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Pontiac Bonneville Electrical Problems



  • no audio out of my speakers after totally draining battery and getting it jumped. Dealer said it should show LOC since my 2001 Bonneville has theft protection. I said everything including preset stations are there, but no sound. Not even the bell for doors open, or key in ignition. Checked many fuses not one found bad. miss my!
  • Does anyone know anything or have a problem with the gas gauge and temp gauge not working. My gas gauge occasionally goes clear past full or sometimes completely empty. Now within the last 2 weeks I put a thermostat in my car, it was overheating (so the gauge said) and it keeps pegging clear over to the red box on the very hot reading. Now today a few of my lights on my dash quit working? Does anyone think it could be my instrument cluster going bad or does anyone know of these things happening to others? I really do not think it was overheating actually but how do you know for sure? The gas gauge will eventually read correct but it is random.
  • awu10awu10 Posts: 1
    I have this problem happened once a few months ago. On last Saturday, I came home and got stuff unloaded from the trunk, when I closed the trunk, I heard the door locked and unlocked several times, just like someone pressed the keyforb. I ignored this instance and went to the house. When I came out to the car after more than one hour, the car lights were still on. I opened the door and closed it again, the light went off. On sunday morning, when I was get ready to leave house, I found the battery was completely dead. So I opened the hood, the head light clicked on and off crazy. At this moment, the key was not in the car or the keyforb was pressed. I charged the battery until full. I drove to the road, I didn't find any problem. I decided to turn in to the dealer. When I drove to the dealer a few miles away. When I was driving, the door in drive's side was clicked from lock to unlock. A few seconds later, the door behind drive seat was clicked as well. The car was driven and tested by the repair shop technician today. So far, they haven't find any problem yet.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you
  • i believe my problem is the factory security system, if anyone knows how to bypass it that would be great. my problem, when i turn the key nothing. all electrical components work. replaced the battery, starter, battery cables (cleaed all connections), misc relays, and checked the ignition switch. the starter has 2 wires, the battery wire, and a purple, the purple should get power in the start position, it does not. at the ignition switch it does. i can jump the selenoid to start it, but it will only run for less than 5 seconds and turn off. im almost certain its the security system. the security light comes on when trying to start it. pleeeeeeeease help me im going crazy!!!!!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    I believe I've read about the lock sensor on the trunk lid being the most likely to cause problems with a security system. I believe the temporary fix is to disconnect it completely at a connector close to latch.

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  • Found solution (no thanks to dealer). Dealer said it's the radio, $100 to take it out and send it out for testing (of course added costs). Car Toys looked into problem, found out that the amplifier was working but for some reason it wasn't getting the signal to turn on. Car Toys re-wired my amplifier to ignition switch as easiest and least expensive solution and $72 later I've got my sound system back! Thanks Car Toys!
  • My 1994 Bonneville will not start. I have replaced the starter, crank sensor, ignition switch and checked all fuse wires. Does any have any idea what might be the problem. I am about to lose my mind trying to find out what the problem is.
  • have not had sound to rear speakers since buying 95 bonnie 3 years ago. was ok with it..figured radio was ready to dump. just put new stereo in it and still no sound to back speaker. put rear lead into front lead,...which i know work. still no sound. wiring diagram is useless. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. have checked all fuses etc...sot that's not it . help...PLEASE

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    Are you getting spark? Because of what you've changed I would infer you don't but you didn't really say that.

    A neighbor had a different GM car that had a bad computer. It would run poorly at idle sometimes and roughen above idle and couldn't be driven. Junkyard equivalent computer fixed it. But be sure to diagnose first to avoid wasting money on guesses.

    Are you getting fuel? Does fuel pump run. Push the schrader valve on gas line; does fuel squirt out at high pressure? Use cloth over opening to catch spray.

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  • I own a 95 bonnevillle. it has a general misfire under load. new ECU and still same problem as before. seems to run perfect until moderate load applied- seems to be sluggish and power comes in "bursts".
  • enealkenealk Posts: 2
    my temp guage went all the way around to pointing straight down and has stayed there ever since and sometimes the gas guage registers less gas than I know is in the tank (since other times it works properly & when it isn't working right it starts by clicking & then stopping in the lower position).
  • I have a 95 SE that all of a sudden has no dash lights at all... interior lights work as do the leds in the door handles but absolutely no light on the dash displays at all... I have looked in the main fuse box and there is no blown fuse there, nor is there a listing for any dash displays... anybody know where the fuse might be for this? I checked the big fuses located under the hood as well and all look good... help?????????
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    Do you have the owner's manual in the glovebox?

    I don't know if your has the panel above the passenger's foot above the hush panel under the glovebox? It may be on the side of the car under the A pillar, i.e.

    If it's the standard dash and all the lights are out... have you tried the knob, lever, that changes the brightness of the dash lights. I am probably suggesting something you already have tried. I recall some headlight switches have had trouble heating and charringplastic connectors on the back of the headlight switch and that might affect the dash ligthts.

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  • hi there.. no manual.. but I do remember now that you mentioned it that there is another fuse panel on the passenger side under the glove box... all in total there are 3 separate fuse sites, one under the drivers side, the big fuse panels under the hood and the one you just mentioned... I will check that out... thanks for the idea
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    Email me and I can connect you to other help sites for Pontiac. I am a long time lesabre owner. There seem to be unique problems to the Bonneville version and slight differences in things just like where you're having a problem. I don't know how the dimmer is set up for the dash lights, but I just wonder if it is turned all the way off or broke. Email is in profile-read the whole thing.

    Does the radio dial light go bright and dim with the dimmer if it works? Or is it out too?

    My leSabrs were 93, 98, and 03. So I don't have a model near your year. But I can help fix you up.

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  • I have a 97 Bonneville SE. Is there a fuse for the security system? I have lights blinking on the inside of the car and they won't come on, on the outside of the car, the car just dies for no apparent reason. A guy at the parts store suggested that it might be the security system causing the problem, and thought we could disconnect it. Does anyone know how to do this, and is it a lot of trouble?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    I think you might have a battery problem. The symptoms of lights not working with blinking and strange symptoms might be that.

    The battery itself could be a problem or the cables that connect to the battery and connect to the grounds and other ends of the positive cables could be it. If you have the double cable with one connector on top of the other screwed to the same post those are susceptible to corrosion. Remove them and clean both completely. Look down into the plastic part of the cable. Battery acid has corroded down inside the plastic on some.

    You probably already know this but remember to remove the ground cable first and connect it last to prevent arcing from your wrench on the positive.

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  • cammy1cammy1 Posts: 3
    my information center on my 93 bonnie ssei flickers on and off at times and my guages bounce left and right very fast and get stuck, also my a/c comes on by itself.....can anyone help me with the proplem?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    I had a 93 leSabre for 150K miles. It developed a minor problem where the AC would default to defrost (no electrical control of vacuum doors) and the AC compressor came on which appears to be default when no power was to the programmer (controller) part of the AC. It was a manual system where I selected cold-warm with a lever.

    At the same time the power door locks wouldn't work. This sometimes happened while driving and lasted up to 10 minutes. I rarely if ever happened while sitting in the garage when I first started the car.

    I used my service manuals and figured it was a ground problem. There is a ground buss piece where several grounds connect together at the bottom of the A-pillar, beside the emergency brake and under the carpet. I can show pictures if you want. It seems to be sensitive to moisture being in carpet from getting in and out with snow, rain, on feet.

    Some people have tried stomping to vibrate the connection which is buried under the plastic edging and had the connection work. I learned about this after I joined another forum--I had figured out it was a ground but didn't know where.

    I another discussion there is discussion about DICs not working. Is your car an electronic display speedometer? It might be those pesty circuit boards. Email to my address listed by clicking on my name at the top of this post to see my profile. Read it all to find my email. I'll send you info that may or may not help. Your problem with gauges/DIC could also be the ground. I can post pictures here if you wish.

    Ebay seller of electrical reman stuff

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  • cammy1cammy1 Posts: 3
    no my guages are not digital(speedom.ect) just my dlock,information cented,and the display of the inside tempeture but yes i would love to see some pics please.
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