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Saab 9-3 Coupe (2002 and earlier)



  • I have a wrx and read the post about the snow tires. I am fully aware that this post does not allow for selling or advertising cars/merchandise, but is there any way i could exchange info about the snow tires without getting Pat? into a pickle. I live in nj and would be interested.
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 101
    I'm in the Phoenix area also. Which dealer/salesperson can you recommend? I'd consider a good deal on an '01 (any current incentives?) but probably will wait a few months and get an '02 base or SE 5-door. Is there still more power and better handling with the '02 SE?

    Is it really possible to get a base 9-3 with 5-speed and leather for the low $20k range?

    Some reliability issues have me worried, but I like the safety features and comfortable seats. A similarly equipped Volvo S60 turbo costs much more, as does a BMW 325i. Would consider an Audi A4, however...

    Thanks, Larry
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    Dear Larry,

    I am in the Phoenix area, but I cannot recommend any salesmen since I bought my Saab used. The main incentive on current Saabs is 0% financing, which is pretty tempting. I am probably going to go to my local Saab dealer and take a test drive. I doubt they would be able to make the deal sweet enough for me to buy one right now, but you never know.

  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 101
    A few months back, the 9-3 was available at $4700 below INVOICE! Holy cow, what a deal. That means a nicely equipped 9-3 was under $24k - or $6k less than a similarly equipped 325i or Volvo S60 2.4T. For that kind of savings, I'll put up with some personality quirks in a Saab. I'd still have a quick, safe, and stylish car.
  • Back when I got my car the incentive was $5500 on the 9-3 SE!! I got mine at Kachina Saab..the salesman is no longer working for them...too bad he was awesome. The salesman I dealt with at Lund now works at Kachina...Andrew Lucas. Both dealers treated me well but Kachina came through with a better price. If you are looking for an automatic with 8,000 miles I might know where you can find one.
    There will not be a 4 door base model for 2002 ..they will all be SE but there are changes to the interior and equiptment levels...which you can find on the saab website. Not sure what the current incentives are but if you want the 0% financing you can't get the factory to dealer cash from what I've heard. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions
  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    I have a 2001 9-3SE auto. JUst curious.Should I change the oil at 5k or wait until 10k service.most of my driving is highway. Also.does anyone know a good private mechanic in the queens/long island area when I';ll need one? thanks
  • Ok. Here's my question. What makes a Saab so great? To me, they seem overpriced and unreliable. Of course, I've never driven one. Is there something that I'm missing? And don't just tell me they're quirky. That doesn't mean anything. Explain yourself. I'm really curious. I hope this clears up the mystery.
  • First off they are not overpriced...if you just look at the sticker price I'd agree with you..but factor in the heavy incentives and they are very reasonable. Unreliable??? I've had no mechanical problems and it comes with a 4year 50,000 mile warranty and 3/36k free maintenance package.
    As far as what you are missing I can try to explain it but you really have to drive the car to understand. You'll either love it or hate it. If you like how a camry drives you won't like the Saab. The camry drives like a buick..quiet, slow, overassisted power steering and plain boring. On the Saab the steering is precise but requires more effort, the handling is amazing, the seats are better than any car I've been in, the turbo is fast..very fast even with an automatic, the a/c is incredible and I live in Phoenix where it got up to 118 degrees this summer and the trunk is huge (and if it won't fit in the trunk the seats fold down) Go drive one...I had no intention of buying one until I went for a test drive. Got it as as second car but sold my Lexus LS400 three months later after I realized that I never drove it because I'd rather drive the Saab
  • I spent about two weeks trying to locate a 2001 9-3 base to take advantage of the incentives. Carsdirect quoted $21532 for a stripped down base model (manual) but could not find one. Eventually I found myself one, which however had all the options (leather, sunroof, metallic paint and heated seats), and was still four door manual. The price was $24100. Compared to invoice price it seemed a good deal but I don't know if that is true. I have had the car for two days and it has been great so far. One question relates to the gas. 90 octane is recommended but gas only comes at 87, 89 and 93. Any comments on the use of the various grades of gas?
  • I got a quote from Lehman Saab in Miami on a 2001 SE for 26,900, but when i went to see him-- the guys name was Al Vitoria, he jacked up the price to 30k when i told him i wanna lease the car. Same problem with Gold Coast Saab in Pompano beach
    Can anybody advice on how to go about getting the least price for the car.
  • For any of you looking for a 9.3 Se here is what I paid for a 2002 SE, Auto, Prem. pkg, Met. paint, heated seats. List was $32,765 paid $30,870 before tax plus I received the .9% fin. for 4 years. Seemed like a good deal. I bought it here in the Chicago area. Hope this helps anyone looking for a 2002.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your information. We look forward to hearing more about your 2002 Saab SE 9.3 experience. ;-)

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  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    Does anyone know when Houston's going to have a Saab dealership again?
  • Hi i need advice please. I live in Fort Lauderdade but i see a 93 in Auburn Massachusets that i'll like to buy. Spoke to the dealer and dealer said they do ship statewide. Is is advisable to buy the car without first seing the car? it's a 2001 93 with 11k miles.
    advise please
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    Do they ship nationwide, cuz that's what you mean here.
    Is there a reason this 9-3 in MA is so much better than any in FL? And what will it cost for you to pick the car up, or for it to be shipped to FL? For a car this new, I don't necessarily think you need to see it (if the car is at a reputable dealer). I just think whatever 'deal' you might get from this dealer will be offset by the shipping costs.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    I believe Sewell is talking about putting a Saab dealership there (they run Saab in San Antonio and Dallas).
  • ghulet, the guys says they ship nationwide, but i'm apprehensive at spending 24K on something i have not seen.
    I cant find a similar car in Fl.
  • Is the dealer in Auburn or Acton Mass? I know tha Village Saab is in Acton Mass. You may want to try some Saab dealers in the NY metro area - I live in CT and Saab of Westport and Saab of Greenwich are reliable. Ramsey Saab and JMK Saab in Jersey are high volume saab dealers I believe.

    Also - go to - and check out their classified section. Saabnet is the internet's "center of the universe" for Saab aficianados...
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Saw the pictures of the new 9-3 in "NINES" magazine. Though it was disguised, it looked like a late 9000. Anyone have any information or facts on the new one?
  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    Have a 2001 SE 4 door hatch. Was wondering if anyone knows a good private mechanic in queens/long island area
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