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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    The letter states that Chrysler will cover the rusted engine cradle on 04 and 05 Pacificas that were sold in the rust belt. For 10 years or 150,000 miles. Go to post 738 and see letter
  • Sorry....Had some problems over the weekend. If you'll send me your e-mail address, I'll e-mail you a copy of the letter.
  • My subframe is also shot. Please send letter to
    Loud clucking noise under drivers feet. Replaced all tie rod ends, struts, still there.
    Sub framevery rusty but cannot see any holes. Maybe subframe bolts elongated ??
    I will have subframe inspected very closely.
  • I have a 2005 that is rusting out and has a hole and crack in the engine cradle. The extended warranty that Chrysler did is a joke they say they are covering 2004-2005 in the letter but after calling Chrysler. Your car must have been built between February 23rd 2004 to March 30th 2004 mine was built March of 2005 so it is not covered they are having problems with more then just a months worth of the cars everyone that has this problem no matter what year or time it was built needs to call Chrysler they need to cover a lot more then just one month of cars.
  • Please provide phone number for Chrysler dept. that you spoke with so that I and others can phone in and complain.
  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    I got the same answer about the "build date". Mine is a 2004 that I purchased in May of 2003. Of the $1,875.00 that the dealer charged to repair mine, Chrysler sent me a check for a little over $1,400.00.
  • Please advise when you had the repairs done and just what you did to get the repairs covered from Chrysler as my car is in the shop now and I need to provide info to them. Thanks, Michael
  • anniev49anniev49 Posts: 30
    I too was outside the build date as well though met the qualifications in the letter in every other way, and never got satisfaction. Am interested and glad for people who at least got refunded for repairs. No such outcome in my case. Good luck.
  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    My rust was found at the local Goodyear store. I took the Pacifica to my local Chrysler dealer. They did the work and I paid. I sent a copy of the warranty extension letter and a copy of my repair bill to Chrysler customer service in Detroit. They contacted me by phone with the same story about the build date but did offer to pay $1,400 or the $1,800 repair bill. I accepted.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We have a 2007 pac TOURING awd with just under 142,000 miles. We bought is August 31 2007. We have taken it to the same dealer for everything but three oil changes. I keep very complet records for everything done to the PAC. We also bought the Limited Lifetime MaxCare $100. deductable. Thank goodness we bought the extended lifetime warranty has saved our fanny. The dealer informed me that Chrysler has spent almost $ 15,000. on warranty repair! in the last 5 1/2 years. In talking with Chrysler at the customer center They admit the Pacifica has turned out to be a very good vehicle, but rather costly to keep. The service writer at thedealership told me that every Pacifica they care for has very typical problems, and ther are a costly car to keep runing. We have spent almost $ 4,500. of our own on our PAC. Additionally the resale value is very poor. Ours by the NADA is about $ 8,000. and a trade in of about $ 3,900 to $ 5,000. at the best. We are going to hold on to ours until we can't afford to get it repaired any more. A 2003 to 2004 at the Manhain auto auction gose for less that $ 3,000 is it's less than 100,00 miles on it. We love the ride and how roomy and comfortable the PAC is. If we had to replace it we would get a Ram crew truck. We need a awd or 4x4 where we live. We have had 3 libertys and they were not as good as the PAC with the awd. I am sure this is not the best news but it is true.
  • mick0212mick0212 Posts: 19
    We have an '04 Pacifica with ~ 105k miles on it. It's been a great vehicle with almost no problems, but the miles are starting to add up.

    Noticed recently that ride quality and handling have gotten worse - ride is rougher and there is more bounce and sway. Mentioned this at my dealership during last service visit and had them give me an idea of cost to address - ballpark number came back at $3k! Obviously I'd have them take a closer look to see what really needs to be done & probably have someone else check it out as well, but ... wow. Add in the additional work I need to have done between brakes & 100k intervals and that's a lot of money for a 10 year old vehicle.

    Curious if anyone else has had anything like this addressed and if so what it set you back.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    Stabilizer bar links 30.79 strut 43.79 strut assembly 152.00 rear shocks 235.79.Take it to an independent shop it will be a lot cheaper. Why would you replace the rear shocks if there is nothing wrong is the car riding level in the rear? They are self adjusting Try to do the work yourself and save 2500 dollars
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    Chevy Trailblazer is worth the same as yours so how is yours worth almost nothing? the repairs you had done only cost you 100 dollars each time no matter how many repairs were done at the time. so how did you spend 4,500 dollars? Normal maintenance is tune up and brake system parts, tires, tire pressure monitoring system battery's only last average 5 years, battery and other wear items that you would have with any other car.
  • mick0212mick0212 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the reply, good information & now will definitely take it to an independent shop for evaluation.

    No chance I'm doing it myself, though. Don't have the skills or anything else necessary.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    My dash went out completely and the brake lights didn't work It was found to be a pinched wire under the fuse box by the battery they fixed the problem and the cost was 260 dollars . I checked the codes there were none no fuses out no relays not working. I replaced the brake switch not the problem. Just letting people know that this could happen to them 113,000 miles
  • kgrimwoodkgrimwood Posts: 1
    Could you please email me a copy of this?

    Thank you
  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    I'd be happy to but I need your e-mail address.
  • sue80sue80 Posts: 7
    In Juy, 2011 my mechanic noticed the rust in the engine frame. After much haggling and after contacting the Ohio Attorney Generals office, Chrylser agreed to complete the repairs under the recall. fast forward to ths week...on Monday I noticed that when I turned the ar to the left that there was mething wrong with the steering. On Tuesday while on the way to my mechanics I lst all power steering. When my mechanic looked at the steering column he noticed that it was loose and that it was coming appart. When he put it up in the rack, we both noticed tht the engine was literally falling out. The mechanic and the tow truck driver said iwas licky to be alive. Apparently, when the repair was completed in 2011, the dealer forgot to put in the safety washers tht are necessary to hold in the engine fame. The dealer has taken full responsibility and is making the necessary repairs. My problem now I am afraid to drive the car. I was thinking of asking the dealer today for an independent mechanic o look at e repairs. Any suggestions?
  • anniev49anniev49 Posts: 30
    Seems you've done a lot better than I did so far. NY Attorney General was useless, as was every other consumer advocacy representative I could think of, after being completely ignored/lied to by Chrysler. However, that sounds like an alarming development. In your position I would find a trusted mechanic to look it over. You haven't had to spend much at this point, right? It would be worth it for peace of mind.
  • sue80sue80 Posts: 7
    Sorry your Attorney Generals Office wasn't much help. When I first spoke to Ohio's they said there was not much they could do either but agreed to send a letter to Chrysler with my complaint. That was all it took. No, I have not spent much yet but I have asked the dealer to,pay for an independent mechanic to look over the repairs. As of this moment I have not heard back from them. Playing the waiting game!
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