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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Starting & Stalling Problems



  • orc96orc96 Posts: 2
    My van has always ran great. I guess im lucky. Aa few weeks ago I noticed there was a slight hesitation thenall of a sudden it started to almost die at lights would studder or hesitate. I replaced fuel filter seem to help somebut still have miss in it.
    I then changed cap and rotor and plugs. I took it to parts store ran test I had no engine light come on and it said knock sensor was only code.i was a it was running alittle funny but was still driveable. The next day I stopped and put gss in and drove 200 feet and it died in intersection it always starts right up. Made it up street to friends house and parked sence I had done every thing else I thought it was fuel pump.cause when it was running fuff where I parked my friend got out a baseball bat and hit the gas tank it seemed to run better . I shut it off and restarted it it ran bad repeated the baseball bat test it seem to smothe out. So I pulled the tank out and changed fuel seems to run fine for a few minutes as soon as I left to drive home it started not started missing again and stuttering.made it back to friends house and park itthat was for the night Monday morning I took it to the dealerand they said that that alpha code or something said it was running rich. I do have aexhsust leak where the back manifold goes in to that flex line over trany. They want to charge me 8oo to fix. Thats before they try something else.they couldnt tell me what was the problem. Said maybe o2 or Maf but didnt know for shure. I dont wsnt to give them the ok to just start throwing parts at it hoping some thing will work any help would be appreciated.
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