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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    maimu, I'm going through a northern CA bay area dealer since I live in No CA now. I'm originally from Southern CA thus I contacted several dealers down there too. Fletcher Jones in Newport and MB of Encino both were willing to match 200 over invoice. This was after a lot of negotiating. Be prepared for some intial rejection as there were several dealers not willing to negotiate much at all.

    If you reside in OC and you procure a good offer, I'd go w/Fletcher as they offer several perks such as complimentary airport service. You can drop your car off at the dealership and they'll drive you to the airport. They keep your car and wash it while you're on vacation/business then pick you up from the airport. I hope this helps. :-)
  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    According to the MB website, there is no "Lux grill," but you can get the "sport" model grill for $191 MSRP. This is the one with the big star in the center of the grill.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We like the Luxury model but would like the Sport Grille. Yea, we saw the $191 conversion kit in accessories. Both Luxury and Sport grille are 100% plastic and apparently interchangeable. I think it is a simple task. Now, the 3-pointed star that sits on the hood, has to be removed and a solid round decal goes in its place, ... right?
    Why they charge extra for what is a standard option I don't know. The dealer adds anything to increase the bottom line.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I'm always watching out for a good deal. When I'm lucky enough to find one, I pounce. I worry about selling my current car later (and always get more than the dealers offer).

    Good luck with your C300!
  • jurisdr,

    Which dealerships in NorCal accepted your offer of $250 over invoice? Also, which dealerships were not willing to negotiate? I'm about to start the process for a c350. Thanks in advance.
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    I dealt with 4 dealers in the Northern NJ area and most were offering only $1000 off the sticker for 2008 C-Class models. I got mine for $1125 off the sticker and was offered $1325 from another dealer... I took the $1125 deal because the other dealer was very condescending. Customer service is important to me and the level of service was worth not saving the extra $200.
  • areddyareddy Posts: 8
    Can you tell me the dealer and which trim did you get? Thanks
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11

    Autobahn Motors in Belmont, Berberian in Stockton, and MB of El Dorado Hills were all willing to negotiate and ultimately accept/match 250 over inv. I made initial contact via the Internet Dept. I decided to go w/Autobahn as they were pleasant and professional at all times.
    MB of Sac, MB of SF, and Smythe European were not willing to negotiate. Note there is a $500 IRG Participation fee, which is a MB marketing charge, that varies by region (of course, CA region is the highest). It's built into the MSRP so if you'll only see it if you review the true dealer invoice. Good luck. :-)
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    This may belong on another forum. However, since were discussing purchases I thought I'd mention Saks First members (Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card or World Elite Visa) are eligible to receive a $1000 Saks gift card w/a qualifying new Mercedes purchase or lease between January 1, 2007 and January 2, 2008. Both 2007/2008 C-Class qualify.
    See the term and conditions via the link below:<>ast_id=14- 08474399545537&bmUID=1191991762515
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    Prestige Motors in Paramus, C300 sport model w/automatic, panaoramic roof, P1 package.
  • I am buying a 2008 C-Class in South Florida. The one dealer I dealt with would not budge from MSRP, and had nothing on the lot with the entertainment package. Anyone have a different experience?
  • The prices really depend on where you live. I live in Northern California, and thanks to tips from jurisdr, I just bought a new c350 for close to invoice.

    As for the multimedia package, cars equipt with this package was released later than the base cars. You should see more cars equipt with the multimedia package once the dealerships move out the base models and order the later released cars. Since most dealers have limited supply of cars with the multimedia package, you might not be able to get a good deal on them.
  • Hi, you are fortunate to have found a dealer willing to give you $2k off the MSRP price, over here in Seattle..I have been dealing with about 3-4 dealers and the best deal I got was $1225 less MSRP, however I went with a dealer which was located like 10min away..I will get the vehicle $1000 over invoice which is the COSTCO auto buying program..only reason am getting it closer to home is the advantage of free car wash for the duration of the ownership of the vehicle and 1st oil change on the dealer..i tried contacting CALIFORNIA, dealt with a dealer in Los Angeles, he won't give a discount either since the vehicle is so in demand..I have to wait till end of January 08 to get the vehicle..
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi hooselxus,

    I live in Northern California and I am also looking for a C350. May I ask which dealer you went with that gave you close to invoice? If you can give me the name of the person and his contact info., that would be even better. Really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi hooslexus,

    I live in Northern California and I am also looking for a C350. May I ask which dealership you went with that offered you $200 over invoice? If you can tell me the name of the person that you worked with, that would be even better. Really appreciate your help here.

  • I bought my car from Autobahn Motors in Belmont. I highly recommend their online service. They were very upfront with me. Other dealers (Pleasonton and Smythe) offered comparable prices or offered to beat that price only after I told them what Autobahn had offered. I decided to go Autobahn because I felt like they were not playing games with me and also they are pretty close to where I am.

    I don't think I'm allowed to post the sales person's name here. Best of luck.
  • My girlfriend was hot to buy a C300 luxury. I had one day to research and strike a deal. I went into this knowing NOTHING about Mercedes. I went straight to which I found when shopping for my Lexus IS250. I printed off the "Price with options" page showing MSRP vs Invoice, and went to my local dealer. I was in and out within an hour and a half.
    I offered $39K OTD, which was eventually accepted. I am posting this to help others. So if I got ripped, feel free to reply. If I did ok, please say so.
    C300 Luxury, (PO1)Premium 1 package, (320) Multimedia Package, 7.75% tax rate. I specifically said I did not want the iPod Integration Kit.
    (Supposedly there are only 4 like this on the west coast, so it's being shipped from Orange County, or LA).
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Thanks. May I ask how much you paid for your car? Is it C300 sport/luxury or C350? What is the color and the options it has? Thanks again for your help.
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi jurisdr,

    For the price you got for 250 over inv, does this include the $500 IRG or you were able to ask them to waive this fees?

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