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Chevrolet Impala Key Fob Questions



  • wheres the recevier for the key fob????my impala has 80k on it. i bought it used almost 2 years ago. i got a key fob on ebay, read online to see how to program it to my imapala, i've done eveything trying the key on and off holding lock button on door and then the lock and unlock... but i can't get nothing. so i figured it was the key fob. took it in had it tested and it works fine. so then the guy tells me that they would have to look at it and all that... i asked how much it would be, and he said "well if it's just a wire that needs pluged in, and with time and labor and that it would be 80.00 unless it's rolled over and die then it would be much more then that"... well i'm sorry i'm NOT going to pay 80 for someone to plug in a wire... that's crazy!!! isn't it? or was he for real ( i'm a women so part of me thinks he thought i would have sucker written across my forhead ) anyways... so i figured maybe if i could find it my self, the RECEIVER Module then i could plug in a wire... i have a 2005 chevy impala.

    i also have some other issues:

    1. pinging noise after i turn off my car

    2.while i'm driving my ca feels like its choking, or like its gonna stall... then sometimes it's totally fine. and sometimes it does it at a stop light while the car is sitting there. normally when starts happening then i go and get a fuel treatment and fill up with prem. gas... and it does fine for a while like a couple to a few months and then i have to do it again ... and sometimes after the treatment it will do it but it's not as hard of a choke and it's very less noticeable and far and few between.

    are either of these major concerns????....should i do anything more?... or what????? please help!!!!!!
  • Can someone tell me if the o9 chevy impala SS has metallic paint. Thanks
  • Just bought a GM Certified 2006 Impala and noticed the remote start and auto door unlocks only work from about 5 -10 feet away...noticed a lot of people talking about the receivers and antennas being replaced...I was wondering if this is covered under the 12 month GM certified warranty...I sure hope so...If this is a known issue why wouldn't they have fixed it at the dealer?Geeesh....
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