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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was searching for a 2006 c230, hoping to get it at carsdirect or even lower price. Couldn't find proper color combination so ended up buying 2007.
    White (non-metallic), auto, sunroof, 6cd changer. $29,750 before taxes/fees.
    I really hate that every car here (SoCal) has sunroof and cd changer. I don't need either, but this raises price 2K.
  • merckymercky Posts: 15
    I found a 2006 car in black and black and got it. I got $6500 off MSRP. MSRP was ~$34700
  • tseoshtseosh Posts: 26
    August 14 I came up with a price of $24,056 on for a base 2006 C230 using a San Diego zip code. I entered the information to be contacted, but haven't heard back from anyone (I've been out of town for part of the time). Today, the 2006 doesn't show up on Carsdirect for San Diego, just the 2007 model.

    Has anyone bought for this price or know of a sale in this price range? (The Carsdirect price for the San Francisco area, for comparison, still shows but is higher at $24,731 for a 2006.) I doubt the incentives changed mid-month, so it should still be possible. At this price, one could add in the extended warranty and still be at a great price.
  • merckymercky Posts: 15
    I got one last weekend. Just one post above yours. $6500 off $34700 MSRP. This is in bayarea. some dealers had very limited colors in stock for 06, some didnt even have any 06 left. It took a while to find the color and options at the price I want.
  • tseoshtseosh Posts: 26
    Low inventory/selection on the '06 models probably explains it, then. Looks like you got a great deal. The prices I'm seeing on what is (supposedly) left of the '06 models is really tempting. Reliability concerns are all that are holding me back, but that's a separate issue...
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    what dealer did you go through to get your deal in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  • merckymercky Posts: 15
    walnut creek mb. It was very pleasant experience after finalizing the number on the phone.
    tricky part is to figure out which dealer actually has the car you want(color,etc)
    Some dealers has more 06 left than others,and some are willing to deal more. Fremont MB had the most 06 left but they were asking more than the carsdirect price. sales manager was unreasonable so we walked out and called walnut creek to finalize deal.
  • I would like to buy a new 2007 c230 and I was wondering if carsdirect is the best way for buying a new car ?
  • Hey my dear i was considering one C230 Kompressor sports Cope 2003 also on whole sale price of 19,300.00. But it is not certified pre-owned.

    My heart is still in this car...though the dealer is very reliable person but I am skeptical about having to deal with some defects.

    Please share some of your research about the reliability of this model with me. it would be very helpful.

    it has almost all features that you mentioned as follows:
    Exterior Color: Silver
    Interior Color: Black
    Mileage: 34000

    ABS, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Cassette, Compact Disc, Cruise Control, Driver Air Bag, Dual Front Air Bag, Five Passenger, Front Rear Side Air Bag, Front Side Air Bag, Heated Seats, Leather, Multi Compact Disc, Passenger Air Bag, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Premium Wheels, Remote Entry, Sun Roof, Tilt Wheel, Traction Control
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    Just FYI, we just sold my wife's 2003 C230 Couple which was just like this one except 52,000 miles, but otherwise in perfect condition, Pewter with black leather, for $14,900. No interest higher than that. San Francisco area. Very surprised I had to go that low.
  • Do they offer anything to recent college grads? Also, does the $1000 marketing support cash for the 07 C230 good on a lease?
  • I believe so. Otherwise, I would not have been able to lease last week a 2007 C230 at $4500 below MSRP. If you live in LA, check out the dealer Ask for the Internet Sales dept. They are the best! Good luck! :shades:
  • After checking other "Big City" dealerships, I found out that my local Mercedes dealership (Central Florida Eurocars) by far had the best price, professionalism, and overall experience. They went above and beyond make this purchase the best ever. I will highly recommend this dealership to anyone that is looking at a Mercedes, they will not disappoint you.

  • Hi,

    Just left the dealership with a CPO Pewter C230 with sunroof package, entertainment package, lighting package, split/fold rear seats, heated front seats. Car was beautiful with only 8000 miles on it. They said the '06 MSRP was 36500 and they had 31.9 on the window. We got it for $27.5 --- which I thought was a healthy discount. We may have left some money on the table, but the whole process was great. Not much haggling at all (which is why I suspect we could've gotten it a little cheaper), but overall it was a great experience. Oh yes, this is here in the Bay Area, Northern california.

    what does everyone think of the deal ..and are there any tips on maintenance and such? We will be low mileage drivers. My folks average 8000 a year.

  • Today (1/1/07) was made offer on MB C280 at Houston, Tx dealership. Drive out including TT&L = $35,000. The MSRP is $37,065 (with all options below). I believe this makes the net price on MB C280 around $31,000. Can anyone tell me if this is good deal? Please reply asap to: direct. Thanks.

    Mercedes Benz C Class 4dr Sdn 2.5L Sport RWD
    VIN: WDBRF54H77A943704
    Stock Number: 7A943704
    Model Number: C280W
    Cash drive out price: $35,000

    Iridium Silver
    Ash MB Tex
    Sunroof Package: Glass Sunroof, Powe
    Garage Door Opener
    Autodimming Dr & Rrvw Mirror
    Rain Sensor
    Glass Sunroof
    Power Rear-Window Sunshade
    Radio Audio 20 w/ Single CD
    6-Disc CD Changer
  • Bought a 2007 C230 right before the end of the year (Dec 30) in DC/Virginia area. They had a $4K off MSRP discount w/o any haggling for Internet customers. This was good for any C230s they had on the lot. I probably left some $ on the table but I was in town only for few days and didn't want to spend the entire time car shopping.

    The dealership is EuroMotors in Bethesda Maryland. The MSRP was $35985 (which include destination fee), price before tx and tags were $31985 which comes out to ~$1500 below invoice. They charged $95 processing fee but that's much better than the $350 fee I was quoted from a dealer in Virginia.

    2007 C230
    * Auto trans
    * Sunroof pkg (incl dimming mirrors, rain sensor, garage opener, pwr sunshade)
    * heated front seats
    * 6-disc CD changer
    * power driver seat & steering column w/ memory

    The car also has a spoiler but every C230 on the lot had them and I wasn't charged extra for it.

    The buying experience was very pleasant. The only negative thing was that their lot is pretty small so their cars are parked in other lots which took a while for them to get to. Spent most of the time waiting for their porter to get the car.
  • Thanks john_bayarea. Sounds like a pretty good deal at $32k.

  • Hi everyone,

    Last week I drove the C280AWD and fell in love with it. I was quoted "invoice" of 36534 plus dealer fee of $229 for the car. This seems like a very good deal and beats two other quotes I got.

    Does anyone think this is a good deal or should I be trying to go below invoice in order to knock down the dealer conveyance fee?

    Any experiences would be appreciated.

    Anyone else recently buy the car? If so, how do you like it?

  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    Depends where you live, I suppose. I've heard different prices at different locales. I bought the car last year (2006 model) and paid about $500 more than you've been offered - and I really tried to get it lower. But, I live in the Chicago area, and was told that's it.

    BTW, I love the car. I've had it 10 months and its a very smooth ride, good acceleration, great handling. We've had a foot of snow this week and I watch others spin around and I've gone through it with no problem.
  • I have always liked the C230. Not the best entry level German sports sedan, but definatly a favorite of mine. I have been shopping for one for quite a while. Will use it as a second car.

    For a black on black with a manual, sunroof package, and six disc CD changer, I was quoted 31500. Given that the car is an outgoing model, it seemed a bit high to me.

    Any thoughts of what to expect to pay for a similarly equiped model in NJ?

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