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Cadillac STS/STS-V: Electrical System

gabby7gabby7 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Cadillac
My 99 STS Cadillac just quit with the dash lights and power windows. I could still drive the car. I got it home and it still started. I continued to start but later it wouldn't. It did not sound like a battery run down. Anyway, I couldn't even find the battery in this car and if it isn't the battery, could someone give me an idea of what it might be. HELLLPPPP!!!!!!


  • sfeysfey Posts: 1
    I have a 99 DeVille which was fine one minute and 5 minutes later it would not start. Turn the key on and the lights come on and the bell dings with the doors open, BUT, it you turn the key on OR just push on the brakes, everything goes off and there is a weird kind of knocking sound that appears to be coming from the speakers for a few seconds. There were no warning messages previously from the dash. Any ideas?/
  • The console light keeps coming on and ABS engaged. If you pull over, stop and restart the light & system will disengage. This happens very frequently. We've had the car to the dealer on several occasions and their response: "we don't know what the solution is". This is very annoying.. Help
  • Further to my previous question. Both the Traction light and the ABS light come on "while driving". Traction control goes into effect and sometimes will automatically turn off after a minute or two and sometimes only when the car is stopped and restarted
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Did your service suspension warning light come on also? Since you do have an STS, it has the road sensing suspension. In my previous 2000 STS, the abs, traction, and suspension light came on, resulting in me needing new shocks. In your case, you may also want to get your vehicle hooked up to a scan tool so it can read the trouble codes computer is throwing out. It could be something as minute as a non-working sensor. Also get your brakes and brake fluid checked. Low fluid in the resevoir can result in the abs light being flashed. Does your traction light go out when you depress the button?
  • We've been having this problem since late 2003. The dealer did diagnosis and ended up removing and replacing 3rd brake light at a cost of $535.94. What a ripe off. Well we have driven the car a total of 7,000 miles since then and we still have the problem. We appreciate your help and will try your suggestions. Will let you know results.
  • I am having this same problem and afraid of getting taken at the dealership. 2000 STS with 100k. The stability warning comes on and the abs and traction control light up. I have to hit something rough like a good jarring from a railroad track. It is a little noisey going down some uneven country roads, but doesn't always set off the computer. Once the warning is on it stays on till the car is restarted. Then it will take another jolt to get the message again. I can go days without it coming on. I just bought the car and noticed from the shroud that it has been hung up on something so I suspect it could be as simple as a connection. Does anybody have costs of what they have spent on repairs that might be involved should I not be able to figure it out. Any suggestions on a list of what to check would be great as this my first caddy and more involved than I imagined.
  • I have this same problem with my 98 Eldorado. Traction Control light, ABS light, and Service Stability System warning, all come on intermitently while driving. The dealer where we bought the car said the problem was passenger side hub assembly and replaced it. Same problem started again after driving for about a month. Took the car to our regular mechanic recently and he traced the problem to the EBCM. Estimate from our mechanic to fix this is approx $800.
  • I have the same problem with my brand new 2005 Deville that has only 1500 miles on it. And I also get an urgent message to check my airbag, check my tire pressure sensor, and it tells me that my traction control is off. My red battery light turns on, my red airbag light turns on, and I lose all dashboard information such as is my care in park or drive or reverse? at what speed i am going? is there gas in my tank? etc.
    This has happened 3 times since I bought the car 2 months ago.
    I've had it serviced twice so far. The first service guy who came on roadside assistance to deal with it said the car may have had a lose connection somewhere on the electricals, or maybe something was jarred loose when I drove over a bump. I've just had the 2nd adjustment at the dealership and now it feels like i don't have any shock absorbers and the car bumps up and down like crazy.
    I am very unhappy with this car.
    I have had 8 cadillacs devilles over the past 20 years and this is model year is a real loser.
    Never buy a car from a company that is in the process of going bankrupt.
    very very annoyed :mad: :cry: :sick:
  • My 1993 Cadillac STS is missing the ground pin to further diagnose an OBD code.

    Supposedly the ground is sometimes removed so that only the dealer can diagnose it.

    With Cadillac mechanics charging $150/h to diagnose I would rather do it myself.

    Can the terminal be grounded to any ground...or must it be to the connector ground.
  • Turns out the code is only readable with the On-Board System.

    The Tech 1 tool cannot be used with OBD1 Cadillacs. Another reason to own a Caddy!

    Anyways, I have acquired a fault tree and hopefully can find the problem.

    The code T061 for "Motor Pump Relay Fault" is present.

    I'll post with more info. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Check the alternator, the electrical demand on these Caddy's is unbeilievable. If it is failing, you will get some pretty funky results. Put a voltmeter on the terminals while charging, near stuart up it should read around 14.3-14.4 depending on the temperature outside.
  • how do you replace the alt. on a 98 sts northstar motor.
    what needs to be remove to do so!
  • i purchased the car a month ago, knowing the previous owner had just replaced the instrument cluster,(still not working properly). after spending, $850 at selling dealer, checking grounds,(poss not all),working with caddy tech support we replaced the ignition switch. vehicle's systems worked perfect for 30 miles. then fuel gauge started shooting to E,then return, a minute later...speed limited to 90 appears in the dic reading. among other things, like a flash of security, abs lights. windows and locks working intermittently, i then went to cadillac, they re programed the ipc for $80. said that would fix it, or we would need to replace it. well, the second cluster is in and still not working properly. now every time i start the car, speed limited to 90 appears, then the fuel gauge starts again. i have noticed,relay #48..CVRSS DAMPERS has continued to buzz, on two different occaisions after the car has been shut down. a simple disconnect of the negative ground on the battery will reset this. ANY IDEAS...ANYBODY. TX,RDRAGS
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    sounds almost like a loose ground somewhere. I would find out where all the grounds are and unbolt clean and put them back on then spray some of those protectents that are availible for electric grounds.
  • dmathews3, thank you for your response!!! my 1st thoughts on this situation was grounds, and as i stated they were checked. however, knowing the wrench that worked it, he said he found one that was loose, (frt pass side) and tightened, though i am not sure if he continued to look at a call has been made to the dealership to request the sheet he had of grounds. i'll check them myself. from what i remember there is 12, to 15 grounds on this vehicle. again, thanks , and i'll keep you posted. rdrags
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Hope it all works for you. Try to fix a problem on a 40 foot motorhome. NOw you are talking a lot of grounds.
  • dmathews3.....yea, me too. think i'll take it to selling dealer to check grounds, to cold in erie pa now to do it my self, plus they owe me. do you own caddy, sts?
    wouldn't touch the motor home, you got your work cut out on that one. GOOD LUCK! let me know how you make out on that
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I have a 07 STS and so far so good. Motorhome is in hibernation here in Mich. and no current problems except to dang cold. I do need to get out there and start it up and let it run for a while.
  • fsurowkafsurowka Posts: 2
    I had the same thing happen on my 1993 STS. The problem was a pinched wire under the drivers seat causing one of the big circuit breakers in the panel on the drivers side wheel well under the hood to keep resetting. Check to make sure all those wires are free and not pinched.
  • rdragsrdrags Posts: 4
    Thank You for that....Ya know when I purchased the car, the drv. heat seat was and still is inop..... don't care too much for the heat so never had it fixed.......???? I still haven't found the exact problem, though a disconnect of the negative battery cable, (under rear seat) re sets everything and all electrics stay going for a good while. Its funny you should mention that though, that was the only thing I could fault the car for, other than the electric-dash problem. who found the problem for you?
  • fsurowkafsurowka Posts: 2
    The mechanic at Al Piemonte Cadillac in East Dundee, which has closed and moved to St. Charles, IL. He diagnosed a clicking when I turned right as a weak spring on the starter causing the gear to hit the flywheel ring gear when I turned. Other mechanics said it was the CV joint and I should have that replaced. Went through 3 starters before I go a good one.
  • I am having the same problem. Can you tell me did you solve your problem and if you did what did you do to correct it. The problem I am encountering is the gas guage going from full to empty, radio comes on and off, the windows and door locks, security light and abs is on steady etc, replaced ignition switch. HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!!!!Thanks for your time and cooperation.
  • i had my car in a parking lot and when i went to shut it off, I got an alert that said "no fob detected". everything appeared to be locked up. I could not start the car. The parking lot attendant said he had an STS parked in the same spot today and the same thing happened. That car had to be towed. I called the dealership and the had me put the fob in the consol, go outside the car and unlock the car 5 times in 5 seconds. I could not do that as the key would not turn. When I entered the car, I put my foot on break and it allowed me to start the car. This has happened 2 other times to us and appeared to be an interference with garage door openers. Has anyone had any similar problem??? Rather strange that it happened to another STS in the same spot today. Other than parking lot lights, I could not see where there could have been interference.
  • I have a 2001 cadillac sts. My battery died so i jump started it and i stared right up. But my gas and tenp gage is not reading or my display center can anyone help me out. I had this happend to me once befor and i dont remember what i did.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    You might check the fuses or circuit breakers to be sure that they are OK. Your owners manual should explain what you have and where they are.
  • dianejoydianejoy Posts: 2
    My STS with Northstar engine started just dying while I was driving - no matter what speed or whenever, no rhyme or reason. It has pretty much stopped doing that, but now I have trouble starting it with anywhere from 2 to 60+ tries to get it started. Had AAA come over to haul it to a garage, and he started it by hooking on to the engine instead of the battery. It started and he said it most likely needed a new battery since that one was the original. Got a new battery, car started immediately then the next time I went to start it, it took about 30 tries. What is going on?
  • Diane -
    What ever happened with your car? Did they find out what was the problem?? I have a 2001 STS that has been in twice for the very same reason. I could be doing 60 miles an hour on the Parkway and the car will completely turn off - no power steering, no brakes... or I could be idling at a light and it does the same thing. I heard some STS's were recalled because of this. HELP ! I don't want to get rearended becasue the car shuts off. Can Anyone advise me?
  • bnyebnye Posts: 1
    My STS spent more time at the dealership with electrical systems issues than in my garage. I had a lemon of a car. At 800 miles, a new engine was needed. Electrical systems issues haunted me the entire 18 months of ownership, before GM bought the car back.
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