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Pontiac Bonneville Electrical Problems



  • Have a 1999 Bonneville, with approx 183,000 miles......having issues with it quitting when driving, and it will not start back up ...have to let it sit for atleast 30 minutes, if not longer....Battery has a full charge, you can hear the fuel pump and starter engaging....
  • There is a 2nd red wire the comes off the battery that goes up by the firewall. I had this exact problem and replacing that wire resolved it 100%.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    Does the engine crank over?

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  • My 97 just started having heater lower issues when it got cold out. It first started not coming on at first and after a min would come on, now it will come on but never blow high even on high. High is like setting three, when at that and actually blowing dims off and high will be like one. You can get it to work for a couple mins if you get out and wiggle the plug on the back of the motor but still high is like setting 4 and quickly slows to 3. Also the gas gage will apear to be ok say at 1/2 tank but when sitting for a min will drop gradually in incromentsuntill past empty. My voltage gage reads 14 when the car sits at idle but smells like burning electrical and reads high end 15 ish. any help would be great on what to check.
  • 2000 Bonneville -Recently I smelled what I thought was burning electrical in the passenger cabin and it turned out to be a leaking heater core. I also had to replace blower fan in past. I thinks the blades are hard plastic, but don't remember if they give off a smell when the motor failed. Good luck.
  • did any one find out what the problem was with the parking lights not turning off? the same thing has happen to me today and im lost! i came home and parked and the lights will not go off?
  • i went to auto zone and had a diagnoise done because my check engine light came on and it came back code P0102 witch is the MAF sensor, and now my car shut off while i was driving all power and every thing i thought i needed a jump but after 5min i tried to start it and it came back on and i drove it home can the MAF sensor really cause all this? nothing else came back on the second diagnoise i had done but the MAF sensor again..i really need help and i cant aford a mechcanic to keep paying for defferent things if you no can you help please. thanks
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    Probably a ground problem. I have problems with the Sentinel system also and the lights stay on sometimes. I just turn it off and control the lights manually.
  • May have had a similar problem on my 2000. Brought it to the mechanic and he said I had accidently turned the headlight switch to on full (all the time). When he turned it to the off position the lights went out but I still had running lights and they still came on automatically at night and shut off with the delay.

    My headlight switch is on the blinker lever.
  • Did they clear the code and it came up a second time? If so, you probably need to replace it. I've had to replace them in the past. When I read your post, it reminded me of the time when my 2002 Bonneville died on the interstate and restarted after 5-10 minute wait. Turned out I needed an ignition control module and had a crack in the housing of one of my coils.
    My 2000 is starting to cost me $$ to keep it running, but less than a monthly car payment!
  • can the maf sensor cause my car to shut off and stall when trying to start ? i just dnt want the run around paying for this and that. my funds are short and i need to no the real problem lol! did the ignition control module start after you got the sensor replaced or was that also a problem from the start ? whats the ciol housing? thanks
  • where was the switch located? i no you have a 2000 and mines a 1997 but i would like to check for that also? thanks
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    Disconnect MAF sensor. If the car doesn't stall then you have a bad MAF sensor. Just note that the car will run a bit rough and a check engine light will light when doing this.
  • ok i have a big problem right now can some one please help i mite repeat some things but i want to give all details for best help!
    PROBLEMS: starts then shut off after a couple seconds (symtoms)-run hard kind of shakey then turn off.
    2.some times power goes out also then come right back on after couple minutes whenit shuts down
    3. my tail lights will not go out
    4.autozone test came back maf sensor
  • jdowgjdowg Posts: 1
    Hi i can prob help you with the windows not working, but the a/c i am not sure mine just stopped working on my car its 2004 bonneville but anyway i left my windows down when it rained and it shorted out the side door panel modulator i went on ebay and found it for 15 bucks its the drivers side one it has the door locks and everything else i replaced it and bam everything works now! i always remember to leave the windows up now lol hope this helps, also did the mechanic say the fan blowers fuses blow did they test it cause its really ez to check yourself under the backseat in the jumper box even there are 3 fuses i think one for blower and two for a/c maybe give them a look remember to disconnect the bat before messing with the fuses,
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    Replace the MAF sensor. If you have to you can disconnect the sensor to get around a bit. The tail light problem may be the brake light switch sticking or went bad.
  • Ok I was told it was my fuel pump I thought that a bad fuel pump can only stop the car from turning over or starting.. My problem is when I try to start it it do turn over for a couple seconds then cut off the power also then u wait a couple minutes then it some times start right up and stay on or as soon as I press the breaks it shuts off again I'm lost I'm go replace the sensor to day but u think it mite be more then one problem I want to take it to the shop but they always do stuff to your car to come back I'm sure if it what can I do?
  • just wated to share thatthe car cutting off with these symtoms:power off at start,shut off after seconds started with power turning off also.. it was the starter wire it was running hot had to be changed now doesnt shut off. as for the parking light problem staying on i had a switch put in to turn on and off as i need. so far so good right now
  • hcbrhcbr Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Bonneville - was running fine. Went to bank, came out and it would not start. The dash lights come on, but nothing when the key is turned. You can jump it from the starter, and will run 2-3 seconds and just die. Suggestions??
  • There's a 2nd positive wire that runs from the battery + side to the center of the cowl area. Generally, you can move that connector around (at the battery) to get it running. I eventually replaced that cable (approx $45 at GM) and all starting issues went away.
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