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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Tires and Wheels

luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
The original Goodyears on my 3.6 2004 CTS are about ready for replacement at 23,000 miles. I was very happy with the Yokohama Avids I had on my wife's Buick. They looked almost new after about 25,000 miles so I'm considering them for the CTS. I've heard the only tire that "looks right" on the car is the Goodyear. I want a quiet ride and performance capability as well. Anyone riding on Avids? Happy with some other brand? Appreciate any response.


  • teach76teach76 Posts: 9
    Check my past posts/replies on tires for the CTS. I am very happy with the replacement tires on my '03 CTS - they are not Goodyear. :)
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I know one thing. I will not be replacing mine with Goodyears. As with you, they came on the car. I now have 22,000 miles on them and, unfortunately, they have plenty of tread left. They roar like the sound of a bad bearing.
  • I bought an "04" CTS for my wife with 11000 on it. It was owned by an 85 year old lady, I knew her and it wasn't driven on Sundays at the local strip. When I test drove it, it noticed that the tires appeared to be cupped. Sure enough they were. I complained to the dealer and we came to an agreement on price, if they did something about the tires. Well their service dept. said they needed to be rotated. Bull. I took the car to a Goodyear Dealer, who got me a deal. Goodyear replaced all four tires, no charge. I rotated every 5500 miles. The Goodyear Dealer, realigned the car when the tires were installed. They checked the alignment again at the first rotation, because of cupping. Second rotation, cupping getting worse. Goodyear checked with local Cadillac Dealer and found that there was a sevice bulletin on this and the Camber and Toe should be Zero. Goodyear stood behind the tires and replaced them with a new set of Touring Performance Tires.
    Before replacing the second time I had the Cadillac Dealer do an alignment on the car to current spec's. They are close but not dead nuts. They won't tell me what the allowable tolerance is. They won't realign and reset it closer. They say it is closed enough. So who buys the next set of tires? Cadillac Customer Service says it should be realined at no cost to me. Dealer is refusing. This could get interesting.
  • lesstl1lesstl1 Posts: 21
    Supersmith, Right On. My 03 has exactly the same problems. Original Goodyears feathered (stairstepped front to rear on each tread element) and very noisy at 15K. Bal, rotated, aligned every 5K. Dealer verified correct alignment. Goodyear replaced tires. Another 15K later, bal, rotated and aligned every 3K, same result (feathering and howling). No dealer or tire dealer recommendations. Aligned closer to zero tolerance. Bought Bridgestone G 009s (directional tread). At another 20K (50K total), tires are starting to show some feathering and some noise, but not as bad. Rotated only front to rear due to directional tread. Everybody shakes their head in befuddlement and no recommendations. Caddilac dealers say 05 and 06s not bothered but alignment specs are almost identical. Any suggestions? Would demounting and swapping sides help as the inside does not seem as severe as the outside? :confuse:
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have an '05 CTS. This is the first Cadillac that I have owned. I am accustomed to rotating tires at 15,000 on a rear wheel drive car and 10,000 on a front wheel drive. Big mistake on the CTS. I did not know that the recommended rotation is 5,000. The tires are very noisy with a roar. It is very irritating. I was hoping that when I did replace the tires and keep them rotated, as recommended, that I would not have that problem. After reading this, maybe not. The service supervisor at the Cadillac dealer told me that it had a very aggresive suspension. He said the car is really a race car. Obviously, that suspension causes problems. I doubt this happens in a BMW or a Mercedes which also would have aggresive suspensions.
  • I have a 2004 CTS luxury sport package. My OEM Goodyear Eagles have 39,000 and I am thinking of buying new tires before the winter sets in. I have not had any problems with these tires. However I have noticed that the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S gets high ratings. I would appreciate any comments about your experience with the Michelins as a replacement for the OEM Goodyears. Has anyone replaced the OEM Goodyears with the same Goodyears?
  • I also have the '04 sport and replaced my Goodyears with Yokohama Avid V4s. They are quieter and hold the road better than the OEM tires and are less expensive than the Michelin by about $50.00/tire!!If you check the most recent consumer reports you will see the value of the Yokohama.
    The Avid V is a performance rated tire so you can enjoy the power and handling of your CTS as I certainly do...
  • rphsrrphsr Posts: 1
    Has any one found OEM winter wheels and tires that will fit the oversize brakes on this model. Tire rack does not have any.
  • ray35ray35 Posts: 5
    I was the proud driver of a 2005 Cadillac CTS with a 3.6 V6. When I was at the the dealer, Cadillac of Whittier, buying the car I saw these beautiful MHT wheels on the showroom floor that were outstanding. They were MHT Neeper Rise in 20 X 8.5 inch size. I bargained the price which was a hefty $4,000 including Nitto Z rated tires, down to $2,000. They agreed and I bought the car with the wheels dealer installed. Everything was fine for 11 months, 6121 miles, and then two studs on my left rear wheel broke. I brought the car to Cadillac of Whittier and they replaced the two studs and said they checked all the remaining studs on all the wheels. 5 Months later at 8,453 miles the same left rear wheel experienced a complets failure. All 5 studs broke and the wheel fell off of the hub and became lodged in the fender well causing body damage. Luckily I was only going 30 miles per hour at the time. I had the car towed to the dealer. This time they would not take responsibility for the damage. They said I hit something. I said if I hit something the front wheel would have hit first and anyway the tire would have failed and the wheel would have bent before the studs would have broken. The tire still had air in it but was chewed up by fender well. Cadillac of Whittier would not budge. I called my insurance company ALlstate and had the car towed to a body shop. The repairs were made and the insurance company is now arguing with Cadillac of Whittier. I cannot trust this car anymore, my wife would not even ride in it, so I traded it in on a new Lexus ES 350. By the way the resale value of the Cadillac stinks. I lost half its value in 16 months of ownership and 8,500 miles.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    were the rims rated for the weight of the CTS?....20 inch rims are a larger upgrade for this car.......just wondering aloud here.....also with that rim and the lower profile are adding additional stress to the suspension.....I do find it unusual that all 5 studs would go at the same time..without some sort of castrophic failure....
  • ray35ray35 Posts: 5
    When I was in the Cadillac Dealer's showroom I saw a CTS with these wheels on it for sale. I would have bought that one except I did not like the color of the car. So I asked the salesman to put those wheels on the black CTS I chose. When you buy a car from a dealer you have to assume that they know what they are doing. Whoever put those wheels on the car is responsible. My son who is involved with racing believes that the installer stretched the studs by over torqueing them. When the two studs broke the first time the dealer should have replaced all five. The three studs that were left on the hub were further weakened when the first two broke. Later on, the three weakened studs broke and the two new studs could not handle the load so they broke also. That's is the scenario that we think happened.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    plausible...but GM will probably not get involved since the dealer installed the aftermarket wheels which were not OEM from GM....just my thought.....if they fixed the first would appear they would fix the second time.....especially with the castrophic failure..of all 5 studs......that simply doesnt happen....IMHO.....good luck with the outcome....

    all service departments are not no...dealerships dont necessarily know what they are doing either....
  • I have a 2005 3.6L V6 CTS, 16,500 miles, just took the car for a NY State inspection and learned that I need tires and brakes. The price of the car was approx $37,500, I am disappointed that the life of the tires and brakes is so low.
  • cdubayoucdubayou Posts: 1
    I have only had my cts for 4 mths and I have been trying to decide on wheels. I have 17's and thought I wanted 18's but now I'm thinking 20's. I'm struggling w/factory or aftermarket. I don't want to look like a pimp, but I do want bling bling. :shades:
  • jarrettwjarrettw Posts: 14
    I have a 2005 CTS with the 17" Sport package. I need to replace the factory Goodyear Eagle RS A tires. Does anybody have any experience with other W rated brands, price, mileage etc. Thanks
  • i have an '03 cts and was wanting a set of 20" wheels for my ride. I dont know alot about the sizes and offsets. i was wondering if anyone had any inclination on what offset and possibly pictures showing examples of one with that size wheel?
  • rbb3rbb3 Posts: 1
    My CTS needed front tires after two years (replaced other tire due to blow out) , the mobile mechanic said it was a bad alignment, the store mechanic said that the tires are only good for 25000 miles. So add $500 a year for tires, add $100 one alignment every year (no assurance or guarantee on alignment at dealer) and $ for one rotation a year-- That's about an extra $80 a month just for tires. With all that the tire busted the threads while driving.
  • I purchases my CTS in September of 06 and I've already replaced a tire due to bulging or bubbles. I was told that it was my fault I must have hit a pothole! I have been driving for several years..too many to mention and I've never replaced a tire in 9 months and I've gone over many potholes. I've also complained of strong vibrations when you accelerate to merge on to a highway.
    I don't feel that the rest of the tires are holding up very well the car seems very low so I probably be back at the dealership again! :(
  • wascowasco Posts: 4
    Cadillac replaced my tires at 10,000 on my 07 CTS after I complained of a vibration and a bulletin came out, and at 28,000 miles I got the vibration back and the dealer told me my tires were bad again. Since part of the replacement bulletin was to alignment the tires after replacement, I showed where the dealer didn't do that so I convinced them to replace the front two tires and I paid for the back. After doing that, I still have a vibration just after 40 mph and right aroung 65 mph. I thought I was losing it until I read this forum and see it must be a common problem.
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