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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • raylrayl Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 with front end noise. Do you know what the bullentin # is for this problem? Where I might find it?
  • raylrayl Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 with front end noise. Does anyone know what the bullentin # is for this problem? Where I might find it?
  • Hi,
    I have had my 2005 Pacifica for 1 month and it is in the shop today for the clicking/knocking noise. I am devastated to read about all the problems with this car!! Would you mind briefly telling me the history on your Pacifica which led Chrysler to take it back? I am ready to turn mine in already after just reading about all the problems!! I just got rid of a car because of all it's noises and problems so I can't bear to think that my BRAND NEW CAR will give me the same problems.
    Lauren Camardo
  • I have an early 2004 Pacifica with 23,400 miles on it. I would not say it is a perfect car, but I will say that the problems (about 3) have all been mere annoyances, and I took care of them all at the same time. I would not put too much stock into these forums, as the happy owners far outnumber those that clog up these forums.

    Happy owners are too busy driving to their vacation spot this summer to email the "i'm happy" message.

    Since your car is brand new, take the loaner they give you and go! I received an almost new Dodge Durango for my loaner , got to keep it for the weekend, and just hauled some stuff around with it..............
  • laurheislaurheis Posts: 57
    I posted most, if not all, of my problems with our car on this discussion group - just do a search on my user name, and you will come up with what I wrote. Our car was a 2004 Pacifica AWD (with everything but heated seats, I think) and was built in April of 2003. It was just a lemon. Chrysler did not even try to fight us when we asked them to take it back. Our neighbors across the street bought a 2004 FWD two months before us, and they have had absolutely no problems at all.
  • jackl1jackl1 Posts: 1
    Yesterday my 2004 Pacifica came to a clanking stop as I backed out of a driveway. I called Chrysler and was promptly towed to a dealer. I was loaned a 2005 Pacifica. This AM I received a call from the service manager and was informed that the problem was"a broken axel"
    Anyone have a similar problem???
  • popmaxbapopmaxba Posts: 4
    Ray, REad Post 1251 Below, This happened to me, it could be the Power Transfer Unit, (PTU) some call it the PTO the TSB is: 02-11-04. Make sure that they check your bushings on the control arms/and sway bars when they get done. Is your mfg date before Sept 04? I have seen a lot of posts on Many sites with this problem and they are all for Pacifica's with the mfg date prior to Sept 04.
    Must have been a heck of a party that quarter....
    I am in the middle of trading my beautiful magnesium 2005 pac out :lemon: for another b/c of all of the annoying things that have gone wrong. But I am... buying another, but with a mfg date later than Sept 04.
    Good Luck with your front end.
  • popmaxbapopmaxba Posts: 4
    My 2005 Pac is being :lemon: 'd b/c I have had it in shop quite a bit, I have had my car 45 days, see post 1251. I can not fault the dealership, it came out of the factory this way. My pac is beautiful in and out, it is just mechanically a bit, well testy... I am actually getting another one to replace this one. It will have a build date of later than Sept 04. I have visited may Pac forums to help me find out what to do. I have read many many happy replies... with everything... there is always a few things that can go wrong... Don't be discourage... This Knocking, clicking problem is common from what I can see, and the TSB on it was 02-11-04 for the Power Transfer Unit. Mine was fixed, and did not have any more issues with that, my next straw was the tran cooling lines on the 4th of July.
    Good LUck with yours... once that fix is done, you should be golden - I hope... Brandy
  • krodhogkrodhog Posts: 1
    Hi Lauren,
    Sorry to hear about your 05 PAC. I need to buy a new car in the near future and the PAC was one of the cars on the list for consideration. Is just to bad because it is the right size for a family car.
  • crzyaim...

    Thanks for the information, oddly enough I JUST got my vehicle back today and the CLUNK came with it. I just don't understand it? They've replaced sway bars, crow bars, mars bars along with other things and it's just not right.

    I have contacted Chrysler concerning this and explained to them my situation and my interest in them repurchasing my vehicle. I signed the arbitration postcard that was in the manual and mailed it in. The rep told me that I should be receiving further materials from Chrysler concerning this.

    As you mentioned, I am going to print a copy of your posting along with many others to show chrysler that this is a GLOBAL issue and non-weather dependent! Unfortunately, I will hate the see the Pacifica go (if that happens), but I just don't have time to spend chasing issues and enjoying the luxury of having a different rental car all the time (geesh.. wonder what the neighbors think?). I have already begun my search for a very very very reliable vehicle.

    I narrowed my choice down to three: VW Toureg V-8, Infiniti QX56, Lexus GX470 After doing research on these models and test driving them, it looks as if I am going to lean towards the Lexus. It has raving reviews on the forums and very little information concerning problems and solutions (look at the edmunds forum and there's just a handful of people posting to the "Problems and Solutions" section for the Lexus).

    Well.. at this point, my fate lies in the hands of Chrysler, so I will keep you all posted concerning the outcome.

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    Glad to hear that you have the extra $13,000+ for the Lexus. The front end popping sound at very low speeds is just that, a sound. No one else that has been in my Pacifica ever noticed it. It is not a safety or handling issue. After replacing the PTO Unit this month (at zero cost), my Pacifica doesn't have one rattle or extra noise, and that's with over 37,000 miles on it.
  • Ingeniousguy, I agree with the other post about the extra $15,000 to get into the Lexus GX470, and before you get serious about the Touareg, you should visit this very same website and read the Touraeg owners posts. All is not well in VW land, for sure. Perhaps you can find a disgruntled Touarag owner and you and him can swap cars.........I bet you can even get a color choice this way...........
  • tcarrtcarr Posts: 3
    Finally had the PTU replaced and that has solved the problem
  • That is definitely suppossed to be the fix for that noise
  • Is anybody else experiencing excessive rumbling and clunking noises coming from under the front end of their Pacifica on slightly uneven roads? It sounds like linkage or suspension problems and I can even feel these in the steering wheel at times. The car has less than 2,000 miles on it, and I've been to two dealers now who tell me these noises are normal, but I just can't believe these loud noises can be normal on any car/suv/van, at any age...
  • I had my 2004 PAC fall apart today.45,000 miles. In my driveway luckily. After lots of crunching and grinding sounds I got out to find Ball barrings on the ground. When I called my service agent he said it was the 3rd he had seen. Be warned.

    Also the sounds you may have heard like a clicking and clunking could be a motor mount. I had one replaced and so did my friend. Several others at the dealer too.
    I love my car other than that. I will post after repair. :sick:
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    donmckinley, yes front end clunks are "normal" for Pacifica. I drove 4 Pacificas and all had the clunks at low speed on slightly uneven roads.

    Instead of "Inspiration Comes Standard", Chrysler's logo should be "Clunks Come Standard". If you ever find the cause please let us know how. For now it seems Chrysler dealers don't know how to fix it. The noise is not excessive though. My wife can't hear it. Only mechanically inclined people can hear it. Chrysler test engineers are not mechanically inclined.
  • Rodut - Thanks for the post - I think...

    What you said about the "normal" noises rings true, since I've now heard this from two different dealers. This is very troublesome and probably means I'll be selling this thing in the next few days. Too bad though, because other than this I enjoy the car. This was my first experiment with buying an American car in 41 years, and I guess I was a bit too hasty.
  • I'm with your wife, I can hear the suspension system working, but I do not find it objectionable, and my hearing is fine, thank you. I would not in any case call it a "clunk." To each his (or hers) own, but to sell a car and take a bath over this issue (the other recent post), seems to me a "clunky" move at best............... :confuse:
  • I don't think you know what we're talking about, or perhaps you work for Chrysler. You mention hearing normal suspension noises - these are loud, persistent, and getting worse. Hopefully this does not pass for normal. I'm even wondering if the car is safe. I'm still hoping Chrysler will acknowledge and fix the problem, or I'll need to trade into something with a better build quality.
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