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Chrysler Sebring Transmission Problems



  • It sounds like you water pump stopped functioning locked up and caused the timing belt to break. Now if it turns over but no compression, you may have gotten lucky and the valves aren't bent. But usually they always bend in this case, and a head job would be necessary. Removing the plastic covers on the left side top of the engine will reveal the broken timing belt. Good luck Steve E
  • alan_qeredaxialan_qeredaxi Posts: 1
    edited October 2007
    I have a 09 Chrysler Sebring Limited with 25000 miles on it, Engine 2.4L, I have a problem with the transmission, especially on the hills or sometimes in a normal, the problem is a sudden locks into second gear, and sometimes when I use to break and decrease my acceleration, the same sudden locks will happen but this time it is from second gear into a firt gear ... can I know, is that bad for my transmission? and how can I fix it please?
  • 1998 sebring conv w auto shift car was ok no noise or anything got out of store put in drive got 1st then nothing feel like veh is in neutral tried reverse got reverse lites but veh whont move tried drive and auto shift w no results so i put trans in park tun off eng turn back on put trans in auto shift 1st gear veh moves ok change to any other gear or reverse and i loose all gears again so i have to repeat process of turn eng off ,on i change the shift solenoids and i do not have any gears so i remove the new solenoid and place the old one back and i got 1st working please help :sick:
  • my 2007 Chrysler sebring shows the engine light and the techs said it was a transmission solenoid error code. the solenoids were replaced twice (AAMCO & dealership) and the code is still there. after a week of it being at the dealership, they said it was the main engine control wire harness giving the error to the PCM (pin 53 was broken). the pin is for the solenoid wire to the PCM. they wanted 1200$ to fix so i told them to F off. i fixed the broken pin and i still have the check engine light and my car is still stuck in reset mode (wont shift out of 2nd). what else can i do?!?!
  • My Grandsons 2002 Sebrings trans won't shift in any gears. It acts like it is in nuetral. He was driving down the freeway and with no warning all of a sudden there was no gears. We had it towed to a shop and the mechanic said the trans needs to be rebuilt and wants $1400 to do it. We had it towed back home because I don't have that kind of money to fix it. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? I find it hard to believe that it needs a new trans or a complete rebuild. I am desperate to have it fixed because he is driving my car now! PLEASE HELP
  • Hey sandym23 I have a 2001 Sebring Coupe LXI with the 3.0 liter V6. Mine did the exact same thing at 122k miles. I was driving down the interstate and it was like the car was put into neutral. I had it towed to the guy that works on all my cars. At first he though it was the computer that controls the trans but it wasn't that. Now I don't know if you have the four door or the two door coupe but he told me that my trans was a sealed unit and that he couldn't even rebuild it. We decided to find a good used trans and swap it out. That only cost me about 900 bucks verses swapping it with a rebuilt one at the tune of 2,000 bucks. I was told there was some kind of flat bearing that went out. I would suggest finding a shop that would swap it out with a used transmission. Mine has been running fine since and that has been over 2 years ago. I hope this has helped you some.
  • 2001 Sebring converable- 100k -used car dealer says my transmission slams into gear @ time ,because of the transmission computer. This is tuff for me to trust- I'm begaining to think there is a chep trans in these Chrysler's. I need a transmission
  • silniod body they call it ok this parts opens littie door sto shoot fluid in to tranie to shift the gears ok once go bad wont open on sum doors right it jerk ya hard shift ya feel like tranie bad but it aint ok so change that part 1st then fluid and filter if that dont do it then u can worrie about tranie ok but dont do it 1st change soiniod body on tranie 1st ok email us back let us know what happend bet its it :shades: :shades:
  • ogailyogaily Posts: 2
    2 problems with my 2 cars Sebring 2007 & Sebring 2008:
    1. The downshifting from 2nd to 1st is a constant problem; the car almost suddenly stops.
    2. When put on "D" the car doesn't move forward unless I push the gas paddle a little bit.
    I live in Libya, so please help me tell the mechanics what to do.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    edited May 2012
    Looks like a number of folks here have had their transmissions replaced, but one of our members suggests checking the solenoid body first:
    Re: 2002 Chrysler Sebring trans won't shift [owner01sebring]

    You can also ask the folks in the Edmunds Answers section about this:

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  • mothman92mothman92 Posts: 1
    My car doesn't want to move after I reverse or make hard stops. I have to give the petal a little gas before it jerks back in to gear and starts moving again. I think its low transmission fluid, but i'm not sure I only put a quart of trans fluid in and its still doing it. Do I need more or is it something else?
  • I have a 2004 sebring sedan,it was working great til friday.I was on my way to work,stopped to get gas and when i started the car it would only go in reverse.It sounds like its stuck in neutral when you put it in drive.It won't even shift into low gear.For about 2 weeks before i was coming up to a red light and when i applied the brake the car started jerking,it didn't though if you put it in neutral.someone please give me some advise,for i know very little about cars.thanks
  • The best answer to this problem, based of my experience of having 2 Sebrings and 1 Avenger is to erase the error code, drive the car for few kilometers and that's it.
  • My 2000 Sebring I bought for my daughter is leaking transmission fluid. I bought and installed a new pan with a rubber gasket and filter. Still leaks, I removed the pan and added liquid gasket to both sides of the rubber gasket, Still leaks. I removed the pan and the rubber gasket, scraped clean the surfaces and used high temp red silicone gasket maker per instructions, still leaks. I think it might be coming from the solenoid pack that I think is just above the pan toward the front of the car. My question is what are the set of screws that are between the pan and the solenoid pack? There is about 5 and none are screwed all the way in. Are they suppose to be all the way in or are they tuning/adjuster screws. I really want to tighten them down.

    If you have any suggestions for the leak would be appreciated. Car and tranny work great, just want to stop the leak.
  • Just bought this car, enjoying it! Problem: With only 31K miles, car seems to have a tranny issue. Doesn't happen consistently, just occasionally. Seems to be when it's been sitting for a while, like overnite. Car starts out in 1st gear, and then sticks, & does not shift smoothly into 2nd. Instead, it "slams" into 2nd. Or, it will do same, but between 2nd & 3rd. And then, at other times, it shifts smoothly like it's supposed to do (all gears). Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? What can be done to remedy? Would like to be a truly satisfied & happy Sebring owner.
  • leo765leo765 Posts: 1
    same leak that I have in my 2000. its coming from the shift solonoid pack at the bottom. my screws are tightened all the way in so im replacing the shift pack. the transmission on a 2000 is the A604 / 41TE. ebay has several prices on the same part. go with the mopar replacement oem from electrical
    88 bucks free shipping
  • hi change soiniod body on tranie ok use atf 3 or 4 fluid only never gm shift have new filter too on tranie when u change fluid at shop 80 bucks
    and re tighten your screws around pan after 6 mo of changing fluid they get littie loose but 1st cheak change out cheap soiniod body on these dont mess with tranie itself when its proably not even that
  • How did you get this problem fixed? My Chrysler just started doing the same thing.
  • Since my problem is an intermittent one, I'm still dealing with it. I think I know it's cause. (I have an extended warranty with my car, but the car needs to exhibit the problem when it's in the shop to be fixed.) But, I have reason to believe that the shift solenoid pack body needs to be changed.
  • 2.7L V6, 122K miles. Winning noise with engine running in park. Transmission has delayed shifting into all gears. When in drive, transmission shifts in and out of gear.
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