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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Heating / Cooling



  • rab23465rab23465 Posts: 9
    I have a 2002 van and the radio has a button on the front to switch from AM/FM to CD/AUX.
    My question is this: Can I hook up some sort of connection from the back of the radio to be able to connect an MP3 player with a 3mm stereo headphone jack connection to the radio in my van. I have another vehicle that has an aux connection which makes it very easy to connect and listen to an MP3 player.

    How do I get to access the back of the radio? Is there some sort of diagram that shows me the back of the radio? Thanks for any help.
  • mhatkinsmhatkins Posts: 1
    I just replaced the water pump on My 94 Safari, after replacing the EGR valve which was after replacing the MAP sensor. The H2O pump was leaking pretty badly from the top and bottom weep holes, so, I replaced it. During the problem with the H2O pump acting up, it also leaked a little bit from the rear heater core. I had to replace water every morning to the tune of 1 gallon a day. Replaced the H2O pump. Solved the leak under the hood. But now, the water leaks even worse out of the rear heater core with periods of alot of steam and very wet carpet. And I now have to put in 2-3+ gallons of water into the radiator and reservoir about every 30-40 miles. The van has a new belt and hoses. Have not checked the thermo yet, but I think it is fine. Is there ANY way to diable the rear heater in these vans? I'm thinking cutting the lines to the rear heater core and capping them off. The van was a multi passenger van, but is now used as a work vehicle. Rear heater is NOT needed or wanted.( Yes, the van has regular oil and filter changes every 1200 miles due to age and it is used to tow a trailer 6 days a week.)
  • capt_genecapt_gene Posts: 3
    2002 Safari. 6 Cyl. 130K-----There are several 'large' hoses in the engine compartment related to the 'controls'.... also some very small ones, one of which was cut/burned, and replaced. One of the larger ones at the same 'junction' (Passenger side, engine compartment') isn't connected, just hanging. Looks like the end came off of something ((instead of having been burnt?)) but I can't find any place it goes. Looks like the main 'air' in hose to the system but not sure. A photo of where it goes would be awful nice, but any help is great.
  • capt_genecapt_gene Posts: 3
    In my last post, 246, I had a hose I didn't know where it belonged...... Now, thanks to this site, I know where it goes (I think), the round ball, pass. side, down low...... Problem, I can't properly see it and can't feel a place for the hose to go.. Any suggestions? It just feels round. Going back to play but hope that if I don't figure it out someone will tell me what I'm missing or a way out of my dilemma.
  • eriklaneeriklane Posts: 16
    That round ball is where that hose terminates-there's a spot for it to connect, but its location, behind the mud flap in the right side wheel well is difficult to get to. I ended up just taking out the mud flap, then taking out the ball (had 1 metal screw) and then taking that ball topside, connecting it, and then just laying it on top of the motor-it just sits there, loose, but it dont go anywhere, and doesn't get into the fan...funny. Bad design...I wasn't gonna fish in there more than once-after I'd originally connected it, and then found it apart again, it is just not worth the time to have to dig around blind in there to find the spigot...hek with it.
  • achilliesachillies Posts: 1
    This applies to Re: probably a vaccum hose [97xpresso] by cob, and I really have to thank you guys. I had been trying to figure this out for two years, and finally got it licked. I have a 97 GMC Savanah comversion van, and for several years it has had no A/C in the rear unit, only heat.. lots of heat. The front air and heat worked fine, but when switching between AC and defrost it took a minute to actually change air paths (from the vents to the defrost). I never connected the two problems, but since cob's problem was the same as mine, I followed his lead and found the vacuum hose behind the accumulator and routed across the engine to a spot behind the compressor and air cleaner. Mine has a tee behind the accumulator or evaporator. The tee has one "input" vacuum hose, the 1/8" solid kind, that goes to the control on the dash I think, one hose that connects to an actuator in the front for the "mode valve" I think, and one that goes to the rear temperature switch (or whatever it's called) behind the compressor and air cleaner. The spot that was leaking/crushed/deteriorated, was where it connected behind the compressor. I should have replaced the entire hose, but I had some extra play and it was just the rubber 1/4" kind, so I clipped off 3 inches of the end and re-connected it. Now I have rear A/C OR heat, depending on how the temp control is set, and when I switch the front between A/C and defrost it responds immediately. Thanks again.
  • putz3putz3 Posts: 1
    There were a lot of great tips here on the vacuum situation, so I'm adding mine.

    I replaced all the vacuum lines except the little skinny one leading across the top of the engine from the passenger side. That one had snapped and was brittle, but I could not reach the other end back in the engine compartment. I didn't have the time to remove the doghouse, so here is what I did:

    I had left over standard vacuum hose from doing the other replacements (about 10").
    I had some high temp silicone gasket sealer from Permatex.

    I removed as much of the brittle line as I felt I could and then smeared the gasket sealer for about 3 inches along the length of the remaining small tubing. I then slipped the standard vacuum line over both ends. Once done, I used a Q tip with a blob of silicone to dab on each end of the standard tubing.

    Voila! Sealed.

    I then loosely pinched some aluminum foil around the whole thing as a heat guard and put everything back together.

    Works fine.
  • lvdavelvdave Posts: 1
    o.k. i'm going to replace my hose's but what i have and what they are selling looks different. the hose going to my the rear a/c has a crimped on hose, and the replacement hose has a screw on connection.
    i found one that what looks right but is for the wrong year.
  • Can anyone tell me where to find a vacuum hose diagram for a 2000 chevy astro, had the same issues with the vacuum lines and replaced all of them from some vacuum scrap I had from rebuilding my camaro and also I need a part number for the rotary wheel that controls the rear ac/heat.
  • bdarbdar Posts: 19
    Hi rednekwizard,

    I actually have a vacuum diagram for a 97 Chevy Astro. It should be about the same for the 2000 Astro Van. You can actually get it at the dealer. If you go to any Chevy Dealer and go to the Parts Department, they will usually print out any diagram that you need for free. I can send it to you if you give me your email address. So are you having problems with the air blowing out of the defrost?
  • Help!! My 2005 Chevy Astro van & need a vacuum system diagram also! Labor Day wknd & have no ac going across front driver panels. Ac works at defrosts & rear but not on front driver/ passenger sides! Hot, Hot, Hot! My van is 6 cylinder Vortec.
    I appreciate your help & enjoy this holiday weekend.
  • tlsm1264tlsm1264 Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    Hi Rednekwizard,
    I wanted to say THANK ~YOU for the very valuable information you had sent me via email to my posting on a vacuum system problem with my 2005 Chevy Astro van yesterday. My boyfriend went up to the corner NAPA Auto Parts store this morning and spent $3.50 on some vacuum line hose. The job took just an hour to fix and now my ac runs perfect. Thank you for helping us save $200+ for such as simple repair. You're an angel. Please stay safe & enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend. 0:)

    Deltona, FL
  • Hello,
    I feel like a bit of an eavesdropper, but I am having an identical problem with my 2001 Chevy Astro van (AC only blows thru defrost and "Max AC" setting blows same as normal "AC" setting). This is after being charged $1600.00 for a new AC system. No, I will never use that mechanic again, I swear.
    Do you still have a diagram of the vacuum system? If so, could I beg you to send me a copy?
    Thank you,

    Mike Dugan
  • bdarbdar Posts: 19
    Hi Mike. I will forward the information to your email address. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner yesterday!
  • Can someone please email me the diagram also. This has been an ongoing issue with my 2000 GMC Safari as well. Please help.
  • Thank you for sending the drawing and for taking the time to detail the repair.
    Very helpful and very appreciated!
  • bdar-

    I have a 2004 chevy astro with the same problem. The hvac is stuck on distributing air through the defrost. It changes the type of air output (max ac, ac, vent air) but won't move the flaps to change the output direction. If you could e-mail the solution to me that would be great... babcock.tony at
  • does anyone have a diagram of the vacuum hoses on my 2000 gmc safari? If anyone has it can you please email it to me at
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