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BMW 3-Series AWD vs. BMW 5-Series AWD



  • bpl360,

    I would guess I have about 700 miles on the Continentals. My experience to date is just as some others have posted, much better than the Bridgestones for ride quality and quietness.

  • In the wings a 335 sedan and in the +1 year from now (or perhaps a bit less) wings, a 335xi sedan and coupe.

    As an Audi lover, it seemed a lot like driving an S4 that was at least $7000 less and got better gas mileage.

    The 335xi sedan should be a threat to the Audi line up A4/S4 range -- ain't competition great!?! :shades:
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,353
    It would be but I think BMW dropped the ball because I sso no 335xi on the horizon unless it is a secret. They offer only 328 xi for 2007 with 230 HP. No threat to Audi RS4 in the power department.
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