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Acura CL Tires and Wheels



  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    Rick: Thanks for the info on the rotors, I will follow through on the warrantee issue. I will buy the tires within the next 90 days or so. I turn 40,000 miles this weekend and the original Michelins are still good for another 5 to 7k, per my local tire co...(amazing!!)

    Be very careful when installing oversize tires, even by one size, the speedo, cruise and all speed/mileage related items are calibrated to this exact diameter tire. Changing or altering this deminsion will cause the readouts to all go out of calibration.

    Do you use Synthetic Oil?? It is the best thing I ever did, Lee in Miami look at
  • I am aware that there will be about 3% difference.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    I went to Costco yesterday and the sales rep and I had a discussion about tire sizes. He suggested to use the correct size or a 225Z45x17 tire. That size will maintain the proper ratio and aspect and will not change the overall diameter of the tire.
  • The 225x45x17 will probably not have a load factor of 93 or better as stipulated by Acura. I do not believe that would be a wise choice. I personally welcome the 3% change in diameter. I would like to have slightly taller gearing (and slightly better gas mileage). Also my speedometer will probably be more correct since generally they read fast when delivered from the factory.
  • rick27513rick27513 Posts: 29
    I have no complaints about the Pilot Sport AS tires (225 size). They fit the rim and car very well, and I honestly can't tell the difference on the speedo. I know they are slightly taller, so technically there must be a slight impact. I checked out the specs on a 225-45 size tire; it was considerably shorter in overall height than the 225. I didn't want a shorter tire, due to fuel efficiency and ride comfort.

    There is a definite improvement in wet traction... the original tires would spin and hydroplane easily after approx 50% wear. And FORGET any snow traction with the originals. I didn't get them in time to test snow traction, but written reports are good. These tires do have a different feel to them... and an almost "oversensitive" reaction to minute movements of the steering wheel. (maybe I was just used to crappy tires?) I haven't really pushed them hard in any corners yet, but have started to on highway ramps and the few curvy roads I drive... I'm still learning their feel, but am definitely impressed so far. Road noise is different, but good on most surfaces. Ride comfort is fair... new tread obviously better than worn tires. You can't expect too much ride improvement on a W-rated tire.
  • I know that the stock tires aren't anything special (when does Honda *ever* spec anything that isn't a huge compromise? - aside from the S2000's tires, that is), but I can't believe that they are the main cause of the vague steering problem at only 15,000 miles. Heck, mine still look brand new!

    The CL-S is very competent in almost all respects, and my only other complaints are the grabby clutch and the hopelessly bland styling.

    Also... if you were referring to my Civic Si comments (did I even mention that here?), you should try driving one. It may be a homely little hatchback, but it handled pretty darn well.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    Over the last few months I have been planning on replacing the Michelins since I was approaching 40k, (now 43,200). I searched the web and at the Tire Rack I came across Sumitomo brand tires. I was surprised by the glowing reviews they received. Furthermore the cost of these tires was $89 ea in 215x50/17. I couldn't understand why they cost about 1/2 of any of the other comparable tires in the lot. I continued to check them out, all results were generally excellent to outstanding, by other Acura CL,CLS & TL owners. I decided to order them, I was surprised again when I found them now costing only $74 each. I ordered 4 and they arrived on time and they were installed today.
    First they look really agressive. The tread pattern is gigantic compared to the MX4. The ride is VERY smooth, but you can still maintain feel of the road. At 100 mph, smooth with a firm road grip. Cornering was agressive but again firm. I was truly leery of tires for so much less than all the other brands. However I am convinced that quality can be had for a reasonable price. The tires are the Sumitomo HTR+. Warrantees apply too. Check them out at, Lee in Miami
  • rmd12345rmd12345 Posts: 3
    Alarmpro, I already bought the same Sumitomo tires for my CLS and unfortunately had a bad experience with them. I had them for about 2-3 weeks and then felt vibration so I took the car back for wheel balancing to no avail. After 4 attempts to balance them, the dealer finally said they were out of round and nothing would fix them.
    Now after many months of vibration they seem to be rolling alot smoother, but not perfect.
    In the meantime I did contact Tire Rack to complain and finally received 2 new tires for the front. I have to get them mounted and return the originals to be pro-rated. Now they're half worn so I won't be getting much of a refund.
    The owner of the service center who originally mounted them said he's seen nothing but trouble with these tires and did not recommend buying them again. I sure won't. Maybe it was my bad luck.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    I just read your comments about these tires, I am quite surprised by your situation. I have been quite suprised with the worderful feeling I get with these new tires! The grip like crazy and are really smooth on the hiway! I watch carefully when the tires were mounted then spun balanced. I made the guy rebalance 2 tires when he seemed to have a problem with the balancing. Since I used to work at a tire company, I was trained on how to balance tires. The installer was offsetting the weights (stick-on) causing additional weights. When I made him redo the tires and I spotted the weight placement, the balance was perfect the first time.

    I carefully read all the reviews and I dedcided that these were good tires and a great value too. I'm sorry to hear you had problems. You may also want to check the rim runout too. An out of round rim can foul up almost any balance job.
    Good Luck, Lee in Miami
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Hi guys
    I live in Texas Fort Worth area, took my CLS to this place called Sam&Joes for wheel/tires rotation, they overtorqued them & even damaged one of the tires around the side wall, I also felt shimmy afterwards. Just a caution note, if anyone of you are living in Fort Worth/Dallas, stay away from them....

    All the best,
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Hi all, anyone used one size larger than stock: 225/50/17 in place of 215/50/17 on stock wheels....
  • I did buy a one-size larger tire. I switched to the Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires (225 size). They weren't much different in price than the originals, and I wanted a change. I was very disappointed in the ride and traction of the originals after only 20k miles. These fit the rim and car wonderfully... no rim-width, clearance, or height issues.

    I placed a message here when I bought the tires (see msg# 1546). I've driven them 9k miles since and remain impressed. They corner very well, and I feel a WORLD of difference on wet roads, compared to originals. Also, I still notice the more-sensitive steering response of these tires. One slight negative to consider - you will still have a firm ride... so if you are looking for a "softer" tire for pure comfort don't go with a W rated tire. I'm anxious to see if I like them this much after another 20k miles!
  • I'm currently driving an '01 CL-S with about 30,000 miles. The original tires have already gone to crap, and they were never that good to begin with. What would you recommend me replacing them with? Another set of Michelins? Something that will last more than 24 months? Something that actually gets a little bit of traction in the rain and snow maybe? I need to replace them before winter in case Jersey gets socked again like it did last year. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Bridgestone Turanza.. LS-V if V speed rating required.. LS-H if not. Put these on my '92 Acura Legend after glowing reviews on They have met every expectation.. Only about 4K miles so far, but seem to be wearing fine, handle great, wet weather traction is good and priced $50/tire less than Michelin.


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  • I have a 2001 CL Type S with 59,000 miles and I absolutely love it. The wet traction on the original Michelins was awful. I replaced them with Yokohama AVS ES100's and the traction is much improved during heavy rain. As we get very little snow here in Florida, I have no opinion on the snow traction.
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    How about Continental tires, "ContiSportContact" or "ContiTouringContact" for CLS...any opinions...
  • jrentjrent Posts: 15
    Need some help and suggestions on replacement tires for 2001 CL/S original Michelins looking poor at 32K. Any experience with Dunlop 5000s (4@ $603) or Toyo TPTs (4@ $707) or Cooper ($110 each?) tire size is 215/50R17
  • daqmandaqman Posts: 27

    I've heard good things about Kumos
  • rick27513rick27513 Posts: 29
    I can't speak for an 02, since mine is an 01-type S. But I can tell you my opinion is that the Type-S Auto is NOT a good choice for snow.

    1st, the factory tires are CRAP in snow (and rain after 50% wear). I say that based on first-hand experience, but you will see the same if you check comparisons on or other tire sites.

    2nd, the engine torque and throttle response, just as you go off-idle, gives way to immediate spin. The CL (not type-S) might be a little better.

    3rd, there is no way to pull away from a stop in 2nd gear. The tranny will start off in that torquey 1st gear regardless of where you put the shifter. Some cars start in 2nd gear when you put the shifter in 2nd, or have a "snow" button (toyota) which disables tranny from using 1st gear. On the 6-speed you obviously won't have this issue.

    I've been using the Michelin Sport AS tires for about a year now, and love them. We've had a few snows this year (2-4 inches) and they were FAR better than the originals. Same for wet driving. However, even with the great tires, my sons' old 4cyl Camry & Accord are much better.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    WOW! I have a 2001 CL-S auto with the original tires and 30,000(almost) miles and we had a TON of snow in CT this winter and I had NO problem whatsoever. I'm not too sure what the yearly snowfall is in Raleigh, but if 2-4 is all you got, maybe you're just not used to driving in snow. Then again, is Raleigh the town that got hit by a "blizzard"?

     I just kept mine in D and never got stuck once. Funny how different people can have extremely different situations with the same car. Then again, when I had my Motor Trend "Car of the Year 99 Chrysler 300M", I had a ton of problems while others with the same car had none. Go figure.

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