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Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems



  • Yeah, that's right. You are putting the switch into the line. It will connect or disconnect the "cut wire" at the flip of a switch. You can even add a length of about 20 gauge wire so you can mount the switch in a more convenient or "hidden" location.(If you are good with wiring.)Flip the switch (while the engine is running)to turn the Passlock off. I have decided to leave mine off permanently.
  • Sweet,
    Thank you.
    I will do this soon.
    Thank you very much for saving me $400.00 and Screwing Pontiac out of the $400.00 I almost paid them.
    Thanks Again,
  • I just followed your proceedure. If it works I will be forever indebted to you. I have been stranded so many times because of this faulty passlock garbage- too many times to count. I fume as I sit in my car waiting for the stupid security light to stop flashing, and every time it happens I say "I'm gonna disable this $#@! somehow!"

    If I don't get stranded within a couple of days I will know it worked!
  • Brian:
    I think that's great for you but I still feel Pontiac should pay for a pourly made product. My car has been doing this for over a year. They have replaced everything. I am fixing to take them to small claims court for the money and time and anguish that I am out and have suffered. They have charged me over and over again to make repairs that obviously didn't do any good. I think everyone should stand up to Pontiac and maybe this sort of crap would stop. Best of luck,

  • I cut my yellow wire last night. I did not install a toggle switch. We will see how long it works.
    Good luck to everyone.
    I will let you know if I get stranded again because of this JUNK.
  • More info on Passlock problems! I have a mechanic friend who says that if your "security" light comes on when you are trying to start your car and then won't let the car start, to turn the key off, and then to the "on" position (not initializing the starter, just to the power on position) and let your car set for about 10 minutes, until "security" stops flashing. This allows the key and the body computer to resink themselves and that you should be able to start your car after that. He said that his wife's car does this sometimes and that the Passlock problem may happen several times in a row or once every few months, no rime or reason to it, but that allowing the chip in the key and ignition to reconfigure with the body computer works. I hope that this helps some folks.
  • Thanks for the help and yes, I have done that several times now and it does work. The problem isn't really what disturbs me any longer. What bothers me is it took "us" to figure it out. Pontiac has yet to tell me they know whats wrong with my car nor do they seem to care. They built the car, have their own "certified" mechanics" and yet they still can't seem to understand our problem. When I bought my car brand new, I paid what I consider to be a "decent" price and I don't feel that I should have to disable anything nor do I feel I should have to sit somewhere for 10 minutes or longer at a time while my car re connects with its computer. Am I the only one that this sounds just a little absurd to? I can't tell you how many times I've been to the dealership over this, lost time from work, not to mention lost pay, deductibles that I had to pay for nothing, not to mention the pure aggravation. My extended warranty has now run out and still the car problem remains a "mystery" to them, the manufacturer. I think its time that Pontiac steps up to the plate, deals with the problems that they created and maybe, just maybe try to make their "Customers - who I thought were suppose to be the number one priority" happy. Maybe I'm asking too much but I think not!
  • I have a 2002 grand am that I bought used and Has a DEI remote start in it. I have never used the remote start before. I think it is an add on one that you use you existing keyless entry remote.

    Well to get to the Crap!!!

    I am having the same problem as all of you. But I already have a remote start, just have no clue on how to use it. My wife is getting really sick of the, turn the key on for 10 minutes, then start the car. It seems to be happening more and more. Is it the Body Control module, pass lock, ignition cylinder?
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • ginkle7ginkle7 Posts: 3
    ok i as well cut my yellow wire but noyhing happens. it still will not start, well it starts but doesnt stay started. this is getting very old and i really dont have the money to spend to try and do all that they say is wrong so i was hoping that this would. please tell me what i can do now??? :cry: :cry: :mad:

  • delone26delone26 Posts: 1
    :D I had the same problem my security light would com then my car would not start until i truned my key on for about 10 minutes. call gmc customer service and they sent me back to the dealer after the dealer said they did everything they could. The customer service rep was great. they end up replacing those three wires you are referring to. the wire are call connectors. they replace those three wires from the passlock cyclender to the bcm and I haven't had any problem since then. they took a year to figue it out but the rep told them they had to fix it. now she is looking into getting my money back for all the parts i had replace that didn't work. they fixed it for free as a recall problem from GMC. :D I have not had any other promblem with this 2001 grand am :surprise:
  • my car will yurn over and start for about 2 seconds then it dies the security light stays on the whole time i tried leaving the key on for ten minutes and still nothing. after about a million tries it atarted then i turned it off now it won't start except for 2 seconds. my car is a 99 grand am if you can help, i woul appreciatte it..
  • I am replying to my own message here- actually, i am following up.

    I have not been stranded since I disabled passlock by cutting the yellow wire. I no longer wonder if I am going to be late getting to work because of that faulty piece of crap.
  • bward1bward1 Posts: 8
    I have Cut My Yellow Wire As Well. So Far So Good.
    Crossing My Fingers.
    Will Keep You All Updated.
  • ginkle7ginkle7 Posts: 3
    i dont get it then...i have had the same problems as everyone on here has talked about. i cut my yellow wire and still i get NOTHING. what is up with that???? :mad: :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Perhaps your having a different problem? Maybe the root cause of your problem is not Passlock related. What were the symptoms again? Is the security light coming on?
  • hsilverhsilver Posts: 2
    I am having the same problems as everyone else. This has been ongoing for years and started about a year after I bought my 01 grand am brand new. I do the reset set for 10 minutes blah blah and late for appts./work and etc. This will make the 3rd time the reset does not work and I will have to tow it in for fixing. Does cutting the yellow wire really work ? I am ready to try anything and absolutely would like to join in the lawsuit if there is one. I called GM cust service and they were no help. All I got was the run around.
  • hsilverhsilver Posts: 2
    If anyone is filing a lawsuit be sure to let me know im all for it. They need to take responsibility for this.
  • bwegleybwegley Posts: 1
    Add me to the list for the lawsuit. I've had this problem multiple times and just now learned about the shortcut (10 min delay). I'll be trying the yellow wire thing soon also. Let's take GM down!! Ok, probably won't get that extreme...let's just get our money back.
  • virgo58virgo58 Posts: 10
    I'm in the process of trying to do just that right now. I sent a certified letter to both the dealership that I dealt with as well as the Pontiac Customer Service Rep who was suppose to help me and didn't. I stated in my letter that it was no longer about just fixing the car but I wanted to be reimbursed for all of the time and moeny that I am out. The Pontiac Customer Service Rep contacted me on Friday and told me the first step would be to get my car back in there and try to get it fixed and then we would deal with the rest. I however, don't want anything disabled on my car. I guess I just feel I shouldn't have to start disabling things and disconnecting things in order for my car to work. I want it FIXED! I'll keep you up to date but I had had enough and no one was doing anything. I guess we will see how it goes.
  • virgo58virgo58 Posts: 10
    By the way, I forgot to add that along with my certified letters, I enlcosed copies of the posting on this website so I'm quite sure Pontiac is well aware of how we all feel by now so don't let them tell you they know nothing of the problems with others. Maybe if everyone wrote to pontiac and sent copies of these posting they would get off of their duffs and actually take some action to fix these cars. I've already decide and stated to them as well that my car would either be fixed and I would be reimbursed for all of the time and money that I am out or else I would file a small claims suit against them both or either try and follow up with the class action along with all of you wonderful people. Just remember, there is always power in numbers but only if you speak up for yourself! What have we got to lose?
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