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Buick Regal Electrical Problems



  • jcurran44jcurran44 Posts: 1
    I have found many people on here that are having issues with the electrical system. My issues started with the dash lights going out. Then the ABS light came on, then the traction control light, and soon after the service engine soon light.
    At that point we parked the car and have been trying to tackle the issues for the past year. The issue grew into a more serious situation when the turn signal started to kill the engine.
    Then we started to hear a loud electrical growl from under the dash. The noise was coming from a white control box/circuit board mounted to the drivers side foot well. Not sure what it does, but may need to replace. Along with the noise, the dash goes haywire, flipping from imperial to metric units and gauges going back and fourth.
    From what I have read on here the problem may be the Ignition switch. One more question I have is about a chip mounted under the dash, does anyone else have this. It looks like a non-factory modification. The chip is spliced into the main wire harness. A thick yellow wire and some others. What may this be?
    I need to sell the car for $$ on another project, but would like to address as many issues as I can before selling. I also can't seam to keep air in the tires due to the chrome plating flaking off of the rims and not allowing the tire to seal.

    GREAT CAR, but some issues after 100k miles (I have 186k)
  • Is it not funny 1 part causes all that trouble...IT is the turn signal switch......

    I have seen damage to the ignition too but you seem to be diagnoising the turn signal switch issue....If you want I can give you step by step instructions...Get the old one out of a junk yard and bam for 25$ you will be fixed
  • scotty801scotty801 Posts: 5
    Any idea where you can get these resistors? I have the same problem. I removed cluster and the resistors are overheated and coming loose from the board.
  • joe862joe862 Posts: 4
    I just got this 1996 regal 6 cylinder. When you idle the fans wont turn on. I bypassed the control switches and can get them on. My question is, is the coolant level sensor the same as the heat sensor that tells the control units to send power to the fans?
  • hello,
    I was wondering, have you ever figured out what's wrong? I have the same problem with my 99 buick regal.
  • regal99regal99 Posts: 4
    Actually i"ve been told i need to replace the turnsignal>>>>it controlsa so much stuff....i'll keep u brother plans to start on it friday...
  • washbratwashbrat Posts: 1
    I have recently aquired a 1990 buick regal 6 cyl with electric seats and windows. I don't know what if anything has ever been done to this car. There were a few times I would take off and before I got 2/10ths of a mile and slowed down for the stop light the car died, the electrical completely shut down, but the engine still accelerated and in a few seconds all the electrical would be back to normal. sometimes I was low on gas but one time I had almost a full tank. My son borrowed it and was driving home when the the car just died going down the freeway, He was out of gas. But the car refused to turn over or make any sound at all for about an hour, then it would turn over. (but of course he was out of gas so it wouldn't run for long very well.) Is it common for this car to do something like this. Is there a connection between low gas and the electrical where the electrical will reset itself after a time?
  • all other gages work, but where it shows the miles on the car, is not lit up,(digital odotometer) can not read how many miles are on car, i put a junk yard one in and it does the same thing,and also the fuel guage is goofy too. anyone have any idea what is wrong??thanks
  • vanhatalovanhatalo Posts: 1
    When the engine temperature meter don't work the car don't start and if started the gearbox is jammed on #3. If the temperature meter works, everything is OK. The temp sensor is changed, but it didn't change the problem. Where's the problem?
  • when the key is in the run position, it shows how much gas i have, when the car is moving it goes to full tank, is this a ground to sending unit problem or whole sending unit or something else?
  • lautamalautama Posts: 1
    So, Did you ever find the solution to this problem? My Regal is doing the same thing and it's driving me crazy. The left blinker occasionally shuts the car of and other times the car wont start for 5 or 10 minutes.

    Has ANYONE found the solution to this problem?
  • after searching the internet forever, i found the resisters no where, my local radio shack gave me a name of a place, i sent my boyfriend in there, who works in the area about 60 miles from where i live, and they had them. i dont know where you are located, but i think you can go to there web site or call and have them shipped, they are in a pac of 4 for $1.37 ,thats with tax, and theres a guy on e-bay fixing them for $150.00, I soldered them in there, and my odo. is as bright as can be,the four that work the odo are the ones in the top right corner,(the 4 right in a row,i dont know what the others operate, maybe replace all 10 for that price. Abel Electronics 27201 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores, MI 48081. the part # on my recept is, 1/4 W 150 OHM 2%,# 768249047520, hope this helps
  • no i have not checked it out , i've been working on the odo. light, which i fixed...but i have heard check the ground to the sending unit or the float is not working properly, and will have to replace the whole sending unit. i'll let you know if i figure it out , if you figure it first let me know, and if your odo light does not light up, let me know i know how to fix that for $1.37 and about a half hour of your time, simple fix.
  • regal99regal99 Posts: 4
    let me begin about the ordeal...i had the towed to the dealer..they had the car 3 and half weeks..finally they called and said it was a SHORTED RELAY STARTER....Then the car started cutting off they replaced the IGNITION car started and cut off just fine. i was out of $686.89 for all that...basically i paid for LABOR:(........had the car for 2dys the darn trans started acting funny...i could hardly get it out of park...i was so feed up with the dealedrship ordeal..i sold the car to carmax.....i hope this info help you...
  • thanks for the info, mine don't have a problem with not coming out of park or any trans issues, but i've owned it for only a few weeks.but i have heard about the shift lock on the side of the shifter going bad, maybe that was your issue. the guy that owned it before me did take it to the dealer and have the ignition switch done for $700.00. i guess all the lights come on and eventually will not hopefully i'm good on that for awhile. I dont go to the I fix it myself, just takes time researching somethings and patience.
  • You can get the resistors at Radio Shack. They are 150 ohm. There is a very good video on YouTube showing how to make the repair. I did mine start to finish and it took about 45 mins. ;)
  • Sounds like that is what I'm looking for. Do you have the link on youtube? I can seem to find the one I need.
  • I just found this forum and read a number of posts. This is my situation. My son bought a 1999 regal with 100,000 plus miles. Alot of electrical things don't work, like the horn, fog lights, ac clutch and electric cooling fans. All the fuses are good and I have replaced the micro relays and still no luck. I ran a feed from the fuse box to the cooling fans so they run when the car is running, and that was ok. But, the next day, the car wouldn't start. When the key is turned to the run position, everything comes on, but when you turn it to start, everything blanks out. You have to mess with it for awhile till it decided it wants to run. THEN, while driving, if I put the left turn signal on, it kills the motor. Now I have had problems turning the ignition switch back to the off position, so I am wondering if it isn't a combination of the ignition switch and a faulty turn signal. Has anyone CORRECTED these problems, as I have read alot of issues that are the same?
  • Same thing just happened today. I bought a 1999 regal new; has 112000 miles on it; my son drives it now. We just spent $500 on a new sending switch so that the gas gauge reads properly.

    Have you figured out what is wrong yet? My son was on the highway and used his signal to change lanes and the car just shut down.
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