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Chevrolet Impala Key Fob Questions



  • I'll meet him at Niagra falls and take the train home.. and mine doesn't have a key-fob problem....yet...
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Hey've never tested your range...yet. ;)
  • thats true....I was going to put that in my post..but he could take the key fob from his car which he knows works well and install in this one just in case there is a prob at 200 ft.......
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    You guys are HILARIOUS....!!!!
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Well, it might have been a fair consideration, Ron..!!
    THanks for the mention... But, there's a big challenge here for me .... It's about all the across the boarder hurang and charges ... For this Canadian would be duty/customs, brokerage fees, sales taxes, exchange to US dollar, change speedometer head to Kilometers,and on and on and on...

    Too much for me to do and to think about!! :confuse:
    Fank ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    You guys got me so rattled with this one that I couldn't remember how to spell my own name...Fank.?????
    Love my Chevy!!!!
    Thanks a bunch!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You DO know you can edit your posts after they're posted, right? If you look next to the other buttons, you'll see the edit command (for posts that you authored, of course). I think that goes away once an additional post has been posted. How do you think I always look so perfect on here? ;)

    Later folks,
  • Well, Fank, we were thinkin of ya!!.....but I wouldn't charge you brokerage fees...and taxes you can get around that later fank................bryn
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Called the dealership today to arrange to have my car fixed with the latest/greatest FOB & receiver. After explaining my problem to the tech, he wanted to arrange for me to drop the car off and offered to drop me off at work. Pretty nice, eh? I then asked if he was familiar with the problem and he said it was pretty common and they have indeed had problems with the Impalas. I then asked if he could tell me if they had the receiver and FOBs in stock because I already knew the specifics to the problem and wanted to ensure the proper problem was fixed. His response was that I would have to bring the car in so they could plug in to the BCM to ensure they stocked the proper part number. I asked if they could use the VIN to confirm part numbers but he said no. Sounded a little hokey but their shop hours allowed for me to stop by on the way home so I agreed to drop by.

    So, I show up and discuss the issue in person. I tell him about the intermittent range and the new tire pressure monitor problem. He starts to tell me that the tire pressure monitor is troublesome because of the low profile tires but I cut him off and tell him that I'm aware of the TSB and required receiver/FOB/antenna change. He seemed a little put off but went straight to the computer and looked it up. He asked if I had actually SEEN the TSB and I said that our friend had cut and pasted it here so he showed me his freshly printed copy, pointed out the parts, and said he was going to the parts department to check on availability.

    So...they had one earlier today but another local dealership bought it from them. They should have another in on Wednesday and I'm scheduled to have mine repaired on Saturday. The latest bulletin calls for 2.2 hrs of labor and replaces the receiver and FOBs. The antenna is apparently built into the receivers by the wording of the bulletin. It reads like part of the antenna that runs along the A pillar is reused with the new receiver. This bulletin specifically calls for the FOBs with the stars on the back and is very specific in its programming directions. Oh...and by the way...he never did plug into my car to confirm part numbers against my BCM. Maybe they just don't like doing business over the phone? :confuse:

    Lesson learned? Having the information in my back pocket was invaluable. This tech was ready to tell me I had other problems and would've, at least, wasted my time by having me leave my car when the parts needed weren't in stock. Knowing my problem and the fix saved me and the dealership time, money, and stress.

    Thanks to all my FOB/RKE/Tire Pressure Monitor problem brothers. Together, we are making progress! :D One last thing...for Bryan and anyone else concerned about what the repair may entail. It doesn't call for tearing the dash out. All that is removed is the panel on the A pillar. It's pretty minor surgery. ;)
  • yeah, the more ammo you have going into these dealers the better off you are!! I shutter every time I think about ever going to the mechanics at a dealer.....anyway, hopefully they will do a good job for you, Ron....keep us informed.................bryan
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Ron....
    Well done my friend...There's no way they are going to mess around with any of us here, especially with our knowledge on this particular FOB fix. It seems to me, that WE can now teach them (GM) a thing or two .....!!
    What...!! Not use your VIN for this, and, LOW PROFILE TIRES!!!! ....Pretty lame, huh !! Oh well.. Typical!!!
    Ya, while it may call for 2.2 hours in their book, if you get a good guy here, once your car gets into the shop, it wont take any longer than 1.2 hours...I would certainly hang around and watch this if possible.
    Well, Ron, unless they do things differently there, this was not my experience...The Actual reciever module/box that they will replace is found inside the top right side of the dash and the coax cable antenna is found on the top left side the of dash close to the window. Soooooooooo, yes, while both of the A-Pillar covers come off does the top of the dash..!! Hang on now..!!

    Let us know how you made out...
    Don't you just love your Chevy..!!
    Frank ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Ok, are you ready for this.....remember now, this is for a direct front Fob shot... I got 175 feet at the office, then it went down to 129 1/2 feet at the Shopping Mall, and now just this morning, before everyone arrived, I got an amazing 209 feet. :blush:
    With the same Fob , Ron.. It boggles the mind !!
    I think I'll stop here....
    Frank ;)
  • So, now , let me see Frank says the dash comes off (part of it), Ron says it doesn't?...scares me to think that one of those monkeys are going to take a dash apart..... :cry: ...If I get the key-fob disease, I'll just use the conventional fix....manually start the car and unlock my doors!!
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Ya, Bryan, I know...It's very scarry..!!

    You know, I actually stood beside the mechanic while he did the entire procedure....!!!
    Thank goodness, I got a young guy who knew exactly what he was doing..
    Frank ;)
  • I think we all need to have a moment of silent prayer for Ron today.... :shades:
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    AMEN BROTHER........!!!!!!

    But, you know, maybe, just maybe, it was all slight of hand and it was done just to impress me.. Mmmmmmmm.. I wonder !!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You guys are a hoot. I may just hang around and watch. It's always good to see where those hidden clips and tabs are just in case you ever need to pull something apart yourself. ;) I specifically asked about the dash because I was going to have them put the anti-itch tape in to stop the clicking/popping while they had it apart.

    Frank, your long shot with the lot empty may have been due to lack of interference. Remember the post by our wire head friend with all the knowledge? He is going to test with his equipment to try to determine if these systems are affected by other systems. It makes perfect sense that they would be and your testing (and my experiences) seem to reflect that as well.

    Y'all keep smilin' :D
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Thanks Ron..

    Ya, I know... Although You may have asked him about the dash coming out, remember, that this is the same GM guy that told you that the Message showing .. " Service Tire Pressure Monitor System " on your screen was because of your low profile tires...!!!! Very, very, scarry..
    Now, I Don't want to sound pushy here by any means, but, make absolutely sure that they install the replacement receiver module/box over in the dash (passenger-side)...
    Well....good luck.....
    Frank ;)
  • spoolerspooler Posts: 15
    Hi Ron,
    Just to give you an update, I haven't had a chance to check into relative interference/noise levels yet. I'm still laid up with injuries. But when I'm back 100%. I'll be looking into it.
    Thanks for your report on your key-fob ranges. I'm glad you got yours fixed! I agree with Ron, that once you have a good antenna,receiver and fobs, the range could still vary some due external interference, or even the signal bouncing off of the other cars in the lots and arriving at the antenna in your car at slightly different times. When this happens, the signals could cancel each other out,either slightly (reducing your range) or almost completely. This effect is termed as "multipath". I'm sure you are familiar with it. If you listen to FM radio you hear it while driving down the road and you start to hear the station fading with a "hissing" noise. It's also somewhat simulair to listening to AM radio stations at night, that fade in and out. The fade effect is caused by two signals from the same transmitter (the primary ground-wave signal and the secondary sky-wave signal) cancelling each other out at the receiver. Back to our problems. In the cell phone industry, they know that multipaths effects the range of your cell phone call. So they add an extra antenna and receiver at the cell phone tower to keep your cell phone signal from dissipearing completely due to multi-path. Maybe that's what GM should do in the future to increase range for their remote key-fob systems.
    About the TPM problems, I'm ure the antenna/receivers are really shot if it can't pick up the RF coming from the tire sensors. By the way. I wonder how those tire pressure sensors are powered? Maybe a small hearing aid battery ?
    Sorry, I kind of dribble on at times! I appreciate all the posts! And I too love my 06 Impala SS!!!! :)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks for following up. I was hoping you were still out there. I was aware of the general theories of the way radio waves travel but not really versed on the specifics. We used the theories in planning how to defeat radars when planning combat missions for our aircrews. We actually don't defeat them so much as hide from them (behind mountains, trees, etc) but we had to be careful cuz those pesky radio waves bounce off of damn near anything). Anyway, we had "geeks" like you who got into the specifics and programmed our computers or answered our questions. I'm looking forward to hearing how your testing turns out but it'll wait until you're feeling better. Take your time and feel better. :sick: :D

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