clunks on the way home at least. Service guy thinks it's probably 50/50 that the sway bars are the main culprit -- he was kind of stumped by the noise. So we will see!
  • mizmanmizman Posts: 1
    My 2004 Pacifica has been into the dealership 3 times for a clunking noise on slow turns. It turns out there is a TSB 0300103 for front bushings to "correct" this problem. Second time in for it. I love the car but don't always feel safe driving it when I hear the noise.
  • al001al001 Posts: 2
    We too had a front end clunking noise on our AWD 2004. Dealer finally fixed it with a new left lower control arm, part no. 4743477AI
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Cluelesspa, what ... what ... what did you say ? Was it a new "TSB on the front suspension that was put out on this issue about 2 months ago" ??? Can you please copy it and paste it here ? Or at least give me the TSB number ?

    Also are you sure they "tightened bolts on Lower Control Arm" ?! They were supposed to be tighten at the factory ... I never heard such a thing !

    I always thought that it sounded like a loose SHOCK bushing (both front and rear wheels). You are the 1st one to mention the word "shocks".


    The TSB 02-007-04 (Lower Control Arm bushings) applies to Pacs built before September 28, 2004, so it doesn't apply to my Pac (built Jan 13, 2005). Also TSB 02-001-05 (Front Sway Bar Links) applies to Pacs built before August 15, 2003, so doesn't apply to my Pac.

    I sent a letter to the Cyrville Chrysler dealership in Ottawa, Canada, asking them to bug Chrysler to find out why an American luxury car suspension reminds me the cars built 20 yrs ago in the Communist Eastern Europe, where I was born. Damn ... I forgot to add this analogy ...

    I also asked them to find the problem before touching my car (I am really jealous about somebody touching my car). I test drove one of their brand new Pacificas on the lot, and it had exactly the same muffled rattle noise. They better experiment first with their own car, then touch mine.

    Sometimes I think we will have to live with this rattle as being a Pacifica "feature". If you drive it everyday, all the time, you could stop noticing it. My problem is that I switch cars. So during the week I drive my rattle free 2001 Honda Accord, and during the weekend I drive my wife's 2005 Pacifica, so I suddenly notice the change (rattle). I agree it's muffled.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Looks like the TSB they did for my car doesn't apply to your newer built vehicle. but the problem was sounding like someone put a metal ball in a wooden box and placed near the front wheels. when you hit a bump it would rattle like a ball in a padded wooden box would sound. (like a loose shock). and yes they Retightened the Lower Control Arm which was replaced in the previous TSB.

    Here is the link to look up all the TSBs: link title

    Service Bulletin Num : 0200403 is the one I just had done. Feb 2005 was the posting date on the TSB.

    Good luck ... hope they will do the TSB for you even if it doesn't apply. if that is the sound you are hearing

    Cluelesspa, what ... what ... what did you say ? Was it a new "TSB on the front suspension that was put out on this issue about 2 months ago" ??? Can you please copy it and paste it here ? Or at least give me the TSB number ?

    Also are you sure they "tightened bolts on Lower Control Arm" ?! They were supposed to be tighten at the factory ... I never heard such a thing !

    I always thought that it sounded like a loose SHOCK bushing (both front and rear wheels). You are the 1st one to mention the word "shocks".
  • bordercopbordercop Posts: 11
    Have a 2004 AWD Pacifica that I just got with 16K on it used and noticed a clicking sound from the front end wheel section. Usually happens after vehicle is parked and then when restarting and either backing out of a space or going forward while turning the wheel until going straight again for a few seconds. Clicking is rather loud almost as if you had a stone in a tire rapping against the pavement. I read somewhere that a Power Transfer Unit took care of a problem for someone. Anyone else have ideas??
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 34
    I have a 2005 AWD Pacifica that has been in the shop at least one day every week for the last three weeks. I have been experiencing a pop noise from the front suspension when going over bumps at lower speeds. I also get a pop noise when turning right or left. According to the work order, they performed TSB for front axle shaft, installed gaskets & re torqued axle nuts. They also found the right front lower control bolts loose.

    When I picked the car up, I was now experiencing a new squealing noise when turning right and left. This squeal was like if you walked on a wood board that squealed. I knew I had to bring the car in the following week as there were other repairs that needed to be done and parts were on order.

    When I brought the car back last week, I took the foreman out with me on a test drive. He said there were two problems going on with the front suspension. They ended up replacing the power transfer unit per a TSB. As for the squeal, they traced that to the front struts jounce bumpers. They replaced both bumpers and said it was ok. Well it is not. I picked up the car and the popping noise is still there. Does anyone have any suggestions or TSB numbers that I can reference when I go back to the dealership?

    As for the rear end noise. The dealership found over running clutch to be the source of the pop noise. They indicated that the assembly was low on fluid and the separation seal was leaking internally. So they replaced the seal and I am still having a popping noise.

    I have noticed that I get the popping now more so when I am coming to a stop and the weight of the car lunges forward. I am at my wits end. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    I really like the Pacifica, but the last three weeks the car has been in for the above problems, the breaks squealing, the memory 1 position not returning the mirrors back the the set position, an engine surge, the cooling fan coming on when the defrost is not on nor the AC, and the seal in the hatch handle to be replaced for the second time. This is just the list for the last three weeks. This does not include the fender flapping on all four fender wells, the serpentine belt being replaced, to miscelaneus cracking noises in the dash and other places. Oh did I mention the moulding on the A pillar arm & roof rack coming loose when it has gotten warm outside. I wonder what will happen when it hits 100' outside...

    The one good thing is that with the engine surge, I now feel like I have the power in the engine that I was lacking before. When I accelerated up a hill, there would be a hesitation in the engine. Kind of like hiccups as the engine was straining to go up the hill. They performed flashed updated per TSB 18-032-04 for DTC code P0266 and now my Pac accelerates the same way as my parents Spedial Edition.

    Any input or suggestion that anyone has on what some of these continuing problems could be, I would greatly appreciate it. Right now the car is at the dealership yet again and I told them I am not picking it up until they fix all the problems. Thanks for your input
  • karakkarak Posts: 7
    Yes, had the same popping sound 9 months after buying a brand new 2004 Pacifica. Took it in several times before they found the bushings had gone bad! Replaced under waranty, no explanation on why they went bad.

    Also check door edges for paint peeling. I have several areas of peeling paint.
    Good luck. K
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    No engine clunk here, thanks !

    Actually I have clunks, but suspension related ! My dealership never found out why my Pac (and the other Pacs I test drove) have that clunking noise when driving at low speeds (5 - 15 mph) over minor road imperfections.

    I began to loose hope I would ever have a perfectly silent suspension. It's the only complaint I have about my Pacifica.

    Is it rocket science to manufacture perfect bushings ? I doubt it's something else. By the way, I got a perfect brand new headlight ! The service manager in person put it on my Pac ! What an honor !
  • bbqguidebbqguide Posts: 11
    My dealership told me the clunking and weird loose feeling has been diagnosed as defective steering gear box and control arm bushings. I'll write more when the "parts are in". He said it's a "common issue". I'm not the regular driver but noticed it a while ago when taking it in for an oil change. I didn't think it could be possible for anything to be worn out with only 5,000 miles on it!!! :lemon:
  • jkaejkae Posts: 3
    I have had several of these same problems. They have replaced bushings, control arms, and clipped the dash because it was sinking in the middle. I have an 04 Pacifica. My paint is also chipping or peeling bad on one side. I am going to take it in today for them to look at that problem. Very unhappy with my purchase. Is anyone else having a paint issue? :(
  • deltoid4deltoid4 Posts: 5
    After changing the bushings and control arms for the same clicking noise you are experiencing, the fix that finally remedied the problem was to replace the PTU (Power Transfer Unit). This is the only thing that eliminated the clicking noises when turning. Make sure you mention this to the dealer and insist they replace the PTU before doing any other experimentation! Good Luck!
  • laurheislaurheis Posts: 57
    We had the Power Transfer Unit replaced on our Pacifica for this same problem. Our service department never suggested changing the bushings and control arms. The clicking noises were completely gone for a couple of months, and then they came back. By this time, however, Chrysler had already agreed to buy back our Pacifica, so we never took it in again. Maybe the combination of the two fixes is the magic remedy for this noise.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Well bbqguide, before allowing them to replace your "defective steering gear box and control arm bushings", perhaps you should locate at least one Pacifica without that clunking noise.

    Me, I drove four Pacificas (mine included), different ages, and all four exhibited that loose feeling.

    Please let us know if they can fix yours. I am very interested.

  • kozikowskikozikowski Posts: 19
    Seems like an odd fix to this problem, but the dealer replaced the PTU on my car last week without me even asking them to do it. I had asked them to perform a PTU and front differential fluid change on the service order, so this saved me the $125 cost of the PTU flush. Unfortunately, the problem that caused me to bring the car in for service, noise from the left front wheel during braking, is still there. I would describe the noise as metal parts rubbing together without lubrication.

    I went on a road test with the technician and the noise happened intermittently, mostly after car warmed up. He put the car on the lift and found nothing and the dealership's 'front end specialist' came up dry as well. At least I got this on the service history in the event that it worsens or causes other problems.

    Vehicle manufacture date is 11/03, so none of the TSBs regarding the front end apply. They did, however, lubricate the bushing under warranty, so I got about $1250 worth of work for free (including a rental car for two days).

    If there is one lesson I took away from this experience it was to approach them with information (i.e., specific TSBs) and to be rational, not ranting, when talking about the problem.
  • bbqguidebbqguide Posts: 11
    My work orders read:

    CUSTOMER STATES A KNOCKING NOISE GOING OVER BUMPS: NOISY- Replaced Lower Control Arms and Links, test OK.

    Customer STATES AIR CONDITIONER BLOWING WARM: Low on Coolant- Evacuate and Recharge, TEST OK


    This repair seems to have corrected the noise and loose steering feeling at 7468 miles on my 2005 Pacifica we took delivery of in November 2004. Your mileage and repairs may vary. Just to keep you posted. Good luck with yours.
    Mike :sick:
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