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Buick La Crosse Steering

gerrycgerryc Posts: 9
My 2005 LaCrosse, with some 18,000 miles, has developed a sound of rubber on rubber in the steering wheel when making a normal 90 degree turn in either direction. The sound is something like a squeak and is best heard when the radio/CD player is turned off. It is disconcerting for some passengers.

My dealer has done a road test and confirmed the squeak is there but has adopted a wait and see approach as this is the first instance brought to its attention. It checked with GM and determined it is not a reported problem.

Has anyone in this Forum experienced this noise problem? Has anyone who has been able to get the problem resolved?


  • bluecxsbluecxs Posts: 5
    I have not had this particular problem.
    I have had squeaky door panels, squeaky console to dash joint, squeaky seats, etc.
    They fixed the console to dash by filing the mating surface. The fixed the squeaky seats by replacing stripped screws and loose rivets.
    They did not fix the interior door panels. They fixed the exterior door panels with lubrication, that runs down the side of the car.
    This car has the noisiest interior I have ever experienced.
    You have to keep bring it back, or bring to multiple dealers.
  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    >>This car has the noisiest interior I have ever experienced.<<

    How long have you had it?

    The reason I ask is because I rented a Lacrosse last March in Las Vegas and drove it to LA and back. It was very quiet (I think it had about 20K on it already). This experience led me to buy one.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Could it be as simple as the rubber shroud surrounding the bottom of the steering column near the driver's feet? With the car parked and engine running, have someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you listen down by your feet. Could just take a little WD-40 to stop the squeak. If you try this and the sound is past that point, I would do the obvious: check power steering fluid. After that, it's likely a steering rack issue.
  • gerrycgerryc Posts: 9
    Thanks BXD for your suggestions. Will the WD-40 have any adverse effects on the rubber shroud (erode, shrink, harden, etc)?

  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    No. And even if it did, this is not a part that is visible to anyone riding/driving the vehicle. It kind of protects the column by the area where the column exits the passenger cabin. If you hear it in this area, you may have to remove a plastic panel to be able to put a light coat of spray in there.

    Get a friend to help and give it a listen. :)
  • sscott3sscott3 Posts: 6
    I'm not sure I would use WD-40. Typiclaly rubber and petroleum don't get along. Silicone spray might be better. If it's rubber it probably isn't natural rubber anyway so you might get away with it. Most synthetic rubber or TPEs would tolerate WD-40.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Silicon is fine too. My point was to use a light lubricating spray. I don't think it's real rubber, it's too plasticky and stiff to be that in my opinion.
  • gntlmnnmigntlmnnmi Posts: 2
    My 2007 CXS exhibited similar symptoms that evolved into a fluid leak which in a matter of minutes emptied the resevoir. The dealer repaired the fitting but now the energy required to turn the wheel has increased significantly...the dealer says "We can't feel any problem". I was told the 2006 had similar problems that was covered in a service announcement that allowed dealers to install a new gear. Your 2005 may have a similar service announcement...they haven't authorized the upgrade for the 2007s.
  • ddhuynhddhuynh Posts: 4
    I have a LaCrosse 2006 CXS with some 13000 miles and its has almost indentical to your problems. I brought it to 3 differnce dealer, but they could not get it fixed. What would we do next? Should I write a letter to GMC or buick?

  • gntlmnnmigntlmnnmi Posts: 2
    In a followup with the dealer, I was told GM addresses these problems through a "service announcement" -- something short of a recall. But, that we customers must periodically ask about the announcement -- they won't call us.

    I plan to contact GM.
  • ddhuynhddhuynh Posts: 4
    The Lemon Law Firm can help us to push forward for recall. I just called tham at 1-888-477-1474 (Karen), and it will not cost us any thing but the GM.
  • ddhuynhddhuynh Posts: 4
    How do I follow up on this? Is there any channel for commnication with GM?

  • For about 10 days ive had some klunking/knocking in my steering wheel. Turning Left or right and from take off. Today I went to the dealer and they replaced the Intermediate Steering Shaft. My Lacrosse had 28,000 on it when purchased and has 40,500 now.Luckily it was covered under warranty but i read on a another GM forum that this was a reoccurring problem with GM steering shafts.Anyone else had similar experience?

    The difference in steering is amazing after the shaft was replaced. Very tight steering (Like A New Car) and absolutely no noise.
  • Acually, they fixed the problem. But GM bought it back with full value of day one.
    I asked GM to buy back.

  • I have a 99 Silverado with 70000 actual one owner miles. The intermediate steering shaft was replaced at 300 miles, 32000 miles and 67000 miles. All free under warranty.

    The service tech told me he changes 4-5 out a week. Just a bad design and I wonder if it is the same as my wifes 06 LaCrosse. It has 15k miles but no issues with the shaft so far.
  • My Lacrosse is a 2006 also and had no problems til 40,000. (Well almost)

    Take some tylenol with you if you ever have to get the Lacrosse keychain remote replaced

    $183.00 for the one with Remote Start..That includes programming.
  • xqzmexqzme Posts: 1
    I had the problem on my 06 LaCrosse with 14k miles. GM bulletin #01-02-32-0010 covers this issue.
  • Some additional information for anyone still dealing with the clunking noise while turning, especially while pulling away from corner. The dealer replaced the intermediate shaft about 1.5 years ago saying there was a recall or many problems relating to this. Now at 40K miles, the problem is returning. Yes, the GM fix of using a so-called permanently lubricated shaft may not be 100% effective. I contacted the dealer informing them or a recurring problem and was told to bring it in. Has anyone had the shaft replaced some time ago without problems?
  • freddy515freddy515 Posts: 6
    Sounds like I need a new I shaft on my 2005 Buick LaCrosse with 21,000 miles on it.
    This condition started almost immediately after I bought the car new.
    I was told eventually it would go away but it has got worse.
    My dealer recently told me this is just an annoyance and is not dangerous and if they replaved it the fix may not work anyway.
    I called GM and they said since the car just went out of warranty I would have to pay for the new I Shaft if I choose to get it.
    They would not comment on whether this condition was dangerous or not.
    This doesn't sound right or fair to me--I mentioned the bulletin that was out on all LaCrosses made prior to 2006 and they said they would get back to me.

    Does any of this make sense to anyone?
  • I've had the problem twice with my 2005 Lacrosse. First time was in January 2007 where the dealer re-greased the shaft joint. This was under warranty. Second time was this past winter (2008). This time I went to an independant mechanic (someone I use on a regular basis) and they took the shaft out and re-greased it again. It appears when the the dealer did it the first time, they didn`t use some sort of a cork plug to keep the grease inside the shaft. My mechanic purchased an after market kit for the Lacrosse which included the cork ends and white grease. Since the last repair, so far so good. The total cost second time was $45.00 including labor and repair kit.
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