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Chevrolet Impala Key Fob Questions



  • spoolerspooler Posts: 15
    Thanks Ron!

    I'm hoping to back good as new again early next month. Sorry about being long winded on theories! I'm not really on RF engineer, just an old RF field technician, who has worked in both broadcasting and cellular industries. Hope your Easter (and everybody else's) is good!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Partial update here...took my car in for the 2.2 hrs worth of labor called for to repair the RKE/Remote Start/Tire Pressure Monitor system. After over 5 hrs, I got the call to come pick up my car but the tech was unable to get the programming completed. Since it was a Saturday, Chevy tech support wasn't in to help them out so I'll have to take it back this week for them to finish it up. Now...get this. They're not sure that they can even get any help from tech support without having my car there so I will have to leave it with them again. Fortunately, they have agreed to get me a rental THIS time around (the 3rd time). I haven't done an actual range test yet but I did use the FOB a couple times on the way out to the car from a range further than I'm used to them consistently working and they worked flawlessly. That's a good sign. :) I have the new FOBs with the stars and instructions printed on the back. They also pointed out that they installed a new antenna that basically looks like a strip of black duct tape on the windshield running down from the top of the windshield behind the mirror. Very clean and neat and unnoticeable if you aren't looking for it.

    I'll follow up once they get the tire pressure monitor programmed. I'll probably test the range on the way home that day.

    Good tings, guys...good tings... (The Sopranos comes on tonight!) Do they really talk like that in Jersey, Bryan?


    P.S. - Oh, and Happy Easter and Passover. :)
  • Ron, yes they do talk like that and those scenes in the beginning of the New jersey Turnpike and the other locations they show, I've been to most of them. I live about 6 miles from where they shoot most of the scenes and Tony's house is in West Caldwell, about 3 miles from my house. And , I do believe the real Soprano types would have wacked a few Dealership mechanics!! ;) .............My Impala is doing fine!!!.....Tony would never drive an SS though!
  • lineman3lineman3 Posts: 12
    I got my 06 LTZ back last monday. Same antenna/RKE/fob problem. About 4.5 hours no problems so far. The TPM is all apart of the problem. The bulliten clearly states it. I would go to another dealership that is familiar with the problem, actually they all should be now. I told them I wasn't going to come back and forth 3 different times for each thing so do it all, and they did.

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    They weren't arguing that it wasn't part of the problem, they just weren't technically capable of programming the receiver after installing it. So, I have been driving in "CAL" the last couple days (compass is off and no tire pressures). Depending on how well I'm treated the next time I go in, I may go to another dealer. The only problem is I only have one other to choose from that isn't owned by the same company and it is a bit further away. That's added time away from work which costs me money. :sick:

    Cross your fingers for me.

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Got my car back today after spending a day in a Pontiac G6 sedan. What a little piece of ...well, it's a cheaper car but built well. Anyway, my SS is back in my garage and FOB range is working very well. I stopped at a local parking lot and tested it out before coming home. I don't have any sophisticated way of measuring distance but I estimated a pretty good 175 ft. from the sides and front. I didn't think to do a back shot but will verify that in when I get a chance.
    As it turned out, the complications with programming my receiver were do to a faulty left front tire pressure sensor. That is what caused me to start getting the "SERVICE TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR" on the DIC. Coincidental to me having the RKE/FOB problem. I almost feel bad for the tech. My SS kinda pulled a fast one on him. ;)
    Oh well, all is well now, so it seems. It's a great feeling when the FOBs work as they should, that's for sure.

    Love my SS! :D
  • I'm also getting the "Service Tire Pressure Monitor " on my 2007 Impala SS.Seems like this is a common problem on Impalas/Monte Carlos.It's a minor nuisance so I'll probably wait till my next oil change to have the dealer look at it.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    Ron--I want to thank you for your appraisal of the G6. My wife and I were considering one as a replacement for her Montana van. We had only viewed the info/data/propaganda on the Pontiac website and decided to take a personal look. I was sadly disappointed in the interior look and feel; we didn't even take one for a test drive. Sticker costs for similar option packages were similar to or higher than Grand Prix (not GT or GXP)--but the comfort and quality level doesn't come close. By the way, her Grand Prix has most of the bells and whistles but without the V-8 "grunt" of the SS or GXP. I can only imagine the fun those other two cylinders bring. Again--thanks for the straight-forward comment.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You're welcome...always happy to be of service. The G6 isn't a terribly built car, it just isn't for me...just as the Grand Prix is nice but just too small for me. As for that V-8 grunt, even with gas prices and my environmental consciousness kicking me in the rear, I still love it. As long as I'm able to squeeze out 20 mpg, I don't feel too bad. That plus the fact that I can easily drag a gang of four to lunch when it's my turn to drive makes me feel ok with it.

    As for the other poster with the tire pressure monitor issue on their '07, do have it checked. I thought the '07s were immune but maybe yours has a bad sensor in the wheel as mine did (rather than a bad receiver as the majority of the other '06s). Hopefully you'll have an easy visit with the service dept. :)

    Later all,
  • Funny thing,

    2006 3LT about a year old and I am getting the "service tire monitor" indication.

    The front tire pressure read out goes to --, mostly for the front left tire but now also the front right tire.

    Also, my FOB that has never had a distance problem, now has a distance problem!

    I hope that the Technicians that will soon work on my car to fix this will be a little more knowledgeable than what I have read in these posts.........but I doubt it.......
  • I've now had my new RECEIVER Module since at least Aug 28, 2006 when I posted one of my first post... And still get 300 feet+ range.
    I still can't figure out why GM is not willing to admit they are having a problem with their remote start and get a "Customer Satisfaction Recall" on this.
    Can't they see that a happy customer tells another while a dissatisfied one tells at least 7... that's called business.
    Get your dealer to get involved and have the manufacturer do something for their regular customers at least...
  • My FOB range is now starting to dwindle. It's not as bad as it was prior to the service but it has diminished substantially. I would say it's down to about 75 ft. I plan to have a few things checked out together when it's convenient for me. I'll report back if I find out anything.
  • sarge16sarge16 Posts: 1
    All remote functions, ie door lock/unlock, trunk, horn and remote start functions work. After about one minute,all remote functions stop working. Must use key to enter car. Once I put key in switch and turn on and off, all functions work. Again, after about one minute, all functions dead. dido-dido. The TPM comes on intermittent also. Before I go to the dealer, I would like some general ideas so I know what they're talking about when I take it in. .. Of course its 600 miles over warranty. Your help will be appreciated
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Have you checked the range of your FOBs when the system IS working? Do you have an asterisk on the back of your FOBs? What model year do you have?

    It sounds as if the receiver is going bad since you're having problems with the FOB and the TPS system. Hopefully the TSB will cover you even though your warranty has expired. Let us know when you find out.
  • adst2nvadst2nv Posts: 1
    Hey.I purchased an 07 Impala LT last April (demo with 5000 miles). I had the problem with the key fob issue after two months having the car. Tire pressure monitor kept reading service and I had no range on my key fob. Then in October when I went back for standard service, my service manager told me that he had to replace both key fobs, my antenna and some module. I haven't had any problems since then. If your car is still under warranty, I would take it back in and get it looked at. Hope that this helps.
  • I just bought my 2006 Chevy Impala LT this past weekend with 30,000 miles on it. Overall i love the car so far, except for the fact that the range on the remote keyless entry is horrendous! I've tested it in several different situations, and the longest range I can reach is about 50 feet - and that's if I'm lucky.

    I think I may need to get the receiver replaced as so many have mentioned here. I better do it before the warranty runs out at 36k.

    So when I go in, I should probably mention TSB #3764, correct?
  • p62480p62480 Posts: 8
    Has anyone attempted to replace the receiver on their own? I have a copy of the TSB and could buy the antenna and receiver for around $100. The TSB I have gives directions on how to do it and they don't look to hard. Just wondering if anyone has tried it themselves and was wondering how hard it might be. I'm out of warranty and don't want to pay $730 for the dealership to do it.
  • jomu00jomu00 Posts: 2
    could u by chance email me a copy of that tsb or tell me where i can find it thank u
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    I think you need a TechII to program the system after you're done replacing parts. If you have one of those, you're in like Flynn.

    If you're not far out of warranty, you might appeal to your favorite dealer for a little Goodwill. They may be able to get GM to foot the bill, or part of the bill. Remember, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. They don't owe you anything. You are asking for a favor.
  • Is it possible to purchase the reciever and replace it yourself?
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