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Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    "Ihave no interior lights or other dash gauge functions" So the security light is not coming on and flashing?
  • From what you said it sounds like you lost all power to your fues box, Check the main power lead going to the fues box under the hood, and in the car. you may have poped a fuseable link.
  • poppyken,
    It doesn't sound like your problem is the passlock system. You are losing power to your dash some other way. Just follow the troubleshooting procedure in the shop manual and you should find the problem. What??? You don't have a shop manual? Get one online from ALLDATAdiy. Best $27.00 you will ever spend.
  • thanks for the answers have not had a chance to work on it since. the only light on the dash is "service engine soon" thanks again
  • I've posted many times here, and followed this forum for a couple of years. For those of you who have experienced this problem, I have written a tutorial on how to bypass the "Passlock II" security system on GM cars, and enable you to drive your car forever without worrying about the security system leaving you stranded.... not even for 10 minutes. My tutorial can be found at:

    Have a look. If you are having Passlock security problems on 1999 - 2004 GM cars, chances are my tutorial will help you.

    Dick Berger
  • Has anyone tried the PLJX passlock bypass kit with success, or any bypass kit for that matter? I have read it works even if you are not putting in a remote starter, just need to permanently ground the ground wire you would connect to the remote starter to the chassis instead. You have to get the car started first before you start. . Today I tried the work around, leave in the ACC position for 10 minutes then start 3 times, it would start for a second then shut off. I gave up in frustration. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  • I see in your posts you mention a 97 GA, would you happen to know if this would work on a 96? Thank you in advance.
  • Hi, I see you have a tutorial for the 1999-04. I have a 98 grand am. Do you have a bypass for it?
    Thanks David
  • My method of cutting the data wire and installing an SPST switch probably would work for a '98. Mine is a '97, and since I did this several years ago, my car has not failed to start once. :shades:
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but did not work for me. I start car, its runs for a second or two and then dies. Cutting the yellow wire made no difference, it still died. The first time i did the 10 minute wait, it worked. Now it does not. I replaced the ignition switch, did not help. Would replacing the BCM help since cutting the yellow wire did nothing? After car dies the security lights blinks for between 2 and 5 seconds, then turns solid. It never goes out no matter how long I wait. I have a 98 grand am, and I think the BCM is part of the computer. Any help would be great. The car is not worth taking to the dealer and spending a ton.
    Thanks David
  • The engine MUST be running when the wire is cut. Otherwise, PassLock is not bypassed. This clearly is in the instructions.

    When I had mine in the shop, the mechanic had difficulty starting the car (the electric potential through the data wire was submarginal). I simply jiggled the wire while I turned the ignition. That did the trick. I got the SPST switch from the Radio Shack across the street. Total cost: $2.95 plus tax.

    The switch is needed to reconnect the wire if, e.g., you have to replace the battery. When the battery dies or is disconnected, PassLock can rearm, meaning the start engine/disconnect wire procedure must be repeated. After the switch is installed, after the battery is reconnected, YOU TRY THE IGNITION FIRST. If it works, fine; if it dies, FLIP THE SWITCH TO "ON" AND GET THE CAR STARTED. Then, flip the switch to "off." That "cuts" the wire.
  • My tutorial may work for your vehicle as well. The reason I suggested that it would work for the `99-04 is that all these models have the same part number for the ignition switch assembly. Try going to a dealer to find out if your ignition switch is the same, and if so, then the mod will probably work for you too.
  • I did cut the yellow wire while the engine was running. I put the switch in and tried it several times since the engine only runs for a second or so. I thought my timing might be off. The ignition switch is different on the 98 than the 99-04. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  • There are two yellow wires on the '97 (the other one goes to the air bag). Assuming you cut the right wire (and that the '98 is the same system), I'm out of ideas other than to refer you to Love My Grand Am's resistor method:

    "Read post 599 of this thread, and all the referenced posts mentioned there, and you will have all the information you need. Or... go to ."

    Your engine is shutting down because the injectors are being told to cut off the fuel. Your timing has nothing to do with it.
  • 2004 Grand Am GT - have the exact same problem - car starts but solid Security light after bypass. Resistance across A6&B6 is 2.2K just as expected. Is replacing the BCM as simple as swapping out or is dealer programming required?

    Notes: As I understood the bergerweb directions, I cut the yellow with the car off. I started the car right after reconnecting battery, was I supposed to relearn it first??

    Regardless - thank you very much lovemygrandam for all your work helping people fix GM's engineering ineptitude!

  • Is replacing the BCM as simple as swapping out or is dealer programming required?

    You don't have to have the BCM reprogrammed by a dealer. All you need do is the 10 minute SECURITY reset, as mentioned in the Owner's manual.

    It so surprises me that so many people don't read their OWNER'S MANUAL when they run across this problem. That should be the very first thing you do when your car won't start.
  • Maybe I didn't state my issue clearly, sorry. I did all the steps on and fell into this condition:

    "If everything above checks out, then you probably have a defective BCM. I hate to break the bad news to you, but you are one of the 3 percent or so who this mod didn't help. Un-do your work, and take your car to the dealer..."

    The day after the failed fix I did disconnect the battery leaving the car dead for hours and tried the 10 min reset. No luck.

    Could it be that the resistor bypass only works for systems that have not gone into full failure mode? My light was solid red before I began (it only locked me out one time for the 10 min period, 30 days ago).
  • I did the resister fix. It did not work. My grand am is a 98, it does not state in the owners manual to wait the 10 minutes. Do I have to have a dealer reset it?
  • bheckel,
    It's time for you to get a shop manual and go through the troubleshooting procedure. There are a number of possible causes, including Bad grounding points, broken wiring between the BCM and PCM, It's also possible to get hold of the wrong black wire. You could try putting the system back to it's original configuration, and then doing the modification according to the instructions at:

    More information needed.
    Is your security light still on solid?
    Is it off?
    Does your car start?
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