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Chrysler Pacifica Suspension Problems



  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    It was 250 It said they replaced 68002938AA Braket brake hose,4746389AH front suspension,4 4880339AB isolator-crossmember and 4 6503245 nut hexFC:part#:count: all (N/C) Then they did a free alignment. I know if you look up the cradle you can buy it for about 495 so you can bet they are getting them for about 250 is my guess. It could be that all I paid for was labor at near 100 an hour
  • The dealership said Chrysler would cover the replacement with a $800.00 copay. I was curious what Chrysler Corp had to say about the $800.00 copay because the vast majority of victims they covered had a $250.00 copay. And the guy said what copay your car is not covered under the extended warranty. I asked even though my car was built 2/04. He said it was not in the correct build date of 2/23/04. Mine was 2/13/04.. The guy then said he was going to call the dealership to find out what was going on. I told the guy to forget I called and have a nice day. So I just dropped the car off at the dealership just now and they are replacing the cradle and front struts that are shot.. My luck Chrysler would screw everything up with my dealership.
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    Your strut part #5142495AA 128 dollars each and labor 1.9 hours each side Plus alignment but the shouldn't charge you for that alignment because they have to do one when they replace the engine cradle and that should be part of your copay. You will notice the new cradle has drain holes in it so the water doesn't sit in there for five years and rust it out. Struts from Rock auto with new springs and bearings are 148 plus your time to put them in. If the dealer puts in new springs and bearings. Two springs 90 each and bearing top mount about 30 each. I don't see a listing for a complete unit
  • Hi charger3. Can I please get a copy of the letter? I also have the rusted Chrysler Pacifica frame. Thank you soooo much!

  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495

    Charger3, you should be able to attach the letter now with the new forums software.

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • qwest70qwest70 Posts: 1
    Happy New Year charger3...could you also send me that letter please! I just found out about the rust issue today when I tried to sell my pacifica to we buy any car. My email is
  • jill8026jill8026 Posts: 2

    So I am the latest casualty of this catastrophe. In a nut shell I recently got an oil change from an independent place we use who notified us of the issue - the thing is rotting so bad it is leaving metal in our driveway. It is a 2004 with only 65K miles on it and well cared for.

    I called Chrysler after finding this thread and gave them the service bulleting information that was kindly posted here. They pretty much told me touch luck - my car was built in 12/03.

    I did not give up and finally got someone who said contact the dealer you got it from and see if they will help you and let us know. I called my dealer and he said too bad why are you calling us? I reported that back to Chrysler - who then said to take the car to a dealer and have the work needed recorded and a quote and they would see about a cost assist.

    I take it to another dealer (who has been super nice) --- and was given a $2850 quote --- the cradle and 4 bushings and inserts need to be replaced.

    I call Chryselr back and tell them what the dealer said - the guy "Jay" says hold on -- comes back 10 minutes later and says too bad you were not included in the extended warranty and your mileage is too high. SERIOUSLY? 65K miles for a 10 year old car is too high? The warranty is effective 2/04 - my car was manufactured 12/03.

    So know I have a car I cannot drive - cannot sell -- and cannot trade in.

    Oh - but fear not I am not shutting up that easy. I am reporting ever action on all social media outlets --- and am currently waiting back in regards to a Facebook post -- next step will be an attorney and I am considering a class action suit based on my findings.

    NHTSA was also called - but it seems they do not take it seriously until someone gets hurt - not sure what the purpose of that is then - you would think the goal would be to PROTECT so no one gets hurt.

    If I go through with the legal process and they decide to continue not helping me --- I will let everyone here now --- this is just not acceptable.

  • jill8026jill8026 Posts: 2

    Here is the original letter for those that still need it. Took me a while to find it so thought I would share it. I just submitted a BBB complaint to Detroit BBB --- attached this letter. Also wrote my attorney general and am researching attorneys about the class action suit so those that have paid can get their money back! Chrysler has a few more hours to get back to me about my specific issue and to make it right...if not I will contact attorneys tomorrow.

  • I'm also a victim of this rust problem and am currently fighting with Chrysler, although their customer service recently told me never to call again. Classy.

    Anyway, I expect to file my own lawsuit on the matter, but I learned that a class action has already been filed for anyone who is interested. And fortunately, news stations are starting to pick up this issue and run with it. I hope more stations do so. It frustrates me that Chrsyler is spending more than any other company on Super Bowl commercials to reinvent their image while still screwing over their loyal customers.

  • I called Chrysler last week about the engine cradle rust issue, and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told one would call me back within 24 hours. No one called. Called Chrysler again today, and that person found out my message was never delivered last week. So now I"m waiting another 24 hours. And off to pay a huge bill at the mechanic for a new engine cradle, one that I can't afford. Please sign the petition at about this issue:

  • We've also just discovered a rust problem on a 2004 Pacifica. Our mechanic found a "TV remote" size hole in the engine mount - passenger front. They told me not to drive it.

    Chrysler Canada had us take it to a dealership for a repair quote. They estimate $7,215 plus tax for the repair and they're calling it a rotted front cross member. Chrysler says it not their problem.

  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    edited February 6

    Sorry everyone edmunds stopped sending me updates. I hope they show up in my emails now

  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209

    This is what it looks like

  • pcaseiropcaseiro Posts: 1
    Complaints at the hstsa website continue to grow. I hope Pacifica's owners flood it and we can see this safety agency do what it is supposed to do
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